5 Best Gun Safe Under $1500 Reviews – Our Top Picks In 2021

Best Gun safe under 1500 are many in number but limited in terms of quality. So if you are the one who wants to make the budget a worthiest investment then read this guide carefully and get your desired one.

This guide will focus on some issues that must be considered to be assured with the highest quality products including some Best gun safe under 1500 dollars with their features and specification.

I believe there is nothing new to describe the importance of Gun safes when it comes to firearms and safety matters most. Therefore, to ensure the highest safety to your firearms and ammo a quality gun safe is must. You can also check the nightstand gun safe.

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Indeed selecting a quality product among the immense numbers is quite a big deal. But it will be easy for you once you know what makes a gun safe the best vanguard and how to select this best one within the possible budget. This guide will really be helpful for you in this case. So let’s get right into the main discussion.

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Best Gun Safe Under $1500 Reviews – Top 5 Premium Scope

Best Gun safe under 1500 are many in number but limited in terms of quality. So if you are the one who wants to make the budget a worthiest investment then read this guide carefully and get your desired one.  This guide will focus on some issues that must be considered to be assured with the highest quality products including some Best gun safe under 1500 dollars with their features and specification.

I believe there is nothing new to describe the importance of Gun safes when it comes to firearms and safety matters most. Therefore, to ensure the highest safety to your firearms and ammo a quality gun safe is a must.

Indeed selecting a quality product among the immense numbers is quite a big deal. But it will be easy for you once you know what makes a gun safe the best vanguard and how to select this best one within the possible budget. This guide will really be helpful for you in this case. So let’s get right into the main discussion.

Best Gun Safe Under $1500 Reviews For The Money

Considering all of these above-mentioned issues and facts we have selected to five Best gun safe under 1500 $ with their details as well as pros and cons. These five are been selected not only by their quality and performance but also by their budget-friendly treat.

All these five are different from each other possessing different features and advantages. All you need to do is to relate your requirements with the features these safes possessed and select the one that suits you most.

We have gone through so many customers’ reviews and responses and then enlisted them in our favorite list for your discreet consideration. As a side note, any of these safes can be your ace in the hole if they are used and utilized properly. On that note, we want you need to take in to account some considering issues such as childproofing, locking consciousness and so on. Now let us get in with these.

1. Steelwater Amegs59226-Blk Gun Safe

Our first performer is Steel water gun safe which has left no single option you have desired to have. This drill resistant and fireproof gun safe comes with a drill resistant hard plate and 1 hour fireproofing at 1875°F. Its durability is beyond question as it is constructed with 14 Gauge steel with a body composite 5” thick door including 2 layers of fireboard. To ensure the highest security and resist any pry open attempt this safe possessed a door seal to seal out the smoke and water and expand thickness in the invent of fire.

The door is strong at the same time soft to protect the interior from any outer attack. To fight back against any burglary attempt an internal spring-loaded relocking system is there. But the burglar would have a very little chance as the drill resistant hard plate is also there to protect the main lock from being drilled. The locking system will make you facilitated with its simple but hard security providing E.M.P proof digital keypad with the 3-8 digit programmable user codes including the double-bitted and drill resistant bypass key.

Other minor but important issues such as Interior LED light, fully carpeted interior to keep safe the interior accessories from outer pressure, steel constricted shelves, for easy mounting ½ diameter anchor hole and 1.5” diameter 10 locking bolts and 7 chrome plated with 3 inactive bolts to ensure the ultimate locking security.

  • Strong body and door construction with 1 hour fire resistance and drill resistance hard plate.
  • For extra security interior relocking system in case the main lock is punched or being pry opened.
  • Anchor bolts for easy mountain and others necessary hinges and bolts are consciously added.
  • Up to 16 ( 8/8) guns can be stored with others valuables
  • If came with biometric locking system would be better
  • No chances for interior storage extension as the shelves are irremovable.

2. V-Line Brute Heavy Duty Safe With A Quick Access Lock

This a wonderful surprise from V- line especially for the pistol and handgun users. This super “Brute” quick access box protects your guns and valuables from mishandling with its strong body construction and super security system. Being constructed with 10 gauge solid steel this pistol box is fairly able to fight back to any pry-open attempt bolted down to the solid ground. It comes with push-button lock including heavy 12 gauge handle lock protection.

Other important issues are consciously included such as oversized lock block and deadbolt as well as the 360-degree rotation clutch knob. It is designed with rugged textured tactical black powder coating. For extra protection heavy-duty gas associated opening strut including super duty welded pin assisted hinges. The foamed customizable interior is fair enough to protect the stored guns and accessories from outer pressure and attacks. Mounting holes and silk-screened including the laser-cut accent logs make it a perfect one to purchase.

