Best Gun Safes Under $300 In 2019 – Our Top 10 Picks!

A gun safe is the most secure place for your firearms and others valuables. There nothing new to say about the importance of gun safes as you already acknowledged. To avoid any unexpected with your firearms definitely, you need the best one. But the matter of fact sometimes you need to limit our need according to our ability. Purchasing a high-quality gun safe may be a big deal but believe me, that can be managed.

Best Gun safe under 300 dollars

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BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe AX11652 BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe

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Stack –On GCB -908 Steel 8- Gun Security Cabinet, Black Stack –On GCB -908 Steel 8- Gun Security Cabinet

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American Furniture Classics 502 Gun Concealment Storage Bench American Furniture Classics 502 Gun Concealment Storage

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Stack-On-TC – 16-GB –K-DS Tactical Security Cabinet, Grey/Black Stack-On-TC – 16-GB –K-DS Tactical Security Cabinet

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Best Choice Products Large 5-Rifle Firearm Steel Digital Storage Gun Safe Cabinet Best Choice Products Large 5-Rifle Firearm

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Stack –On 18 Gun Convertible Cabinet Stack –On 18 Gun Convertible Cabinet

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Stack –On GCB-910 Steel 10-Gun Compact Steel Security Cabinet Stack- On GCB -14p Steel 14 Gun Security

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Stack- On GCB -14p Steel 14 Gun Security Cabinet, Black Homegear Large 5 Rifles Electronic Gun Safe

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Homegear Large 5 Rifles Electronic Gun Safe For Firearms VALTEK VT 2 0i Biometric Handgun Safe

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VALTEK VT 2 0i Biometric Handgun Safe Stack –On GCB-910 Steel 10-Gun

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Since safes come with different specifications and features they cost different range. But all the time quality and price do not maintain the same ratio. So what you need to do is to find out your desired one at your most precise budget. And here we are to help you to pick up the best gun safe under 300$.

Best Gun Safe Under 300 Dollars

This guide will focus on the products that provide the best outcome for the minimum fuel. Every product is been described with their features and specification so that you can be assured yourself that you are going to get the product you wanted exactly. So let’s get right into the main discussion. You can read this for Open a Sentry Safe without a Key or knowing the combination.

BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe AX11652

Barska is undoubtedly a reliable hub for the safeguard accessories and tools. They manufacture both affordable and specialized products keeping the budget issues of the customers’ in consideration and maintaining the quality as possible as they can. So, when you are having any budget issue and still looking for a quality product from a well-established brand Barska is there for you.

Barska quick access biometric rifle safe Ax11625 is such a one that makes you facilitated with both budget and quality. This tall and slim safe allows you to store up to 4 rifles at a time and provides quick access when you need to. The most attractive fact is perhaps you usually do not find a safe possessed modest storage and quick access together with a budget that is less than 300 dollars. But this time you are going to win with being facilitated with these facilities that normally highly cost safes contains.

It is pretty durable with the steel body construction and ensures the ultimate safety with the 3 deadbolts that denies strongly any pry open attempt by an intruder. The locking system is really a peace of mind and thanks for the allowance of more than 120 different fingerprints. With this biometric locking system, you can ensure both the quick access and strong security to your rifles and valuables. It takes merely 2.5 seconds to open when a right fingerprint is detected.

Biometric Rifle Safe Features

  • Comes with decent interior dimension: 9.7”x 7.63”x 52” with 1.83 cubic feet of storage space
  • Strong steel constructed body including deadbolts to resistant pry open attempt
  • Provides quick access with the biometric lock and allows up to 120 different fingerprints
  • Tall and slim and can be easily mounted and of course mounting hardware is consciously included.
  • Minor but necessary issues such as protective floor mat back up key, extra or emergency battery also included.
  • Proved as a strong security safe by the justice department.

Stack –on GCB -908 steel 8- Gun security Cabinet, Black

This is the best one within a modest budget for those who have more than 5 and less than 8 rifles or shotguns. This 54” tall gun safe provides an ultimate security to your firearms and other valuables with its strong body construction and locking system. It comes with 3-point locking system with key-coded and double bitted locking security including steel piano hinges that are fully welded and staked to ensure the highest security. In order to enhance interior storage capacity, it possessed removal shelf that allows you to enhance the storage by removing the shelf when you need. Moreover, the shelves are positioned in front of the cabinet leaving a gap between the shelves and the cabinet wall so that you can fairly store long rifles along the wall.

