Best Airsoft Gun Brands Reviewed in 2021 – Top 5 Buyer’s Guide

Do you search for the best airsoft gun brands? you are land in the right place. The true meaning of life lies is in thrill and adventure. A monotonous life is not a life at all. Airsoft, however, is a type of sports that puts you in a thrill almost the same a solder gets on the battlefield. Like all other sports, this game also demands a well-organized preparation and equipment, grounds and skills.

To reach the highest peak of the thrill these games provides you have to have an explicit idea on the needs you are required to undertake whatever you are a pro or a beginner. With time, things are changing and upgrading for the expanding demands of the generation.

So it doesn’t matter how long you been in the field or you are yet to be there if you still stick on the oldest staff or confused what suits you best then the very next day will not be yours or your starting will be as disgusting as hell.

This guide will focus on some Best Airsoft Gun Brands currently dominating the market to help you to be more indomitable in the ground. If you are a beginner this guide is also equally important as it shows you what you need to start a solid expedition. Let’s jump into the main discussion.

5 Best Airsoft Gun Brands 2021

It is not always rational that one needs a high budget to make sure the high quality of the particular product one intends to buy. The manufacturers always have an overview of the financial condition, age, and attitudes of their customers and by keeping this in mind they manufacture products and fix the price tag.

Best Airsoft Gun Brands

All you have to do is to keep yourself in touch and research on the products you want to buy. Surely there are plenty of products that can fairly meet up your expectations by being available within a modest budget. But the task is really time-consuming and a little irritating. We take your hassle as the head is your and pain is ours. So we are going to introduce you with some Best Airsoft Gun Brands to which you can easily reach with a decent budget.

Budget Airsoft Guns

1. Cybergun

Cybebergun comes with so many ultra-modern modifications that will definitely blow your mind. Most of the airsoft is usually manufactured from Asia but this French staff is unique in its way. The licensing agreement it maintains with so many manufacturers guarantees authenticity. In terms of body construction, it comes with ABS plastic made body and also equipped with high-quality scope having a clear optic that ensures durability and clear field of view.


For beginners who do not have the budget to afford other expensive staffs can start their journey with this cause it almost features all the specification the others high budgeted guns contains.

  • Offers so many options and ranges to choose at your convenience
  • Durable ABS plastic body that helps you to move with it with great comfort
  • Comes with licensed real steel trademarks and logos
  • High-quality optics give a clear field of view
  • Available with an affordable price tag
  • A great one for the beginners.
  • It would be more durable if it comes with a steel body instead of plastic
  • There could be added some minor but important features but did not.

2. Uk Arms

This is another handy and durable airsoft gun in our Best Airsoft Brands list. The very first reason we include this one in our list for its handy performance within a surprising price tag. Definitely, it is not going to meet up your expectations to the highest degree but surely at a standard level. It also constructed with a durable plastic but yet can make its room for being included with those is guaranteed in terms of durability.

uk arms

It functions through spring instead of having moving staff such as motors. So it’s easy maintenance, however, as a beginner will give you peace of mind on the ground. Protective gear is also there to make your job smooth and perfect. Though their pistols have got more attention than the rifles you know on the ground which one you need most.

  • Durability is guaranteed and high-quality plastic made body
  • Considerably light and easy to carry
  • Spring functioned gun ensures handy performance on the ground
  • Quick installment and good quality optics and protective gear
  • Comes with very low price and ideal for the beginners
  • Design is not so appealing
  • Steel body would be better

3. Umarex

This time you have to sit tight as you are going to be introduced with something exciting. UMAREX is probably the most innovative and authentic airsoft gun brand ever within this low price range. For long-range, they offer some indomitable rifles and pistols that go beyond your expectations. They have some rifles that are I.D.F (ISRAEL DEFENCE FORCE) certified come with compact body construction and perfect seize and almost reach the level of m4/m 16 rifles. High power shoot velocity is guaranteed to feature 340-360 fps and handy performance ensured with the 300-140 rd magazine.


Their rifles and pistols are currently dominating the market providing all the features and specifications the other expensive ones offer within a modest price range. Their products are ideal for both beginners and pros. surely it would be your worthy investment.

  • ABS plastic made body and superb outlook with a variety of models
  • Grip and hand-guard ensures handy performance
  • Capable of producing high-velocity shoot even in the long-range
  • High-quality optics and high capacity magazine
  • I.D.F certified and innovative and authentic
  • Durability guaranteed and featured with some minor but important options such as flashlights, tactical rail for maintaining scopes and other accessories.
  • Ideal for both the beginners and pro-level players.
  • It comes with an affordable price range.
  • Steel body construction expected
  • A bit heavy

4. Aps

Most of their products come at a very cheap rate but at the same time a perfect one for the beginners. In other words, for practicing skills before going to the ground they can be your true company. They are not outstanding in that sense but they are standard indeed. Among all of their products we suggest you go for the M4s model as it possesses some quality accessories.


As usual, it comes with plastic made body construction and provides better performance in the short-range. The shooting velocity is not extremely powerful but enough. Tactical rail is there for maintaining scopes. The magazine has a standard capacity and quickly installable.

The inside spring and other accessories are well installed. It is not so heavy and can be carried with comfort. A solid and tight grip is there to handle the backpressure. Overall it will not superb but a modest one within a very cheap rate and ideal for the beginners.

  • Comes in a very cheap rate
  • Decent design and durable body
  • Tactical rail, solid grip and other important accessories are there
  • Light and easily carriageable
  • Modest capacity drop-free magazine
  • Ideal for skill practice
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Budget-friendly but not as friendly as expected on the ground
  • Poor body construction
  • Not recommended for long-range shooting

5. Agm

The last one of our first category but deserves appreciation for some of their outstanding products and performance. This Chinese brand manufactures a variety of models and designs for all classes of players but you are expected to choose your one according to your level and budget. We can recommend you some of their budget-friendly but super performer rifles and pistols from our end.


