The Best 1-8x Scope | Top 5 Rifle Optic Reviews 2019

A hunter or shooter knows the importance of a good quality rifle scope. The striking percentage of the target does not mainly depend on how much quality full your rifle is, rather it greatly depends on the quality of your rifle scope. In the market, you find a wide range of rifle scopes?

But, which one will be the best for you?

It is really difficult to choose the best one. If you choose low magnification rifle scope, you will never see long distance clearly. On the other hand, very high magnification rifle scopes are not easy to operate. So, which one you should choose?

After long time research, we wonder the 1-8 scopes are the best scopes of this time. And our experience also says that. That is why we make a shortlist of best 1-8 scope. Hopefully, these scopes will give you the ever best experience. So, take a look at the list.

Product NameObjective lens diameter(mm)MagnificationWeight
Trijicon RS27-C-1900028 AccuPower rifle scope 28 1x-8x 25 oz
Visionking Optics 1-8x24 Long Eye Relief Rifle Scope 24 1x-8x 500g
UTG 1-8X28 30mm CQB/MRC Scope 28 1x-8x 1.8 pounds
Primary Arms 1-8 X 24mm Scope 24 1x-8x 1.8 pounds
MINOX 66590 ZP8 TAC Scope 24 1x-8x 13.6 oz

Best 1-8 scopes for the money

There are so many 1-8 scopes in the market and if you enlist the scopes it will be so long. But, here we gather only 5. We can say confidently you will never need to go outside of this list to find the best 1-8 scope. You can realize how much effective the scopes are after using them.

Product ImageProduct NameMore Information
Trijicon RS27-C-1900028 AccuPower Rifle Scope Trijicon RS27-C-1900028 AccuPower Rifle Scope

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Visionking Optics 1-8×24 Long Eye Relief Rifle Scope Visionking Optics 1-8×24 Long Eye Relief Rifle Scope

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UTG 1-8X28 30mm CQB/MRC Rifle Scope UTG 1-8X28 30mm CQB/MRC Rifle Scope

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Primary Arms 1-8 X 24mm Rifle Scope Primary Arms 1-8 X 24mm Rifle Scope

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MINOX 66590 ZP8 TAC Rifle Scope MINOX 66590 ZP8 TAC Rifle Scope

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  1. Trijicon RS27-C-1900028 AccuPower rifle scope

Every riflescope is best for some specific game. You may use any rifle scope for many purposes. But if you a riflescope before knowing its best performing sight then it can give you the best performance. Similarly, Trijicon RS27-190028 is perfect for sporting applications, tactical shooters, and competitors.

As it is 1-8 scope, it offers to see an object with maximum 8x zoom. That means you can see the object 8 times closer than its actual distance. You may choose more power scope with high magnification but it will be difficult to handle.

The objective lens is very important of a rifle scope. It primarily depends on an objective lens how much clear an object comes to your eyes. Its objective lens diameter is 28mm which is perfect for passing the light through it.

The other important factor is eye relief. It a rifle scope provides you a long eye relief then you can see through the optical lens conveniently. And this item gives you 4-3.9” eye relief which is very enough.

Size and weight is also an important factor for a rifle scope. It is 10.8” long and weight is about 25oz. So, it is perfect with the size and weight also. This item is also perfect for gunning, running, hitting steel, and dangerous game. If your shooting aims are related to these conditions, just make it own without having any confusion.

Trijicon RS27-C-1900028 features

  • Best for tactical shooters, competitors, and sporting applications.
  • Lightweight of about 25oz only.
  • Exceptional performance when you need to hit a target quickly but with more accuracy.
  • Almost all operation switches are large so that you can use easily.
  • The scope is suitable for long target acquisition.
  1. Visionking Optics 1-8×24 Long Eye Relief Rifle Scope

This is the scope which doesn’t have any negative review by the user. Really it an excellent functioning rifle scope at all. Most of the cases you have to expend a lot of money to get a good quality rifle scope. But, the manufacturer makes it budget friendly so that all the shooter can a high functioning scope with an affordable price.

Its optics are fully multi-coated that allows all kinds of rays. If the optics are restricted against some color of light then how you see the object clearly. But, optics of this scope are multi-coated and it allows all types of lights.

The objective lens of this item is 24mm. The bigger the objective lens the more light will pass through it. But 24mm objective lens is enough large to pass adequate light.

Visionking 1-8×24 provides you wide field of view that is 104.6-13.6 feet at 100 yards which are more enough. Having a wide field of view you can find the target easily and set the hitting point easily.

On the side, eye relief of this scope is notable. It provides long eye relief which is about 4.3-3.5”. So, there will be no chance of facing any trouble while viewing an object.

Are you thinking about the weight of this rifle scope? It is only 500g in weight which is very lightweight as a rifle scope. And it is also resistant to water and fog. So, you don’t think what about the weather are.

Visionking Optics Features

  • Affordable in price.
  • Multi-coated lenses permit all lights to pass through the optics.
  • Wide field of view helps to detect the object quickly.
  • The optics have long eye relief.
  • The scope is fog proof and waterproof.
  1. UTG 1-8X28 30mm CQB/MRC Rifle Scope

UTG is a reputed brand as rifle scope manufacturer. And it is especially widely known to almost all the optics user as high-quality rifle scope importer at low cost. They compromise the budget but they never compromise with the quality of their products.

This product is a perfect example of their high-quality product. According to the users of this rifle scope, its functionality is undoubtedly comparable to that rifle scopes which are one or two-step ahead at price.

