5 Best Gun Cleaning Mats of 2019

A firearm user knows the importance of cleaning guns and handguns. If you can keep the firearms neat and clean, it will deliver you the smooth performance. Right? But, how you often clean your firearms? Do you have the experience of cleaning the guns with the best gun cleaning mat? If so, then you already know the essentiality of a gun cleaning mat? But, does everybody familiar with this item?


Well, you should need a mat when you go for cleaning your guns. Do you ever notice some oily solution like substance comes out from the gun while cleaning? Not only that, the nearby places and underneath surface become dirty because of splashes and tiny spills. Because o the reason you need a gun mat. It is also safe for your gun. How? Keep reading…

Why do you need to use the best gun cleaning mat?

It is an important question why you should use gun mat although having other mats? If you go for the process to clean the gun placing it over a hard surface, there is a chance of getting scratches. But the mat protects your gun from these bad things. Isn’t it a great benefit?

On the other hand, many chemical materials, oily substance, spills, and splashes come out from the gun which can cause damage to the floor or bench. If you use a gun cleaning bench mat, the chance will decrease into zero. It is also another primary benefit of using a gun mat.

What will be the scenario if you use other mats? The spills and chemical can leak the mat, and finally, they reach to the adjacent floor. But a gun cleaning mat is leak-proof, and it is made especially for cleaning the guns. So, how can you avoid the mat where it provides you those benefits?

Is it necessary to clean the gun cleaning mat?

There is nothing in the world which doesn’t require any care at all. The answer is “NO.” Everything needs care. So, why not for the mat you use while cleaning guns?

We mention before; the mat is leak-proof. For the reason, you see many oily substances over the surface after cleaning the gun, and you should clean them.

Almost all the gun cleaning mats are machine washable. It will be best if you can wash by the hands. You can use regular detergent or soap then wash with water. You can clean easily as it does not hold the dirt tightly. Some of the sensitive gun cleaning mats may get damaged quickly if you use detergent. That is why it’s better to follow the manufacturer instruction.

Top 5 Best Gun Cleaning Mats in 2019

Product ImageProduct NameMore Information
Real Avid Handgun Smart Mat – 19×16 Real Avid Handgun Smart Mat – 19×16

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Ultimate Rifle Build Gun Cleaning Mat Ultimate Rifle Build Gun Cleaning Mat

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Glock Gun Cleaning Mat Glock Gun Cleaning Mat

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Lyman Products Essential Gun Maintenance Mat Lyman Products Essential Gun Maintenance Mat

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Gun Cleaning Mat By Sage & Braker Gun Cleaning Mat By Sage & Braker

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If a gun cleaning mat is made from low quality materials then it will never give you the desired performance. And you will not be satisfied using the cleaning mat. After a long time research, we find some gun cleaning mats which can give you top-notch performance as you expect from that.

1. Real Avid Handgun Smart Mat – 19×16

It is not only a gun cleaning mat; instead, it provides more services than that. It protects the floor and the bench on which above you frequently clean the gun effectively.

The special feature of this mat is the parts tray. All the mats don’t contain this section, but it has. You may need to keep numerous tiny parts while cleaning a gun. That is why it contains the tray to keep all the parts organized.

It also has a magnetized section to hold all the parts in the right position. You don’t have to search the parts all over the floor or bench as it holds every small part.

It is quite easy to clean as the dirt can be wiped away easily. And it also never scratches the floor or table. In the end, you need to store the mat. Just roll up and store. If you need to use this again, just roll out the mat and use it again.

For the reasons we like this

  • Keep clean the floor or bench from spills and splashes.
  • Magnetized section holds the small parts.
  • Parts tray keeps the parts organized.
  • Easy to clean and support pull up for easy storage.

2. Ultimate Rifle Build Gun Cleaning Mat

You don’t need to have a large size gun cleaning pad if you don’t have any rifle or shotgun. If you have small firearms like a gun or pistol, this pad is enough for you.

It is build with the premium quality materials which upper surface is coated with waterproof materials. Four boarders of the pad are stitched that is why it never gets damaged quickly. The back surface is made with rubbery substance which makes it non-slip. So, there is no chance of slipping while cleaning the gun over the pad.

The pad also protects the kitchen table, shooting table, and work surface. Any chemical cannot go to the opposite side as it is leak-proof. Anyone can use the gun cleaning pad, but it is the best choice for the hobbyist or gunsmith.

The happiness is you can also use it as a mouse pad. That means you get two in one. You can use it while cleaning a gun and also can use it as a mouse pad. Benefit?

For the reasons we like this

  • Made with premium quality materials.
  • Stitched boarder prevents getting damaged quickly.
  • Especially perfect for the gunsmith and hobbyist.
  • Non-slip back surface prevents slipping.