By comparing and contrast with others we found their M-series rifles are fairly affordable at the same time capable of full-fill your expectations in the fullest sense. Their full-metal M4s and M16s, are just mind-blowing. Both of these come with a full metal receiver and barrel assembly. To mount tactical accessories such as scopes, eye relief, and others they make you facilitated with RIS front end. The vertical grip will help you to handle the backpressure.

They produce a superb powerful shoot with high velocity. They possess a drop-free 300 rd magazine and the quality inside accessories reinforced with solid and authentic parts. They are real hunters as they include flip-up rare sight to get the target before it gets you. Its full metal gearbox and well-installed quality inner accessories make it an unequaled one in the list.

  • Full metal body construction
  • Perfect one for long-range shooting
  • High capacity drop-free magazine
  • Produces powerful high-velocity shoot
  • Durable and attractive design
  • Vertical grips for handling back pressure
  • RIS front end and tactical rail for maintaining important accessories
  • Perfect one for the pros and intermediate players
  • Not very affordable but stays in line between expensive and standard budget
  • Not recommended for beginners.

High-End Airsoft Guns

This section for the pro level players but we are not discouraging the beginners to check these out. We are not focusing on so many options in this section but some special brands that manufacture some quality guaranteed products leaving no loop-holes. Also, here the budget is not talked of topic but the quality and performance matter. Let’s get started.

High End Airsoft Guns

1. Classic Army

Not just with the name they have proved that they are classic in terms of rich internals accessories, durable outer construction, and lookalike real gun design. Their high-quality AEG rifles are specialized with authentic inners parts. They come with both plastic and metal constructed body and the inner functionality is fairly what you need to make a powerful shoot.

Classic Army gun

We cannot describe their plenty of options in a single guide but they have a beast and let us talk about it. This beast’s name is m132 micro-gun. You will be amazed and blown when it will be in your hand. It features what that is not the question but what not is the matter of issue.

Its heavy-duty nylon fiber polymer body construction assures you the durability. The fire 38/s fire rate will not give your opponent any chance to take you down on the ground. Spring-loaded 2200 round capacity magazine allows you to fire nonstop and its lightweight provides you to store your energy when it matters.

It has four barrels with adjustable hop-ups almost the same level of AEG barrels. These four barrels rotate smoothly and flawlessly with the electric motors. The trigger is outstandingly obedient and plays its role properly they way your finger instructs it. To handle the back pressure W/ grip is there and the full-auto fire mode will never let you down on the ground.

  • Heavy-duty nylon fiber polymer durable body construction
  • Autofire mode and 38 per second fire rate
  • Electric motors and four rotating AEG barrels with adjustable hop-ups
  • Lightweight and handy
  • 2200 round magazine capacity
  • Perfect for long-range shooting
  • W/ grip and perfect in terms of seizing.
  • A bit expensive
  • Not recommended for short-range shooting

2. Systema

This brand is well known for producing replica guns that are so realistic that professionals use to use them on their training. This high-end replica gun manufacturer has been doing their business by ensuring the highest quality for many years. There is none but Systema is the only brand that can make you facilitated offering you the real thrill you might have with the real gun as they are unbeatable in terms of producing replica guns as close as the real one.

Systema gun

They also come with plenty of options and a variety of models and they do not compromise in terms of quality no matter which model you prefer to buy. For your easy consideration, we can recommend you to go for the M series, especially M90. None of their models are available at a low rate so you have to make holes in your wallet you want to have any of their products.

  • Durable outer and inner parts
  • High-quality accessories and well installed
  • Powerful shoot making capacity
  • Huge capacity magazine and up to 40 per second fire rating
  • Lookalike real gun and professionals use for practicing
  • Leave no options but features all the updated specifications
  • Perfect for both long and short ranges
  • Perfect for pro-level players
  • Quite expensive
  • Not perfect for the beginners

3. A &K

This is our last in the list of TOP AIRSOFT BRANDS and it confirms its seat in our few selective brands for many reasons. This Japan-based Brand produces airsoft replica guns but with the vibe of a real gun. Their products already get popularity among in the market as they ensure the highest quality and comfort for their users.

A &K gun

Expect few models almost all of their products come with heavy-duty full metal body construction. It will be your worth investment as any models from A &k is quality guaranteed and proved performer on the ground. This brand also well known for its M series and this line we can consider M4 AEG. It possesses all the features to ensure the highest accuracy and quick target reaching with great ease.

Without any doubt, in terms of durability and attractive design, it has no alternative. For long-range shoot (400 -450 FPS) you can invest for it and it won’t let you down on the ground. The functionality is not complex like others in the queue and most of these brand guns are designed and installed specially for the beginners. Also, the tendency of starting with entry-level low budgeted guns seen among the beginners has to take a break here that means this brand manufacture high-quality airsoft guns for the beginners but demands a bit more.

  • Specially designed with durable outer and inner accessories for the beginners
  • Perfect for both long and short-range shooting
  • Powerful high-velocity shooting and magazine capacity is standard
  • Full metal gearbox with famous AEGs line
  • Reliability and authenticity is guaranteed
  • Quick target reaching and accuracy give peace of mind
  • Fire rating is at the expected level
  • Handy and light. So easily carriageable
  • Tactical rail for maintaining accessories and optics
  • Expensive
  • Though designed for the beginners but too early to handle this for a beginners

Final words

There are plenty of brands and models in the market but few of them can indeed meet up your expectations considering your level and budget. We, therefore, select some well known and renowned brands and categorized them into two sections so that you can choose to adjust according to your needs.

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