Fastening hardware is consciously added not only for the strong floor mounting but also for every individual cabinet to ensure the security in greater context. For easy and strong mount flush mount bottom is there and the foam pad included in the bottom of the safe saves it from scratches and other harms.

Gun security Cabinet Features

  • Huge interior space with dimension of 10x21x55 inches allows to store up to 8 long guns with others valuable
  • Fully welded and staked piano hinges with the key coded double- bitted locking system ensure strong security
  • Fully steel body construction and foam padded bottom assure durability.
  • Removing shelves allows enhancing the interior space when needed and having a gap between the shelves and cabinet wall long rifles can be fairly stored as well.
  • Flush bottom and hardware are included for fastening with floor and extending security in every individual unit.


American furniture classics 502 gun concealment storage bench

Well, let’s try a different but yet a worth one to provide the unbeatable security to your firearms and valuables. What makes this poly-urethane tightly stitched gun safe from others that is it possesses the simplest features but still provides the same level of security that others safe do. In other words, to ensure the highest security where others safe get you into some complexities, it gets you into very simple dealing.

This gun concealment allows you to store up to five long rifles leaving decent space for others valuables and a removable wood tray is also there for pistols or handguns. This gun safe comes with locking concealed compartments lined with a soft fabric that allows you to enhance the interior and leaves no chance for scratch or any metal collusion.

The compartments are divided into two sections upper and main. The upper compartments provide you a modest space where you can store your blanket or sportsmen accessories or others necessary docs and files. The main compartment with a wood tray provides fair enough space for five long guns and handguns. In the wood tray, you can store knives, scopes or others handy tools easily.  Removal butt and barrel rest including the dual safety stays prevent pinching keeping the lid open.

Gun concealment storage Features

  • Features very simple but reliable options that allow you to store your firearms with great security.
  • Poly-urethane tightly stitched brown concealment
  • Possesses to different compartments. The upper or additional one for the blanket or others valuable files or docs and the main compartment allows you to store five long guns at a time.
  • Woody stray for pistols and handguns including others handy tools such as knives and scopes.
  • All the compartments are locking concealed
  • Soft fabric lined with the compartment allows you to enhance the interior and leaves no chance for any metal collision.

Stack-on-TC – 16-GB –k-DS Tactical security cabinet, Grey/Black

Introducing another super nice gun safe from STACK-ON comes with huge interior space and unbeatable security system. This safe is for those who have more than ten less than 15 long rifles. When it comes to space this one is perfectly fair to organize the firearms the way they can be easily picked up when necessary comes. Besides the capacity for up to 14 long rifles or shotguns, there are also remain fair space for others accessories or two tactical weapons as well.

This full steel body constructed gun safe is durable and with the 3 point-locking system including the key coded cylinder lock ensures the highest security. Free areas can be converted into shelving for storing Ammo, pistols or other necessary items. There are three half removal shelves with one full-width steel shelf and seven long rifles can be stored in each side of the tactical gun sections fairly.

This safe is certified as one of the best security gun safes by the California justice departments since it passed their all level of standards.

Tactical security cabinet Features

  • Huge interior allows to store up to 14 long rifles and shotguns and the free areas can be converted into shelves for storing ammo, pistols including other valuables.
  • Reverted door design, fully steel constructed body.
  • 3 point locking system with key coded cylinder lock.
  • Adjustable barrel rests that is included to add and accommodate to extend the interior dept for the tactical weapons.
  • One full-width removal shelf and 3 half removal shelves are there for extra large storing.

Best choice products large 5-rifle Firearm steel digital storage gun safe cabinet

This digital lockbox features almost all the necessary requirements to provide great space and super security to your firearms and other valuables in the true sense. It comes with the electronic lock that allows you to lock the safe in moth functionally and manually. Four extra keys are included consciously. The interior dimension allows you to store five long rifles leaving fair space for bullets, ammo, scopes and other valuables as well.  The whole interior is padded with soft carpet to reduce the risk of scratching and another unexpected metal collusion. The body is constructed with heavy duty fully coated steel to ensure the durability. So, it would be your fruitful investment as you are going to be facilitated with almost all the necessary options. It comes with different colors and designs.

Storage gun safe Features

  • Fairly easy to drive but provide indestructible security to deny the intruder access.
  • Comes with electronic lock and can be locked in both with passcode and keys.
  • Heavy duty fully coated steel constructed body and soft carpet body interior reduce any scratching and metal collusion.
  • Can be stored up to 5 long rifles including ammo, and other valuables.
  • Dimension: (L x W x H) 103×75”X11.25” X 57.25

Stack –on 18 Gun convertible cabinet

Stack –on 18 Gun convertible cabinet is one of the standard safes within a modest budget that features a precise amount of options that provides simplicity in course of use but strong security in course if safety.

