5 Best Gun Cleaning Solvents Reviews in 2019

Did you ever go to a store where gun cleaning solutions are found? Can you remember how many bottles you saw in the store? Let me say; there are different kinds of gun cleaning spray, solutions, solvents, oils, aerosols, and foams you have seen there. How can you get the best gun cleaning solvent from there? It is a bit challenging. But we are here and offering you a helping hand to find out the best solvent for your firearms.


Different types of oils and chemicals you may need to do a full clean of your gun. For the reason, you will need to get the solution which is mixed with different components. That is why it is a bit challenging for you.

But, we made the process easy for you. In this guide, we provide some top quality gun cleaning solvents and also describe why they are best than the other solvent.

Do you need the gun cleaning solvent indeed?

I want to as you a question before explaining this matter. Do you need to clean your gun every time after a particular interval? Your answer is positive. I want to say, if you feel that you need to clean your gun then I say you also need gun cleaning solvent.

If the gun seems dirty, you usually clean by the towel or other soft cloths. After that, it looks very clean and fine. But, do you think about the dirt inside the gun? You don’t clean them. And after a particular time, you feel your gun is not working perfectly. Why? Because the dirt particles carbon, salts, acid, powder residue, and leads can damage your gun and they also did. They accumulated inside the gun, but you never clean those.

You can’t also clean those particles without a gun cleaning solution. You require the solution to clean them. But, most of the gun cleaning kit doesn’t come with a cleaning solution as this is why you need to buy the solution separately. But you need the cleaning solvent indeed.

Best Gun Cleaning Solvent Reviews in 2019

Product ImageProduct NameMore Information
Hoppe’s No.9 Gun Bore Cleaner Hoppe’s No.9 Gun Bore Cleaner

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Sweets 7.62 Solvent Sweets 7.62 Solvent

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F W Klever GmbH Ballistol Multi-Purpose Aerosol F W Klever GmbH Ballistol Multi-Purpose Aerosol

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Hoppe’s Elite Gun Cleaner Hoppe’s Elite Gun Cleaner

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Steel Shield Weapon Shield Cleaning Solvent Steel Shield Weapon Shield Cleaning Solvent

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If anybody says you to choose one item out of hundreds, it will be difficult for you. But when you have to choose the best one out of five, then you can easily do that. We don’t want to make any hesitation on you rather we would like to help you. Regarding effectiveness and safety we collect 5 gun cleaning solvents for you, just keep the eyes below.

1. Hoppe’s No.9 Gun Bore Cleaner

We all know a matter that is “Old is Gold.” Most of the old things are not found nowadays, but Hoppe’s No.9 is still there. Ask your grandfather about gun cleaner; he replies the name Hoppe’s No.9. Yes, this solvent is a popular item to all the firearms users till 1903.

Carbon, copper, and lead fouling are usually accumulated in the bore. It depends on the covering of the bullet you use. This solvent is very effective to cut the fouling. It easily penetrates deeply and rapidly and cleans the bore effectively.

One of the best things of this solvent is low price. It is less expensive but provides highly effective solvent. If you get the best thing at low cost, why you don’t like that?

The bottle comes with a child-proof cap that is why you can store it any places. We told it again it is highly effective at the same time it is highly safe and easy to use. If you to get the best gun cleaning solvent at a low price, it has no alternative.

Hoppe’s No.9 Gun Notable Features

  • Low price but highly effective.
  • Penetrate to the deep easily and rapidly.
  • Easy to use and safe also.
  • Best recommended for cutting carbon fouling in the bore.

2. Sweets 7.62 Solvent

This is the solvent which was widely used by Australian firearm users before, but now it has high demand all over the world. The strong smell of this solvent tells about itself how powerful ingredients are used to make this solvent!

Almost all the users of this solvent are satisfied because of its ultra effectiveness. Some of them also recommend this solvent to clean the dirty firearm which remains unused for a long time. Just think, how much powerful the solvent is!

You have this solvent means you are ready to clean the bore of your firearms very quickly. But you should use the solvent with care. We told before it is a strong gun cleaner solvent that is why you should not allow this solvent within the bore more than 15 minutes. Pour the solvent and clean the bore just after a few minutes.

This solvent is an ammonia-based product, and you may have an idea about the action of ammonia we think. So if you need a strong gun cleaner solvent to clean the bore of your firearms, you may go for this.

Sweets 7.62 Solvent Notable Features

  • Very strong gun cleaner solvent.
  • Don’t require much time rather act fast.
  • Unwanted particles also come out with the action of this solvent.
  • Suitable for different types of firearms.

3. F W Klever GmbH Ballistol Multi-Purpose Aerosol

We always welcome the products which are affordable in price. Most of the time the experience our experience is not good with them because lack of quality. But, the exception is here with this product. This is the perfect product that requires less money but highly effective.

Most of the solutions are used in single purposes, but F W Klever has multipurpose use. It is an aerosol-based solvent that is mainly used for cleaning a gun. At the same time, it can also be used as a protectant and lubricating solution for your guns and firearms.

It is non-toxic and alkaline. One of the best things it can also be used to protect leather, wood, plastic, and metal. It is also biodegradable; that is why you can use it safely without having any guilty.

