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A proverb goes that “prevention is better than cure”. We can define it in another way that is if anyone is cautious from the very beginning danger can hardly touch him. Guns or any kind of arms, however, are not only your savior but sometimes they can also be very devastating due to mishandling. So, on this note we can say that to ensure your safety at first you need to ensure the safety of your Guns. And of course, when it comes to gun safety there is no alternative of gun safes.

Gun safes come with many designs and categories. But this guide is all about the best nightstand gun safe. If you have already a gun safe you may face the mounting problem with your safes. The irony is that the safe is also out of safety when it is not mounted in a proper place. Therefore, we are introducing the best nightstand gun safes to help you to get rid of mountains problems so that your gun can be stored in the safest place. You can also read Best Mesa Gun Safe Reviews That You Can Trust In 2019.

Best Nightstand Gun Safe Reviews In 2019

This guide is broken into two major parts. Firstly we have described our 10 selected safes and the other part is about some basic things that you should keep in mind before buying a nightstand gun safe. So, let’s go to the main discussion.

Product ImageProduct NameMore Information
Gun Vault SV500- Speed Vault Handgun Safe Gun Vault SV500- Speed Vault Handgun Safe

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VAULTEK VT2oi Biometric Handgun Safe- Smart Pistol Safe With Auto Open Rid And Rechargeable Battery VAULTEK VT2oi Biometric Handgun Safe- Smart Pistol Safe With Auto Open Rid And Rechargeable Battery

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Gun Vault MV500 Microvault Pistol Gun Safe Gun Vault MV500 Microvault Pistol Gun Safe

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First Alter 5200DF Portable Handgun Or Pistol Safe First Alter 5200DF Portable Handgun Or Pistol Safe

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SentrySafe Pistol Safe, Quick Access Biometric Gun Safe. One Pistol Capacity, QAP1BE SentrySafe Pistol Safe, Quick Access Biometric Gun Safe. One Pistol Capacity, QAP1BE

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Stack-On PDS-1500 Drawer Safe Electronic Lock Stack-On PDS-1500 Drawer Safe Electronic Lock

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Bluestone Safety Under The Desk Holster Bluestone Safety Under The Desk Holster

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Fort Knox Personal Pistol Safe Fort Knox Personal Pistol Safe

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Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe Quick Access Electronic Pistol Security Box: Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe Quick Access Electronic Pistol Security Box:

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V-Line 2597-S Desk Mate Keyless Security Box With Quick Releasing Mounting Bracket: V-Line 2597-S Desk Mate Keyless Security Box With Quick Releasing Mounting Bracket:

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Best Nightstand Gun Safe Reviews

Gun Vault SV500- Speed Vault Handgun safe

Be credited with strongest gun safe that possessed almost all the options and features to keep your gun safe. It comes with eye soothing designs and outstanding features that will make you facilitated in the true sense. It is very discreet and has no access for the intruder but provides a very quick access for you when you are in hurry. Customize your security options with more than 12 million access codes. It can be your best choice for both home and business. The construction is undoubtedly beyond question as it is constructed with 18 gauge steel.

The interior design will also draw your eyes. The inner space of every drop-down drawer is covered with protective foam. The interior space dimension in each drawer is enough to store several numbers of guns. In other words both the exterior and interior design and dimension are fairly enough to provide the security you desired.

Gun Vault SV500 Features:

  • Comes with digital keypad locking system that ensures the strongest security for the intruder at the same time quickest access for the user.
  • Drop down drawer for accelerating quick access
  • Easy and multiple mounting
  • Hardware and override key to ensure user authority and to reject the intruder access
  • Exterior dimension: HxWxD – 6.5×3.5×13 inches, Interior Dimension: HxWxD: 2.25×5.75×8.5 inches
  • 1-9 V long lifespan battery
  • Comes with strong body construction with 18- Gauge steel and protective foam-lined interior.

VAULTEK VT2oi Biometric Handgun safe- smart Pistol safe with Auto open rid and rechargeable battery

This safe perhaps hasn’t missed any single required features to be an impregnable gun safe. The first and foremost advantage is that it provides security not around home only but also wherever you go. It comes with such a slim design that it allows you to organize it anywhere easily. It is modified especially for storing range raiding pistol hauler including your valuables.

In terms of security, it is undoubtedly consummate and rugged. With the 16-gauge strong body construction and anti-pry bars rejects any attempt made with strong crowbars or others breaking in tools strongly. For easy mounting, mounting hardware is included with the heavy duty 5mm diameter security cable that is 4 foot long.