Almost all the products from stack on whatever expensive or affordable has something signature options and this one is also not out of this consistency. The first thing you are going to love with this safe that is its interior space which allows you to store up to 18 rifles or shotguns!  And yet there are more things are there to make you surprise. With this huge interior, it also allows you to enhance the interior by removing or adjusting the shelves if you need to store more rifles or guns in case. And yet that’s not the all as you can also store 3 rifles even without removing the shelves as well.

Mounting hardware is included for strong mounting and the whole interior is padded with foam to avoid collision and scratch.

Gun convertible cabinet Features

  • Surprising interior allows to store up to 18 rifles. Can also store 9 extra rifles in absence of the shelves and 3 rifles in the front of the cabinet in presence of the shelves.
  • Foam padded interior reduce scratch and metal collusion
  • Adjustable shelves can be totally removed or can be positioned separately or customized according to your convenient.
  • 3 point locking system with the double bitted key coded lock.
  • Dimension: 18x21x55

Stack- on GCB -14p steel 14 gun security cabinet, Black

This stack on tactical gun safe comes with several dynamic features that make it a safest shelter for your rifles and other valuables. You are going to be privileged in true sense even with a precise budget as this stack –on safe barely lacks features and options that the others expensive safes featured.

It ensures the highest security possessing both a strong welded steel body construction for every cabinet and 3 point locking system with double bitted key coded lock. Comes in hunter green with baked epoxy finish that you are going to love and also possesses staked piano hinges for extra security. Furthermore, you can easily store your scoped rifles in one position since the barrel rests and barrel standoff are consciously added.

All the mounting aids are there for you with the flush mount bottom to fastening to the floor including pre-drilled mounting holes. A large steel plate strengthening the security secured behind the steel door frame in the central door panel section. For pistols, ammo and other valuables extra cabinets are there along with the main cabinets. The barrel rest contour ensures one position organization for the scoped rifles keeping them away from the back of the cabinet wall. Barrel standoffs are removable so that you can attach or remove them according to your needs.

Gun security cabinet Features

  • This 54” tall safe has huge interior dimension of 17X21.5X58 inches which is fairly enough to store up to 14 rifles and shotguns.
  • Removable shelves allow you to enhance the interior space to store handguns with other valuables.
  • Since the shelves are positioned in front of the door there is a gap created between the unit wall and the shelves where you can store your larger and longer rifles as well.
  • 3 point locking system with double bitted key coded lock.
  • Flush mount bottom with pre-drilled holes ensures the easy mounting.
  • Epoxy finished in hunter green and thanks for the silver accent on the cabinet door.

Homegear large 5 rifles Electronic Gun safe for firearms

This is another budget restricted but still well featured and secured safely for your firearms and valuables. For a precise number of rifles perhaps it can be your best choice. It comes with the interior dimension of   13.4”x9.5”x49.2” that allows you to store up to 5 rifles. In terms of locking system, it offers you both bio-metric and mechanical locking system to choose. The full body is constructed with 2mm thick steel and the door is really is peace of mind as it is constructed with 4mm thick steel to ensure the ultimate protection.

Anchor bolts are consciously included to mount it anywhere you want and hope you would like to mount it on the wall rather than mounting in the floor for its slim and tall structure. When it comes to locking system you can go for the biometric system as in this purpose you need not memories any code or password to forget rather the fingerprint detection process make you benefited you with the quick access. Moreover, double digital locking system also there so that you can easily get access using your pin-code. Apart from these, for storing your valuables and ammo or bullets there is also an extra cabinet on the top of the main cabinet as well.

