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Tired of looking the Best gun safes for your firearms and other valuables? Then no more indiscriminate searching since this Mesa gun safe review is here to help you. I am pretty sure that you have heard the name “Mesa safe company “several times. Yes, of course, there is nothing new to say about this brand. But when it comes to best security to your valuables you need to figure out the best out of the bests.

All Mesa gun safes are not featured the same specification and options. Moreover, all of them do not cost equally. Even in some cases, high cost doesn’t make you facilitate with the high quality. On this note, to select your desired one all you need to know what matter to make a safe best. This Mesa gun safe review is going to introduce you with some safes manufactured by Mesa that come with all the required options and features to be an inimitable safe on the market. Stay with us till the end of the tunnel so that you can choose your desired one knowing its nuts and bolts in one platform. So get right into the main discussion. You can also read Best Gun Safe Under 300 Dollars – Top 5 Picks and Reviews.

Best Mesa Gun Safe Reviews

Here is my most favorite top five Mesa gun safes. I have visited lots of digital marketing sites and checked the customers ‘responses and then selected these five as they deserved most to be listed.  I am personally also using some of them and got the service I wanted.

Best Mesa Gun Safe Reviews

Mesa Safe company MBF6032 14.4 Cubic Foot 30 rifle gun safe with digital lock

It is one of the most iconic safes of Mesa safe’s MBF series gun safes. This Mesa MBF 6030 features almost all the options you need to ensure the best security to your weapons and valuables. It is constructed with solid steel that is fairly able to protest any unauthorized attempt. It has left no chance for pry open since the 1 1/2 – inch thick steel constructed door including four 1 inch solid steel live locking bolts is undoubtedly unbeatable.

Also there are three 1 inch dead bolts that fairly ensure the strong protection against any door removal attempt. It is completely fire resistant in temperatures up to 1750 degrees Fahrenheit.

Now let’s know about the locking system. It provides quick access to the users but for the intruder it leaves no option to get access. It comes with battery operated electronic lock. The lock is protected by a punch activated spring loaded re- locking device. So invalid access is nearly impossible since the system identifies the programmed punch only.

The interior of the safe is fairly enough to hold up to 20 rifles. To enhance and customize the space you can adjust the shelves and all the four interior walls and the Door panel carpeted with soft durable grey fabric to give extra protection.


  • Constructed with solid steel including 1 ½ steel constructed thick door
  • Adjusted shelves to enhance the interior space with all carpeted preservation.
  • Battery operated electronic lock protected with punch activated spring loaded pre-locking device
  • Burglary, fire, and pry open resistant
  • Can be stored up to 20 rifles
  • Interior Dimension: HxWxD: 55.5×28.5×14.25 inches , Exterior Dimension: HxWxD: 59x30x21
  • Four anchor holes ensure the strongest mounting with the floor.
  • Stunning brass spoke handle


Mesa safe company MBF5922 E 7.9 Cubic Foot 14 rifle gun safe with digital lock

When it comes to safety being captious is not a bad thing rather you should be so. To provide the ultimate safety to your handguns and other valuables Mesa Gun safe’s MBF series brings some products that are really nonpareil.

Mesa MBF5922 is one of the strongest safeguards featuring all the necessary options to protect your guns and valuables in the true sense. With the thickest body and door construction, you are going to be facilitated keeping safe your guns from fire, burglary, and others unauthorized attempts. It comes with 1-3/4” body and 5-1/8” door thickness including twelve 1 1/2 “diameter solid steel constructed locking and dead bolts. Four point locking system protected by a spring loaded re-locking device including a drill resistant hard plate. For strong and easy mounting it features 4 pre-drilled anchor holes.  Adjustable shelves and upholstered interior walls allow you to enhance the space. Up to 14 long rifles can be stored easily with the wide and long interior dimension.