3. Glock Gun Cleaning Mat

It is the superior quality Glock gun cleaning mat, and it can be your best choice if you need the best gun cleaning mat for your handgun. If you look for a large size gun cleaning pad, you should not go for this one.

This Glock gun cleaning mat is constructed with superior quality neoprene. It is 3mm thick, and it has an oil resistant coating. That is why, it never absorbs any oily substance, and you can clean it with less effort. It also has the capacity of waterproofing. The bottom surface is also made to be non-slipping so that it can prevent slipping with the floor.

It has enough space to place all the parts of your handgun. Its size is very much perfect for your handgun but not for shotgun or rifle. It is shorter in length than the width which gives more flexibility.

This superior quality gun cleaning mat comes with the full history of Glock handgun and assembly instruction. The instructions are also printed to be waterproof. So you will not only get a gun cleaning mat, but you will get gun assembly instructions also.

For the reasons we like this

  • Made with superior quality neoprene.
  • 3mm thick and upper surface is oil resistant.
  • Perfect for cleaning small firearms especially handgun.
  • Comes with gun assembly instructions.

4. Lyman Products Essential Gun Maintenance Mat

Do you think what kind of gun cleaning mat it is? Yes, you are thinking right. This mat is different when compared to others regarding outlook and also has some differences with the quality.

This Lyman gun cleaning pad is superior in quality that seems to be hard, but it is built with a soft polymer. It does not make any scratches to the finish as well as completely protect the underneath surface form the spills.

There are several recessed sections where you can put different parts of your guns. Sometimes we lost some tiny parts while cleaning and we will not be able to find the items even after long-time searching. But, if you own this pad, you will not face this kind of problem as it has several sections to keep various parts.

A good quality gun cleaning mat always needs to be oil, chemical and solvent resistant; it also has the properties. One of the best advantages of using this kit is it is very easy to wash and easily leave the dirt.

For the reasons we like this

  • Several recessed sections help to keep the parts organized.
  • It is entirely oil and solvent resistant.
  • It is made of a durable soft polymer.
  • Very easy to clean.

5. Gun Cleaning Mat by Sage & Braker

This is the last product, but it is one of the best gun cleaning mats of this list. If you can expend much money, there is no alternative better than this. If you own it, you will get more than a gun cleaning pad.

The interior of the mat is made of waxed canvas which surface is used as a gun cleaning mat. The surface is resistant to oil and solvent. The outer surface is made of heavy wool and high-quality thick leather. The manufacturer makes the mat as beautiful that I ever saw.

The inner part of the mat has several pockets like structures which are used to hold the leaning tools such as lubricants, bore snakes, and brushes. All the pocket sections have a separate buckle to hold the tools inside while fold up. The kit works as a gun cleaning mat as well as a gun cleaning tools case also.

You never need to think about the quality of the mat. If you buy it once, you can think you will never need to buy another gun cleaning mat furthermore. Happy? In addition, it is also an extra large gun cleaning mat which perfectly matches with any firearms.

For the reasons we like this

  • Made from highest quality materials (waxed canvas, heavy wool, and thick leather).
  • Can be used while cleaning guns, handguns, and even shotguns and rifle.
  • It also gives the option to keep gun cleaning tools.
  • Very durable and lasts up to 100 years.

How Can You Get the Best Gun Cleaning mat?

A good quality gun cleaning mat always has some distinct characteristics which make the mat as the best gun cleaning mat. Just remember the one you are going to buy a special type of mat which will be used in gun cleaning. You are not going for the typical mat.

First of all, the mat should be resistant against oil and solvent. Not done yet, it also can hold the spills and splashes so that they cannot slip easily over the surface. If the oil slipped over the surface and lay on the adjacent surface, why you use the mat?

Secondly, it should have leak-proof property. The mat should have the capacity to not leaking through it. If any substance can leak the mat, the underlying surface becomes messy.

Thirdly, you may need to keep many tiny parts over the mat that is why it will be best if the mat contains a specific place to keep them. If the feature lacks, you should go for a little bit large mat so that you can keep the parts on it.

Finally, the mat should be easy to clean. The mat becomes messy on every cleaning that is why it should have easy cleaning property. You should also look for a durable gun cleaning mat because you don’t expect that the mat will get damaged quickly. Rather you always expect long-lasting mat.

Final Thoughts

You are going to clean your guns, not to dirt your table or bench. That is why you need a gun cleaning mat indeed. It has a great role in gun cleaning, and it also prevents guns from scratches. If you don’t use the mat, you will need to clean the table or floor just after cleaning the gun. But it is not sure whether you will be able to remove the dirt from the floor or not! That means you have to work more than you were supposed to do.You can also use gun cleaning solvents for clean your gun.

But, you can avoid this problematic situation by using the best gun cleaning mat. You may not get the expected performance from an ordinary gun cleaning mat. So, you should use top-notch mats. Which one is your favorite in this list?

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