Quick access is ensured with the biometric locking system in your hurry. Even when an unexpected seems to be happened the interior LED adjusted light is there to select your gun in the dark. It hasn’t left any chance for burglary as the high-resolution biometric fingerprint is required to get the access. The access process is become totally impossible for the intruder as you can use up to 20 user IDs at a time to ensure your sole Authority.

Biometric Handgun safe Features:

    • Ensures the strongest security possessing smart technology and locking system that is high-resolution biometric fingerprint that allows to store up to 20 IDs.
    • Easy to carry and organize even when you are heading off to travel coast to coast.
    • It is been all set to provide you quickest access when you are in hurry. And the adjusted interior LED light and Illuminated keypad light possessing proximity sensor are there in low light condition.
    • Long lasting Lithium-ion rechargeable battery provides more than one-month lifespan with only 2.5 hours charging time.
    • Anti-pry bars and interior hinges leave no chance for burglary
    • Mounting hardware included for easy mounting including 5mm diameter safety cable.
  • Comes with 16-gauge steel build strong body construction.
  • Exterior dimension: HxWxD: 11.5x 9x 2.75 inches, Interior Dimension: HxWxD: 11X5.75X2 inches.

Gun Vault MV500 Microvault Pistol Gun Safe

Gun Vault has been one of the most renowned brands over the last 25 years. They have established themselves as a reliable station manufacturing quick access gun safes and ensuring the strongest security for firearms and other valuables.

Gun Vault MV500 comes with heavy gauge steel construction and the most reliable biometric locking system. The powder coated 20 gauge steel body finish and over 12 million user access codes including the audio feedback ensure your quick access at the same time the impossible access for the intruder. Any pry open attempt with heavy metal tools will be rejected strongly with the improved high lock mechanism. The biometric pad provides lights in the dark or low light for the quick access in your hurry.

It leaves no chance for burglary since automatic computer blocking system is there for the several invalid entry attempts. This premium Gun safe is credited with high-performance algorithm to identify the enrolled fingerprint forthwith.  Thus it ensures your quick access at the same time quick rejection for the burglar or intruder. Its multiple sizes and designs will make you facilitated to choose your desired size according to your demands. Multi or Bio Vault, micro and mini all these sizes are available so that you can select your desired size according to your storage capacity.

Microvault Pistol safe Features:

  • Strong body construction with powder coated 20 gauge steel finish
  • High-resolution fingerprint or Biometric locking system including over 12 million user access codes and accepts up to 30 set fingerprints.
  • Rejects any pry to open attempts and invalid access try through an automatic computer blocking system
  • Pads light activate forthwith that ensures quick access in the low light or in the dark.
  • Comes with several sizes- multi, mini and micro
  • Protective foam lined interior
  • Long lasting battery backup
  • Exterior dimension: HxWxD- 11×8-1/2x 2-1/4 inches , Interior dimension: HxWxD: 10-3/4/ 6-1/2 x 2 inches

First Alter 5200DF Portable Handgun or pistol safe

First Alter 5200 portable handgun and pistol safe has no compromise in terms of security. The manufacturer has consciously understood that the first priority of the customers is security when it comes to gun safe. On that note for safeguarding your firearms and valuables, First Alter 5200DF comes with the most reliable locking system to ensure the highest security.

This super nightstand gun safe credited with electronic keypad locking system that allows you to program “no-see” passcodes. You can program your passcode of three to eight digits for appeasement security.

To reject any pry open attempt this gun safe is constructed superbly strong 18 gauges steel with powder coated finish.  In Emergency for easy and quick access, a spring loaded hinge is included consciously. It allows also a very easy mountaining possessing the pre-drilled holes. You can mountain it under your car seat or to the floor of your car trunk. To protect the firearms and ammo from any outer unexpected the foam lined interior is well enough.

Portable Handgun Features:

  • Constructed with powder coated durable 18 gauges steel
  • Ensure strong security with electronic keypad with 3-8 digits “no see” access codes
  • Spring loaded hinge attached to the door to ensure your quick access in emergency
  • Foam lined protective interior
  • Pre drilled holes including steel cable or bolting option to mountain.
  • 2 AA batteries and 2 override keys

SentrySafe Pistol safe, quick access Biometric Gun Safe. One Pistol capacity, QAP1BE

SentrySafe pistol safe is the ideal one for the single hand gun safety. It provides single handed access possessing solid security. It leaves no chance for theft, burglary or any mishandling and secures your firearm or handgun with advanced high-resolution biometric fingerprint locking system.

