Best Modular Gun Safes in 2019 – Top 5 Rated Reviews

Why you need modular gun safes as oppose to have conventional safes?  What makes you facilitated in this regard? To investigate these questions we need to know first what modular stands for. Generally modular includes those independent parts that can be assembled or de-assembled to construct or dissociate a complex structure.

In that sense, a modular gun safe is those which you can easily carry or move from one place to another when it matters to you. Apart from this, it also comes with an opportunity that allows you to keep your guns and ammo including other documents more user-friendly way than the conventional ones. In other words, it offers you easy maintenance but secures your asset with great security.  However, selecting the best safes among the thousands of models is a very time-consuming task despite knowing what makes a safe most reliable one. It also becomes an impossible task when it comes to beginners. Therefore, we have selected the five best modular gun safes to minimize your toil. This guide will focus on the outstanding features and details of these selected five modular guns so that you can be assured with the confirmation that you are making your investment worth. Let’s us dive into the main discussion.

Best Modular Gun Safes 2019

Product ImageProduct NameMore Information
Nikon PROSTAFF 5 BCD Riflescope Stack-On Eight Gun Security Cabinet

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Vortex Optics Diamondback HP SnapSafe Modular Gun Cabinet

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Millett 4-16×50 Illuminated Riflescope Winchester Safes Defender 34 By Modular Tactical Gun Safe, 60 Min Fire Rating, U.L Listed EMP

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Burris 2-7x32mm Ballistic Plex Reticle Rifle Scope SnapSafe Ruger Tall Titan Digital Modular Safe , 59”Hx 22”Wx17.5”D Matte Black

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Leupold 110802 VX-2 Duplex Rifle Scope SnapSafe Modular Gun Safe Titan 75010

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To ensure the ultimate safety of your firearms and other valuables, there is no alternative to having the best quality gun safe. A durable, secured safe may cost a bit more than the normal ones, but it is better to pay a big amount for the ultimate solution than trying to save money with the temporary one. Any of these the following five can be your best selection as they possess everything you need. Before by Check this for where you put a gun safe in your house.

1. Stack-On eight gun security cabinet

Stack-on eight GCB-8 RTA is our first product to introduce. Make yourself facilitated with this outstanding modular safe features almost every sophisticated option to provide the ultimate solid security to your firearms. It comes with full-sized cabinets, and each cabinet possesses welded steel constructed boxes.  To ensure the ultimate security, it offers you with the 3 point locking system with a double bitted key coded lock that also ensure the easy access in an emergency.  Moreover, the full length welded and staked steel piano hinges enhance the security.  Every cabinet is fairly capable of holding eight rifles and shotguns possessing up to 52-inch units.  Quick assembling of the units is ensured by the form-fitting parts and tamper proof fasteners. Patented barrel standoffs allow you to manage your scoped guns in one position storage and thus enhance the interior capacity. For easy mounting to the floor and wall, it comes with pre-drilled mounting holes in the bottom and back. The bottom is foam padded to avoid scratches, and the removal shelves provide extra room to enhance the interior storage.  Its eye soothing black, silver accent epoxy paint finish cabinet also gives it an outstanding outlook.

Stack-On Features

  • Full-sized cabinets with Welded steel constructed boxes
  • Fastened and integrated parts that can quickly assemble, fasteners are tamper proof from the out of the cabinet.
  • Double bitted 3 point key coded locking system ensures the ultimate security and also offers the users with easy access in an emergency.
  • Stack-ON’s patented barrel standoffs allow storing the scoped guns in one positioned way
  • Removal shelves enhance the interior capacity
  • Can hold up to eight rifles and five shotguns including other valuables
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes for easy mounting
  • Staked steel piano hinges enhance the security
  • California DOJ- approved

2. SnapSafe Ruger Tall Titan Digital modular safe , 59”Hx 22”Wx17.5”D matte black

SnapSafe Ruger series includes three safes (Titan, Titan tall and Titan X large). There are so many rational reasons for enlisting this as one of our top five but being specific we can say it is of those most versatile, quick assembling and secured modular safes ever manufactured by the company.  With its, UL approved high-quality electronic lock it confirms the ultimate security to your firearms. It possesses Eight 1-Inches chrome steel-live locking bolts and spring loaded re-locker that make the safe enough strong to deny any pry open attempt of burglars. Electronic locks also offer you with the quick access in any unexpected situation.  The modules can be assembled faster than you think.  The walls are locked from the inside and fastened as solid as the conventionally welded safes. To get the modules in one piece all you need to have is just a socket wrench which is also included in the package.  The interior is just a peace of mind, and it designed the way you need. Thanks for the removal lined shelves beside one full shelf and full gun rack. The removal shelves allow you to enhance the main rack interior and also a half gun rack is there with two half shelves for storing shotguns, pistols, and ammo.  The door is designed to provide the ultimate security as it comes with the high grade ‘ non-breach deal’ including dead bolts. With 3/16” solid steel and sledgehammer with pry-bar resistant, the door also becomes an unbeatable protector against any pry-open attempt. Super solid durability also confirmed with the nine gauges steel constructed exterior wall.