  • Provide quick access with keyless push button lock
  • Anti-pry clamshell design with ¼ inches pre-drilled mounting holes
  • 12 gauge handle lock protection and 360 degree clutch knob
  • Customizable foamed interior
  • Body construction could have been a bit stronger
  • Interior relocking system could be included

3. Stack-On Ss-22-Mb-E 22 Gun Fully Convertible Security Safe With Electronic Lock, Matte Black

Stack-on has been a trustworthy hub in terms of gun optical and safe for a long time. This stack-on-SS-MB-E 22 gun comes with Electronic lock that provides quick access in the event of emergency. It is tasted by the California Department of justice firearm safety devices and listed as the safest shelter of guns and other valuables by meeting the requirements of California penal code 12088.

It makes you facilitated with 2 way locking including the 1” live locking bolts with the more than 6 locking points. To protect the any outer disaster the interior is fully carpeted. The biggest advantage you are going to have with this safe is huge interior capacity where you can store up to 22 rifles along with the other valuables accessories.

The shelves are customizable and you can enhance the interior space according to your needs. Other necessary issues such as steel locking bolts for greater security, opening operational light and concealed hinges for accelerating the access to the contents have been consciously included.

  • Huge interior capacity allows to store up to 22 rifles and shotguns
  • Carpeted interior and steel locking bolts
  • Electronic locks provides quick access
  • Concealed hinges for greater access
  • Removal shelves to enhance the interior
  • Low battery warning
  • No interior spring loaded lock

4. Canon Safe All Rifle 5936 All Rifle, Charcoal Grey

It can be your ace in the hole within a very modest budget. It has possessed almost all the requirements more or fewer other expensive ones have. It ensures unbeatable security to your guns and valuables featuring electronic locks including 4-inch locking bolts.

For greater access, it also comes with tru-lock internal hinges and for greater security, it possesses the triple hard plate that protects the main lock from any pry-open attempt and thus resists burglary. As a side note, it offers a 45-minute fire-resistant capability.

The interior shelving allows keeping the rifles organized and comes with a chrome three-spoke handle. With this huge interior capacity you can store and organized a total 42 large and small rifles and handguns.

  • Huge interior allows up to 42 guns storing capacity
  • 45 minute fire rating
  • Locking bolts and interior hinges for greater security
  • Electronic locks for easy access
  • No interior light

5. Steelwater Amld593024 Gun Safe

This is another super durable and secured gun safe from Steelwater. With no doubt it will be your worthiest investment and can be the best gun safe under 1500 dollars. Like the previous one, it also possessed almost every minor and major option and has not left any chance for burglar and any unexpected disaster.  It comes with a keypad lock that provides an EMP-proof digital keypad including keypad light that ensures the quick access even in the low light condition.

This fireproof safe has a 1-hour fire-resistant capability at 1875°F. To protect the guns and valuables from any pry-open attempts 20 solid steel locking bolts that are enough longer to be strongest are included consciously. This super durable safe constructed with 12 gauge solid steel with composite constructed 5  1/5 “ thick door includes 3 layers of fireboard. It offers a huge interior capacity that allows you to store up to 22(111/11) long guns max and in an average 14-18 long guns with other valuables.

A drill resistant hard plate is there to protect the lock from any unexpected attacks or punch. For greater security, the internal spring-loaded pre-locking system is also there. For easy mounting ½ diameter anchor holes 1  ½ “ steel locking bolts, 13 chrome activated bolts including 7 additional inactive bolts are consciously included.

  • Interior LED that ensures easy access even in the low light condition
  • Keypad light
  • Fire and drill resistant
  • Internal spring loaded bolt locking
  • Durable construction and thick door
  • Huge interior
  • Irremovable interior shelves
  • Keypad lock

Things To Consider While Purchasing A Gun Safe Under 1500 Dollars

Surely you cannot confirm the quality of a gun safe mare spending money behind it. At first place you need to determine yourself that you are going to find the best one within your possible budget whatever it is high or low.  You can purchase the best gun safe under $100, $500, $300 and even less than these but for these you should know what issues should be considered before making the purchase.

You may have a big budget but you don’t have the minimum idea about a gun safe then I am afraid whether you are going to have the best quality or not even though you have spent a big amount for it. So the following issues will make you facilitated by letting you to be acknowledged about the quality and reliability.


Don’t think that the bigger the size is the better the safe will be. It actually depends on the number or amount of firearms you have. If you have an average number of firearms then as oppose to going for the large size you should go for the decent and precise size.

Some safes have removal selves and other options to enhance the interior room so that some other valuables can be stored along with the firearms.  Large size or small size that actually cannot be a quality issues but you should purchase according to your requirements. To fix your requirements first then fix the size and go for it.


Factory warranty is of course a big advantage for you. But a poor quality safe no matter comes with a warranty or not should not be enlisted in your list. So many gun safes are available in the market with a long period of warranty but that doesn’t mean that they are long-lasting.