It provides quick and whisper quiet entry with compression gas strut and allows up to 4 different programmed fingerprints. Moreover, for backup access an override key is there to make you facilitated with the electronic lock as well. Any pry open attempt with heavy metal will be rejected with the solid steel construction. For single gun and single handed access truly it has no better alternative.

SentrySafe Pistol safe Features:

  • Specially modified for single handgun or pistol
  • Provide quick access with the Biometric fingerprint locking system. Accepts up to 4 different authorized finger prints.
  • No chance for burglary or pry open access for the solid steel construction
  • Compression gas strut ensures whisper-quiet entry
  • 4 AA rechargeable batteries and override key for backup access
  • Exterior Dimension: HxWxD: 3.3×12.1×9.9 , Interior Dimension: HxWxD: 2.2×9.7×6.6

Stack-on PDS-1500 Drawer Safe Electronic Lock

Stack-on PDS-1500 has possessed all the required features to ensure the great solid security to your handguns, pistols and ammos. It comes with the solid steel body construction with several security options such as concealed hinges, steel made locking bolts and so on. The plate steel door is totally pried resistant that ensure your sole authority.

The electronic locking system is certainly a peace possessing a dashboard faceplate that allows you to check the security status of your firearms. Any unauthorized attempt is identified forthwith because of beep of the key. As soon as a key is been pressed the pad will beep to let you know that anyone press a key. You can turn the beep off pr on with megaphone button.

Another notable advantage with this safe that there is a timeout automatic blocking system is activated. After three invalid attempts are done the access process will be blocked automatically. For backup access an override key is there so don’t be worry if you forget your combination. It also allows easy mounting possessing pre-drilled holes.

Stack-on PDS-1500 Features:

  • Comes with perfect size to organize not only in a drawer but also in other suitable place such as under cur seat or in the car trunk.
  • Constructed with solid steel rejects pry open attempts and concealed hinges, steel made locking bolts ensure great security.
  • Quick access is ensured with the easy electronic locking system at the same time ensures hardest security for the intruder with beep alarm and steel plate thick door.
  • Accepts 20 different programmed fingers prints and an override key are there for back up access.
  • Easy mountain with predrilled holes
  • Time out invalid attempts blocking system
  • 4 AA Batteries
  • Exterior Dimension: HxWxD: 11.5×8.25×2.25, Interior Dimension: HxWxD:12x 8.75x 4.5

Bluestone Safety under the Desk Holster

Well, now try a different one which’s security system is its mounting advantage. It has no mechanical or key pad locking system. No interior room, doors and walls are there. Then you may become wonder thinking that then why should you go for it as a safeguard of your firearm.

Actually, the blue stone under desk comes with a thick rubber mounting plate including metal lined eyelets that allows you to mountain it anywhere closest to you. When your hand gun matters most you can reach it in a pinch that is the fastest access ever!  A superb durable woven elastic hostler is stitched to a rubber backing plate to easily hold any heavy handgun or pistol.

The backing plate features thick nylon thread that makes the elastic hostler fairly able to hold the firearms without any fear. The mountaining screws are in the every edges of the backing plate to mount the plate anywhere you like. You can mount the plate on the wall beside your bed. Mount it in a height where children cannot reach or intruders need a base to get there.  This safe is especially for the easy mount and fastest access. It comes with a very affordable price to make you facilitated with the unconventional but solid security.

Bluestone Safety Features:

  • Comes with a durable elastic woven hostler and a backing plate with mounting screws
  • Provides fastest access when it matters most
  • Fits a variety of firearms
  • Can be mounted almost everywhere you want: under desk, on the wall, beside your bed, and so on convenient place
  • Comes with very affordable price

Fort Knox Personal Pistol Safe

This personal pistol safe can be your best selection within your modest budget. It comes with 10 gauge steel highly strong body construction to keep your pistol and others valuables safe from any pry open attempt. The thick p door constructed with 3/16”plate ensures extra security. it provides quick access possessing the spring assisted hinges and with the combination security locking system. You will be facilitated by being credited with up 1080 user combination. It comes with several preferable seizes to ensure your highest strong capacity.

This affordable personal gun safe is very easy to mount and fits almost everywhere in home or office even in the car. This quick access pistol box will worth invest.