Mesa MBF5922 Features

  • Comes with fully solid steel construction with the overall ¾” body and 5/-1/8 door thickness
  • 1-hour fire resistant power in temperatures up to 1750 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Electronic punch activated locking system protected by a spring-loaded pre-locking device including a hard plate
  • Adjustable shelves and upholstered interior walls allow enhancing the storing capacity
  • Pre-drilled four anchor holes for easy and strong mounting
  • Up to 14 long rifles including other values can be stored
  • Exterior Dimension: HxWxD: 59x22x20 inches, interior Dimension: HxWxD: 55 3/8 x 18 ¼ x 13 inches
  • Three decorative brass spoke handles
  • ½” diameter locking and dead bolts for extra security


Mesa MGL 24E Electronic Lock

Mesa MGL series offers a very precise and straight cut features within a very modest budget. If you have a bunch of rifles and they need strong security but your budget resists you to go for the expensive then it can be your proper choice. The first advantage you are going to get is the wide and long interior dimension. It allows you to store up to 24 rifles with the 28 ½ “by 19 ¼ “interior measurements.

There are two half shelves for pistols and handguns and a single full shelf for long rifles. With full steel constructed body and door it ensures the total rejection of any pry open attempt. The electronic keypad locking system provides quick access when you in your hurry or any unexpected seems to be happened. For easy mounting, mounting hardware and bolts are consciously included.

Mesa MGL 24E Features

  • All steel constructed body with the thick door
  • Burglary and pry resistant
  • Comes with electronic keypad locking system
  • Mounting hardware and bolts included
  • Up to 24 guns can be stored with the wide and long interior dimension that is divided into 2 half shelves and one full shelf.


Mesa MGL 36 –As-E Electric lock

As I mentioned earlier that Mesa MGL is a bit lighter in comparison of MBF as all of us perhaps cannot afford the expensive MBF safes. Besides maybe we don’t want the extreme security what the MBF series provides at all. But that doesn’t mean that MGL series is going to make your invest ruin. No, absolutely not, all I want to say that Mesa MGL series is best in its own way as it provides the best service they can within your low budget. Mesa MGL 36 also comes with all steel body construction and thick door with 30 minutes fire resistant power in temperature nearly 1200F. With the Electronic keypad locking system, you are going to be facilitated with quick but strong security system. The best option you are going to get with this series is its huge interior. With the measurements of 56” by 34 ½ “by 18 ¾ interior dimensions allows you to store up to 36 rifles. Like the MGL 24E, the entire interior of this safe also divided into 2 half and one single shelves.

Mesa MGL36  Features

  • Solid steel constructed Body and thick door with the 30 minutes fire resistant capacity in temperature nearly 1200F
  • Electronic keypad locking system ensures sole authority
  • Provides quick access in emergency
  • Large interior allows to store up to 36 rifles in the 2 half and one full shelves.
  • Mounting bolt and hardware also added for strong and easy mounting


Mesa safe MBF 2020C all steel Burglary and fire safe with combination lock

Mesa MBF 2020C is another strongest safeguard for your guns and valuables. Like the rest two, this safe also features all sophisticated options and left no chance for any mishandling. This safe is really peace of mind having extreme secured interior and exterior construction. All steel constructed body with a hammered Grey finished. All solid steel constructed 4-1/2” thick door enclosed with 3 massive diameter locking and deadbolts. It is fairly enough strong to reject any pry open attempt made by the intruders and thanks for the 2 hours fire resistant capacity in temperature up to 1830F. For extra security heavy duty, solid steel hinges are consciously included.

Electric combination lock makes impossible any invalid or unauthorized access but ensures quick access for the user. The lock is protected by the drilled resistant hard plate including the spring loaded pre-locking device.  Adjusted shelves allow to customize the interior space and the upholstered interior walls protect the valuables from any outer attack. For strong floor or wall mounting 4 pre-drilled anchor holes and anchor kit included.