It comes to you with 1-8x high power magnification. With the magnification, you can see any far object very clearly. The object never seems blurred or unclear. So, it lets you see the objects nearer and clear.

The objective lens of this rifle scope is 28mm which is very standard. 28mm objective lens is so wide to pass enough light to your eyes through the tube.

The lenses used in this rifle scope are multi emerald coated. These coated are applied to the lenses to pass maximum light so that the image becomes to your eyes as more clear.

Tube of the scope is nitrogen gas filled and sealed completely. The scope is registrant against shock, fog, and water. So, you can use the scope anywhere anytime no matter whatever the weather is. A few rifle scopes offer you this kind of opportunity.

You can use the scope for mid-range to long-range target. If you use it as hunting purposes then you should target mid-range. And you can also use it to the other purposes for long range aiming application.

UTG 1-8X28 Features

  • The scope delivers the best service when you involve in mid-range hunting or long range other application.
  • 28mm objective lens is enough large to pass light.
  • Multi emerald coated lenses ensure light transmission up to 95%.
  • It is able to create a clear image after maximum zoom.
  • The scope is waterproof, fog proof, and shockproof.
  1. Primary Arms 1-8 X 24mm Rifle Scope

This is the perfect scope for the users who are searching for a quality rifle scope. This scope already gained so many praises for its users. If you have changed many scopes before and still now searching a good quality scope, this scope can be your last one.

This is 2nd focal plane scope which keeps the reticle size at the same magnification level. As it is 1-8x magnification powered scope, you can see any target maximum 8times closer. To be honest, the image quality little bit blurry beyond 3x magnification. But, its functional quality is outstanding.

All the time the weather never remains the same. And seeing an object through a scope is not always easy. But, you can see any objects clear as the scope contains 12 brightness settings. Benefit?

The scope is made of 6063 aluminum. As you know aluminum constructed products are durable. The tube of this scope is sealed completely and full of nitrogen gasses. That is why it is shockproof, waterproof, and fog proof.

Eye relief is an important factor for a rifle scope. Some of the high budget rifle scopes offer you a short distance eye relief which gives very bad experience while targeting object. But, primary arms 1-8 X 24mm scope provide you 3.5 – 3.3-inch eye relief that is enough.

Almost all rifle scope users love this scope for its clear glass, clean reticle, durable body, and for its functionality.

Primary Arms features

  • The user can see the object clear by using 12 brightness settings.
  • It is the perfect choice of rifle scope for home defense,plinkers, and gunners.
  • Aluminum construction body provides longevity of the scope.
  • It is shockproof, waterproof, and fog proof.
  1. MINOX 66590 ZP8 TAC Rifle Scope

In this list, this is our last product. We need to research separately to pick this last item. We wanted to breakdown this list with a good quality rifle scope. And fortunately, we also find the product. The quality of this scope forces me to place in this list. Without any doubt, we can say this scope is the another best 1-8 scope of this list.

MINOX 66590 ZP8 is designed in Germany. The manufacturer uses the best quality materials to construct the scope. It is a quality tasted scope and all the users love this scope for its exceptional accuracy and overall functional quality.

Every product has some special and best feature. It also has. The best and notable feature of this scope is accuracy.

A good quality rifle scope should be lightweight. Its weight is very light which is about 385 gm. As a rifle scope, its weight is very light and you can easily handle this.

All professional and non-professional users can use the scope. We just can say it is very right for you if you want to hit the target every time. So, you never need to think what type of shooter you are! It is really perfect for you.

MINOX 66590 Features

  • Focusing capacity and accuracy of this scope are really outstanding.
  • Professional and non-professional users can use the scope as it suits various types of users.
  • Enough lightweight as a rifle scope.
  • Lithium-ion battery is needed which comes with the scope.
  • All the construction materials are best in quality.

Factors should review before buying the best 1-8 Scope

You should review some factors before buying not only a scope but also any product. But when the product is a rifle scope then it a little bit difficult also. And all the time you may not keep all the factors in your mind that is why we are saying about 1-8 scope buying guide. We advise reviewing at least the following points before buying the scope.


Magnification is the first factor that you should think before buying a scope. There are so many scopes that offer you 12x, 16x and more. But the higher the magnification, the field of view will be decreased. You cannot see the object clearly and of course, that is difficult to handle. We always suggest you pick 1-8x or 1-6x scope.


There are various types of reticles are used in a rifle scope such as a dot, German, BDC, duplex, and so on. We suggest choosing BDC or dot reticles when you are a beginner. But, when your target is a large object, choose the thick reticle and choose thinner one when that is a small target.


It’s better if the lenses are multi-coated. But the glass should be higher in quality at first. On the other hand, the lens should be waterproof and fog proof. So, be sure about the quality of glass, multi-coated and make sure that is water and fog proof, that’s enough.

Body of the scope

The body of a rifle scope should be strong and durable. It is very necessary to make the scope with a single metal piece. And obviously, the construction materials also need to be good quality. The durability of a rifle scope greatly depends on its body. That’s why the body needs to be high in quality.

Concluding Words

We review five rifle scopes in this guide. We can say confidently we can gather all the scope having good quality. We don’t enlist such a product which has bad reputations to the users. If you search online or ask any rifle scope user about the best 1-8 rifle scope, we are sure you find there which they recommend you.

I have the experience of using all the scopes and I didn’t find any abnormality with anyone. But the experience with MINOX 66590 ZP8 TAC Scope is different to me. Especially its accuracy and quality materials attract me. I just love the scope. You can try.

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