Personal Pistol Safe Features:

  • Constructed with 10 gauge solid steel
  • 3/16” thick plate door
  • Easy combination licking system
  • Accepts up to 1080 user combinations
  • Perfect interior and exterior dimension for storing valuables and ammos besides the pistol.

Stealth Handgun hanger safe quick access electronic pistol security Box:

This premium security box ensures your three favorite pistols possessing all the modern security technologies.  It features three rows to hang your three favorite pistols at a time. Every row is coated in a heat shrink tubing so that the Inside barrel can be free from any scratch, damage and protect your firearms with best security. The drop down thick door constructed with 3/8” plate that ensures super quick access when it matters most. You will the find the door open and dropped as soon as you enter the right combination. This heavy duty spring loaded door is the new addition that is almost impossible to pry open.

Now comes to the locking system. Possessing all the sophisticated features this Electronic pistol security box provides super quick access with the Electronic keypad locking system. To avoid any damage from outer attempt the foamed line interior is designed perfectly. The interior adjusted light allows you to get your right one forthwith low light or even in the darkness. With six digits combination and the thick plate door you can ensure the highest security to your arms and valuables. Similarly, with interior adjusted light and heavy duty spring loaded drop down door you are truly facilitated with the quick access in your hurry.

Apart from these major issues, minor issues such as security cable Bolt down holes for mounting, are consciously included to make you relax when your arms are inside it.

Handgun hanger safe Features:

  • Comes with strong body construction and thick pry resistant plate door that is also straw and pick proof.
  • Three pistols can be stored in a three different rows
  • Heavy duty spring loaded drop down door for quick access
  • Adjusted interior light including foam lined design to keep the guns free from scratch and damage.
  • 6 digits Electronic keypad locking system
  • Security cable and bolt down holes are also included

V-Line 2597-S Desk Mate Keyless security Box with Quick releasing mounting bracket:

For safeguarding your firearms with the best security the V-line 2597-s can be your right choice for several reasons. It fits wherever you want to fit it: under desk or shelf. It features highly strong steel built body construction. With the keyless locking system, it provides the simplest way to access with the easy programming. Thus it confirms the quickest access when anything unexpected seems to be happened. It also provides easy mounting and allows you to hide easily in your hidden location.

This outstanding nightstand safe needs no battery and accepts up to 1080 different programmed combinations. It is affordable and very simple to use but at the same time provide strong security to your arms and valuables.

V-Line 2597-S Desk Mate Features:

  • Strong body construction with black powder coated finish
  • keyless easy but strong locking system
  • Easy to program and use
  • Provide very quick access with and ensures strong security being fit almost everywhere
  • Can be mounted under or over any surface with quick release bracket
  • Accepts up to 1080 different programmed combination
  • Needs no battery

Important features to consider when buying a Nightstand gun safe:

When you are tending to buy a Nightstand gun safe the following issues will help you to choose your desired one:

Body construction:

The first thing you should consider during or before buying a Nightstand gun safe is the body construction. If the safe is constructed with stuff that is not fairly enough to protest any unauthorized attempt such pry open attempt with heavy crowbar or others metal tools then it doesn’t matter how strong your locking system is. It will be totally useless. So try to choose one that constructed with solid 10-20 gauge solid steel. Also, you need to pay attention to the door construction. In this case, the thick plate drop down doors can be your first priority.

Locking system:

The most important thing to choose the Best nightstand gun safe. Every Gun safe comes with a different locking system such as Electronic keypad, Biometric fingerprint, Keyless combination locking system. Whatever they are all you just need to ensure that is whether the locking system credited with both facility quick access for the user and the almost impossible access for the intruder. Consider if the Locking system allows several programmed combination or Fingerprints, whether it possesses at least 1-8 digits and so on.  Biometric locking system nowadays most widely used security system.

Mounting facilities:

Mounting facilities like pre-drilled holes, security cables, hinges are also one of the most important considerable issues.  Easy mounting also relates easy access as well. So don’t forget to check out the mentioning issues.

A few minor issues:

When all the necessary and major issues is confirmed some minor issues can added some extra facilities. Some Minor but important for some particular purpose issues like floor mounting bolts, battery lifespan, security also deserve a discreet consideration.

Summing up:

To sum up the discussion we would like to request you to go through every product with the same priority. Each and every product included the list has possessed some individual unique features that make them different from each other. Therefore To select the Best Nightstand gun safe you have to consider all the products described here and then select your select one according to your demands.

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