Electronic Gun Safe Features

  • Thick 4mm steel door and 2mm steel body construction assure the durability and both manual and functional security system accelerate both quick access and strongest security.
  • Extra cabinet for strong valuables and ammo
  • Bio-metric and digital locking system with keypad code lock both options are available to choose any of them.
  • Mounting bolts and 4 AA batteries included consciously.
  • Up to five rifles can be stored including the other necessary accessories.
  • Dimension: OUTER: 13.8” X 11.8 X 57.1 , INTERIOR: 13.4” X 9.5” X 49.2”

VALTEK VT 2 0i Biometric Handgun Safe

This is noticeably different from all above-mentioned safes for its unique slim and easy carriageable facilities. You need to be worried about mounting rather you can take it with you wherever you go. Slide it under your car seat and travel coast to coast without being worried about the security of your handguns and valuables. It especially modified for range raiding pistols hauler. This tough and rugged safe comes with 4 feet long heavy duty 5mm thick steel security cable with the mounting hardware that allows you to anchor it easily wherever you want. The body construction is really a peace of mind. it is constructed with 16-gauge thick steel that is fairly enough to protect your firearms and valuables from any pry open attempts. It does not compromise when it comes to any safety matters since the fingerprint bio-metric locking system leaves no chance for the intruders. Even the interior hinges are out of reach from outside. It allows a quick access for you even in the low light as there an interior red light is included consciously. It possessed such sophisticated technologies that you might not expect within this budget surely. You can track the safe usage, view battery status, check the temperature and so on by installing VAULTED smart app in your smartphone.

Biometric Handgun Safe Features

  • Two point anti-impact latches and anti-pry bars provide ultimate security against any break in.
  • 16-gauge carbon steel constructed body assures durability and ultimate protection to your firearms and valuables.
  • Quick and accurate access with the biometric locking system. Interior LED light for low light condition.
  • Carriageable and portable mounting anchor features 5mm thick steel
  • Micro USB charging kit, 4 months battery backup, and charges in 2.5 hours.
  • Can be driven through app in your smartphone.
  • Dimension: 15.6 x 10.5 x 3.7

Stack –on GCB-910 Steel 10-Gun Compact Steel Security Cabinet

With outstanding units with super unbeatable security, this stack-on GCB-910 comes with welded steel box construction and others features to make your investment worth. It possesses 3 point locking system with key coded lock and staked steel piano hinges to make your firearms and others valuables protected in the true sense. Even for the scoped guns to ensure one position organization there also non-marring barrel rest and barrel standoffs. For easy mounting pre-drilled mounting holes with the flush mount, bottom leaves nothing to be worried about mounting the safe. For pistols, ammo and others accessories en extra cabinet is also included.

The moveable locking plates pass from the behind of the steel cabinet to the top to bottom of each cabinet that creates a gap between the shelves and the unit’s wall where you can store large rifles or shotguns.

Gun Compact Steel Features

  • Up to 10 long rifles or shotguns can be stored
  • 3 point locking system with double bitted key coded lock
  • Shelves positioned in the back of the cabinet and there is a gap between the shelves and the door cabinet so that larger rifles can be stored in front of the cabinet.
  • Welded steel constructed body construction is fairly enough to protest the pry-open attempts.
  • Mounting hardware and pre-drilled holes for the strongest anchoring and the foam padded bottom reduce the risk of scratching.
  • Dimension: 13.5 x 17 x 53 inches

Keep in mind when buying the best gun safe under $300

Budget is not really a matter when you are properly acknowledged what makes a safe the safest shelter for your firearms and others valuables. You can but consider some issues before buying the best gun safe under $300 to be assured yourself that you are going to have the best one. These issues are described below one by one:

Body construction

Be sure that your safe possessed a steel body construction. Because if the body is not fairly enough to resist or protest against the pry open attempts by an intruder then its dynamic locking system would not make any sense at all.

Locking system

Look for a locking system that is easy but unbeatable. Beside that a locking system should have both quality of strongest security and quick access. On that note bio-metric locking system can be suggested at first place. 3 point locking system with the key coded lock can also be considered.


Safes come with different interior dimensions. Some allow more rifles to be stored some allow a precise number. Go for the one you think suit you best and meet your demands. But whatever the interior is it can be said certainly that foam or soft fabric padded interior should be preferable since it protects your firearms from scratching and from any other metal collision.

Mounting hardware

You have the steel body construction, dynamic locking system with a huge interior and you think you are done then honestly saying you are not. Mounting is a major issue in terms of gun safes as they come with slim structure to be picked up easily. So, check out whether you have all the necessary mounting hardware like predrilled holes, anchoring bolts and portable cable or not.

Bottom line

The above-mentioned products are poor in cost but high in performance and that is the first advantage you are going to have with any of them. There are so many safes under $300 but all are not able to meet your desired security and others facilities at a time. The above-selected gun safes are the best gun safe under $300 since they are surprisingly possessed all the featured than an expensive gun safe normally offers.

So according to your needs and demands select and go for your selected one among them to provide an ultimate security to your Firearms and valuables.

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