Can you imagine, the manufacturer makes the solvent how cleaver? They make it as alkaline so that the solvent can neutralize the action of the oils and sweats that come out from your skin. A smart idea it is!

F W Klever GmbH Ballistol Notable Features

  • Affordable in price and extremely effective.
  • Also usable as lubricating and protecting the solvent.
  • Non-toxic and alkaline that neutralizes acids.
  • Not harmful to the environment.

4. Hoppe’s Elite Gun Cleaner

We impressed to see the effectiveness of the gun cleaner from Hoppe’s. That is why we have to include another product from the same brand. This product is more effective than the previous item Hoppe’s No.9. If you want to get a highly functioning solvent, this one can be your best preference.

This item comes in spray form in a bottle. The manufacturer makes this product a spray form so that the solvent can go to the toughest area. That is why most of the professional shooters like this item. It also lies in the favorite gun cleaning solution list of the military.

Using this solvent, you will be able to clean the gun quickly. It can save 80% cleaning time with regular use. So, why you waste your valuable time in cleaning the gun?

This gun cleaning spray is odorless, non-flammable, and non-toxic. So you can use this without taking any risk. But you have to a few more money as is a bit expensive. We think you are always ready to expend decent money if you get the best service from it, aren’t you?

Hoppe’s Elite Notable Features

  • Easily can reach to the hard areas.
  • Very effective removing copper, lead, and carbon fouling.
  • Can save up to 80% cleaning time than others.
  • Everybody loves the property: Non-flammable, non-toxic, and odorless.

5. Steel Shield Weapon Shield Cleaning Solvent

You are here to get the best gun cleaner solvent, but we are here to give you more than that. It is such a product which gives you more services than what only a gun cleaning solution provides. Isn’t it interesting? Keep the eyes below for the details.

You need a solvent which can clean your gun properly. At the same time, you also need to lubricate your guns to improve its performance, aren’t you? You may don’t need to use the firearms for a long time, but there has a chance of attacking by the corrosion. So, you should take the proper step against corrosion. Right? This solvent does everything for your gun.

The solvent is non-mutagenic at the same time it is also non-toxic. Using this solvent means you are continuously reducing the chance of friction and wear. As a result, the gun will remain highly functional for a long, long time.

Now, let me discuss for which reason you want to get the solvent! This solvent will remove all the unwanted dirt including carbon fouling. Happy? But, if you want to remove copper fouling, you should go for a stronger solvent such as Sweets 7.62.

Steel Shield Weapon Shield Notable Features

  • Remove the carbon fouling completely.
  • Improve lubrication on the gun.
  • Non-mutagenic and non-toxic.
  • Works against corrosion.

Benefits of using gun cleaning solvent

We use gun cleaner so that the bore will be cleaned perfectly. But, do you know we get some other advantages from it. And also the solvent can clean the bore as perfectly that is not possible for the other cleaning solvent. Usually, we get the following advantages from the best-rated gun cleaning solvent.

First of all, it is stranger than the other cleaning solvent. They are made especially at a specific consistency which has some special properties and makes the difference with the other solvent. That is why they are more strong and effective. Not done yet, they can also reach hard holes, nooks, crevices, and crannies much better than the other solvent.

The second advantage is multipurpose. Yes, you don’t use the solvent only for cleaning the gun rather we use for other purposes also. You may have known that most of the gun cleaners are CLP where C means clean, L for Lubricate, and P stands for protecting.

Finally, there are few solvents which as activity on the wood, plastic, metal, and even leather. The solvents can preserve and protect these things. We think, hoping more from this product will be witless thinking, aren’t we?

Best Gun Cleaning Solvent Buying Guide

We told in previous it is not so easy to choose the best gun cleaning solvent. It is near about impossible for you when you don’t have any idea about it. That is why we are writing this section to tell you how you can get the best solvent for your firearms.


Every solvent comes to clean firearms. But some of the solvents also have other functionality such as lubrication, protection and some works against corrosion. Would you ever like a single functioning product although having multitasking capacity?

How much strong the solvent

A strong solvent needs few time and can clean the bore of your firearms effectively. You should not choose the one who wastes your time and cannot clean the gun properly. If you need to clean very dirty gun, you may need the stronger solvent. Basically, it depends on the condition of your gun.

The upper end of the bottle

Many gun cleaning solvents come with a large bottle having a stopper. Then you need to pour the solvent to the other pot. It’s not a good thing; rather it’s messy. Always try to get the bottle which has a nozzle or thin tip so that you can directly use the bottle while use such as a spray. It eases the cleaning process.


There are so many gun cleaning solutions in the market, but it is a matter of worry that all they are not safe. Some of the solvents doesn’t affect quickly but become harmful if you use for a long time. You should not choose other than non-flammable and non-toxic.

Final Thoughts

Make sure you know how to clean a rifle, a gun, or any firearms then you are ready to use gun cleaner solvent. But you also need to make sure that you are using the best gun cleaning solvent if you want to get the best cleaning result. Before that, math the solution you are going to buy with your needs. If you use the bullet which has copper jacket, then you should choose the solvent that is effective for copper fouling. Right?

But, it is not ideal to use the solvent which is not safe for the environment as well as unsafe for you. Always welcome non-toxic, non-flammable, and biodegradable solvent.

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