SnapSafe Ruger Tall Features

  • Provides great ease and versatility confirming easy assemble (socket wrench is included).
  • A durable exterior wall constructed with nine gauge steel
  • No option for the pry-open attempt as the sledgehammer and pry-bar resistant solid steel made door comes reinforced with 8 1 inches live locking bolts and spring loaded re-locker.
  • Electronic lock confirms ultimate security with easy access.
  • Large interior that allows to store up to 12 rifles including a=other valuables. Adjustable shelves enhance interior capacity.

3. Winchester safes defender 34 by modular tactical Gun safe, 60 min fire rating, U.L Listed EMP

For all rifle enthusiasts and quick responders, this modular gin safe can an ideal one. Protect your Firearms and ammo with great security and easy access without making any holes into your wallet. Within a decent budget, this safe includes all the digital options and stands out from all the rests in its class.  It offers 60 minutes proven fire rating at 1400 F and confirms ultimate protection against any fire and heat attack possessing Pal sol heat-expanding door seal which allows expanding it to 6 xs to its size. It makes you facilitated with the fully modular interior. Enhance the interior capacity with the adjustable barrel rests and the 16 gauge modular wall paneling system.  Top steel made adjustable shelves and easy access handgun pins also allow you to store more firearms and other valuables between the same space than the traditional safes. The electronic locking system offers you with the great security and easy access. The wide and large interior allows you to store up to 46 guns with its 24 barrel rests and 22 handguns pins. This durable and high capacity heavy duty gun safe also offers easy assembling and comes with the standard eye-soothing design you must love.

Winchester safes Features

  • 1 hour proven fire resistant at 1400 F
  • The electronic lock ensures ultimate security and easy access in an emergency.
  • 16 gauge steel constructed wall confirms durability.
  • Fully modular organized interior reinforced with adjustable barrel rests and to steel made adjustable shelves allow you to store your valuables besides tactical equipment.
  • L Listed pry-open resistant.

4. SnapSafe modular gun cabinet

This is our second one from SnapSafe. Get the ultimate protector of your firearms and ammo without breaking your bank.  This durable cabinet comes with a 20 gauge steel made exterior wall and a sturdy door that can be hinged from the right or left side. This easily affordable modular cabinet confirms the ultimate security with the key locking system and thus also ensures the quick access in any unexpected situations. It is light and can be assembled within a minute. The interior capacity can be enhanced by removing the shelves. So firearms and tactical equipment including other valuables can be stored between the same space capacity. Those who a have not more than 4/5 guns to store and looking for a cabinet for a decent budget can get this one.  It is not a safe but a single cabinet. So if you have to store long rifles up to five, then it is not recommended for you.

SnapSafe Features

  • Very affordable, ideal for the users having less than five small guns to store.
  • Offers with user-friendly maintenance.
  • Confirms hard security with key locking system. Also provides easy access when it matters most.
  • Can be assembled within a minute, sturdy and durable, 20 gauge steel made an exterior wall.
  • Comes with a sturdy door can be hinged either from the right or from the left side
  • Adjustable shelves allow the users to enhance the interior capacity. Thus the user can organize the stored equipment well including the other valuables.

5. SnapSafe Modular gun safe Titan 75010

Be protected with the all the great security of a conventional safe but with more and ease with this SnapSafe Modular 75010 gun safe.  This safe provides you with an easy re-assembling opportunity while moving a heavy conventional safe is not a matter of joke.  You can take apart all the modules piece by piece while transforming and can re-assemble it within a minute with almost no tools.   It comes as the ultimate protector of your firearms and valuables from fire and theft featuring all the required options.  The most surprising advantage you are going to have with this safe that is it has one hour proven fire resistant capacity against 2300 F, It confirms the serious security possessing Eight 1-Inch steel locking bolts and spring loaded re-locker. Thanks For the  ‘non-breach seal’ door reinforced with deadbolts and hinges.  UL approved electronic lock confirms the ultimate security and also provides you with easy access. The interior is designed to store more guns than any one of its class. The powder coated interior includes adjustable shelves that allow you to enhance the interior capacity. Also, one full shelf and full gun rack including a half gun rack and two half shelves are also there to make you facilitated by allowing you to store other valuables and jewelry besides your tactical equipment.

SnapSafe Modular gun Features

  • Comes with a surprising fire resistant capacity (1 hour proven fire resistant against 2300 F)
  • Can be re-assembled within a minute with no tools.
  • Durable exterior construction with large powder coated interior designed with adjustable shelves that allow the users to enhance the interior capacity to store other valuables besides firearms and ammo.
  • Confirms serious security with Electronic lock that also provides you with quick access.
  • Sturdy door with deadbolts and hinges can avoid any pry-open attempt. Also includes Eight 1-inch live steel locking bolts and spring loaded re-locker to enhance the security.

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