Mesa safe MBF Features

  • Comes with all steel body and door construction with overall 1-3/4” and 4-1/2” thickness.
  • Three massive 1-inch diameter deadbolts and heavy duty hinges are included for extra security
  • 2 combination Electronic lock protected by drill resistant hard plate and spring loaded re-locking device
  • Burglary, pry open and 2 hours fire resistant capacity in temperature up to 1830F.
  • Adjusted and removal shelves that allow enhancing interior storage and fully upholstered interior walls and door panel ensure extra protection against any outer blow.
  • Factory tested and 2 story impact rating
  • For strong mounting 4 pre-drilled anchor holes with anchor kit
  • Comes with a stunning hammered Grey finish


Benefits of using Mesa gun safe

Number of Mesa gun safe reviews on several digital marketing websites have got the customers’ responses with no single complaint. From high budget to Low budget, from expensive to affordable Mesa gun safe features some extremely stunning and sophisticated options that meet customers’ demands as they promised.

From 1981 they have been proudly manufacturing the gun and other safes achieving the trust of the customers and consumers.  In this their long journey they have never compromise on quality. To keep pace with time they always maintain the consistency manufacturing their products with modern features and options.

This is really a trustworthy hub of the security tools for your guns and valuables. They give an option to choose among three different series according to your budget to suit your exact security needs. Furthermore, with mesa gun safe you are going to be beneficial in the true sense by being credited with all required features you need to ensure your best security. The Electronic locking system, Steel body and door construction, anchoring and so on options are there to protect your guns and valuables with the highest security.


Mesa VS other safes

As there are lots of brands and manufacturers dominating the market then questions automatically arise that why one should go for Mesa Gun safe particularly? What Unique features they provide that make a user more beneficial than others?

All of your questions will be answered through the Followings that mesa provides you perhaps unavailable together with others brands:


From MBF to MGL all Mesa gun safe comes with all solid steel body and door construction. No matter how low or high budget you possessed Mesa gun safe always make you facilitated with highest Exterior and interior protection. The exterior side is constructed with solid steel to protest any pry open attempt, on the other hand, the interior side is carpeted with soft fabrics to ensure extra protection.

Locking system:

Mesa gun safe is broken in to mainly three series: MBF, MGL, and MGL-AS. All these three series do not offer the same features and they vary according to their price and specification. The most sophisticated series among these three is MBF series. And honestly saying, in terms of locking system Mesa MBF series has no alternative.  Every safe of this series possessed the ultra-modern Electronic Combination lock that is protected by drill resistant plate and spring loaded pre-locking system. Locking and solid steel dead bolts and spring hinges also included ensuring the ultimate security. The rest two series also offer the Electronic keypad locking system despite being very affordable.


It depends on the model you choose to purchase. But if you go for the MBF series the fire resistant capacity of this series will be your peace of mind. Safes of this series come with either 1-hour fire resistant in temperature up to 1750F or 2 hours fire resistant up to 1830F. The other two series also offer 30 minutes fire resistant up to 1200F.


If your safe is not mounted strongly then it really means nothing how strong its body construction or locking system.  Perhaps in some particular cases, the intruder may get enough time to move the safe as a whole if it is not mounted strongly. So, each Mesa gun safe comes with 4 pre-drilled anchor holes with anchor kit to make the intruder’s attempt nearly impossible.

Storing customization

When it comes to storing Mesa offers the widest and longest interior dimension ever with the adjustable and removal of shelves. You can customize and enhance the storage by adjusting or removing the shelves if you want.

Within the same budget, you can barely manage all of these unique features and options with others brands.

Final Verdict

This Mesa gun safe Review is been organized with some products having both high and low cost but maintaining the desired quality. Here is one point, you can ensure you extreme security purchasing the MBF series product similarly in another point you can confirm your least security with your minimum budget. Therefore, you can finalize which one or which series suits best with the security you want. But on that note, my suggestion is if you have a precise budget then go for the MBF series and I am pretty sure you will barely need anything else to secure your guns.

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