First of all, you must ensure the durability and then you can look for the warranty. Safes constructing with durable metals and also offer warranty can be your best selection. So don’t be persuaded by being satisfied with having warranty rather be facilitated with both warranty and durability. In fact, if your safe has durability it does not need a warranty at all.


I have mentioned already that quality does not depend on money in terms of the products like a gun safe. You can possess a high-quality gun safe within a very precise budget. If you research before going to purchase a gun safe you may find lots of recommendation about “Best gun safe under $100, Best gun safe under $500, Best gun safe under $300” and so on.

So all you need to do is to be sure that you are not spending a big amount for a low-quality product.  In this for fair price tag according to the quality go for some well-known and reliable brands who have been serving people by establishing themselves as a reliable source for a long time.


That is the big issue indeed!  Quality of a safe relates so many issues for discreet consideration such as body construction, Locks, Door metals, hinges, mounting accessories, fireproofing ability and so on. If any of these issues is missing the quality of a gun safe will hamper certainly.

Each and every of these options should be consciously considered in order to ensure the quality. Remember gun ensures your safety and safe ensures gun safety and thus your safety ultimately ensured by the gun safe. So do not compromise with quality as you already informed that budget is just a factor but not an obstacle in purchasing a high-quality gun safe.

Additional Features:

Every product will not feature same options and advantages rather than they come featuring options that vary from products to products and brands to brands. Therefore research and experiment are really an effective issue in this case so that you can have an overall idea which brand offers what and which products feature what’s new. Some products will make you really privileged featuring some additional options along with the obvious ones.  Some important features the best quality safe must have are describing below:


Fireproofing gun safe will protect your safe from any kind of affray for a certain period of time. Some safes have a long period of resistance ability but not all safes have that. So check the resistance period while considering the fireproofing option. Generally, safes having strong body construction offer the best-prolonged resistance period. Along with the resistance period degree of temperature also a very important considerable issue in this case.

Biometric Access:

This the best locking option so far. With this locking system you can resistant any unexpected access in the fullest sense. It offers fingerprint locking including the optical or thermal scanner to memorize the fingerprint. It ensures the quick access when unexpected happens by allowing you to have the access with just a punch. It accommodates more than one fingerprint in case you want to share the access with some of your trustworthy fellows.

Strong construction:

Body construction of a safe ensures its durability and accelerates the protection ability along with the lock. Fully-coated steel made body construction ensures the resistance to any pry-open attempt and increase fire resistance ability. Be sure that your safe has a full steel body construction or other solid metal construction that is enough to make hopeless any intruder with their attempts.

More room inside:

A decent interior measurement will allow you to organize your firearms orderly so that you can easily get them in your emergency. Apart from this, to store your valuables and other necessary accessories along with the firearms some safes offer extra room. Some safes will make you really facilitated by offering removal shelves so that you can enhance and customize the interior measurement according to your demands.

Thicker steel wall:

Be sure the door of your safe is thick and constructed with solid metal. The safe walls also must be constructed with fully-coated steel or other solid metals. If the outer construction of the safe is weak then it will not be a matter how strong your lock is. Because burglary cannot be resisted only by the strong locking system since pry open attempt would be a great option for the intruders as an alternative.

Frequently Asked Question

✅ What are the best gun safe brands?

There are many renowned gun safe manufacturers, but some of them are exceptionally best, such as Stack-on, Liberty, Steelwater, Canon, and more.

✅ What is the safest gun safe?

All the gun safes in this list offer premium features and best security to their users. In this regard, all safes are definitely safe, but in my opinion, Steelwater AMEGS59226-BLK gun safe is exceptional regarding safety features.

✅ Are gun safes worth the money?

I just can tell you the quality and other significant features of the gun safes. You can realize after using the gun safe. Definitely, all gun safes are worth the money.

✅ Can a cable be attached to it, so it just doesn’t walk?

Usually, it is not necessary to attach a gun safe with a cable to prevent walk because all the gun safes in this list are enough heavy. And a person cannot carry or move the gun safe easily from one place to another. Nevertheless, if you want to attach, you can do if the safe has got the option for the cable.

✅ Is the door removable to make moving easier?

All the safes don’t have the removable door, but the removable door can make the gun safe easier to move.

✅ Do fireproof gun safes really work?

The answer is sometimes Yes and sometimes No. All good quality fireproof gun safes work, but the ordinary and low-quality safes cannot withstand the high-temperature. But all our selected gun safes really work against high-temperature for a specific period of time effectively.


Here is our five best gun safe under 1500 dollars. All these safes are been described here with their full details and features including their pros and cons so that you can make distinctions between these fie and other safes under 1500$. Things to remember that these five are also different from each other with their individual features and options so that you can choose your one according to your demands and budget.

Not all these five have possessed all the required features at a time rather they have their individual advantage. So it depends on you which individual advantage can make you facilitated but in terms of quality, they all are on the same level. If you have any further query leave comments below.

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