Best Rifle Scope Reviews 2018: Top Rifle Scopes For The Money

Best Rifle Scope Reviews

The best rifle scope models are available for both gun specific and all purpose models. Lots of magnificent options are also available for the gun and the shooters. Scopes and options are the very initial things that make the formation of every Shooting style. They range from $50 to $5,000, and shows how much difference there is!

Since we read experts reviews, roamed hunting blogs, tried to figure out the best specs by comparing the hundred of leading manufactures and gathered data about the special scopes and options considering those the previous buyers spent time for using those we can assure you that this guide will provide you authentic info about the best specs you are searching for.

We have broken all the recommendations and suggestions to categories, For example- Sniper, Rimfire and so on. Here you will find a short Review of each section. We categorized the features, scopes, options so that you can find your best one by an individual study on them.

See the below of this page, some of our own guidance and suggestions will help you to buy the best Rifle Scopes. Let’s start the main discussion.

Top 6 Best Rifle Scope For The Money

  1. Leupold FX-II Scout 2.5x28mm Duplex
  2. Nikon P-RIMFIRE BDC 150
  3. Nikon P-223 3-9x40mm
  4. ATN Gen 2+ Night Arrow 4-2
  5. Mark 4 LR/T Rifle Scope 4.5-14x50mm
  6. Vortex Viper PST 1-4x24mm

Our #1 Recommendation:

If I personally told to pick any of the described scopes to recommend with a modest budget I would prefer Rimfire rifle scope. They are cheap in price but very effective in hunting. May be the conventional saying cheaper gun needs cheaper scopes make you abstain from buying these. But the true thing is, it may cheaper but allow you to make more fire than other guns. So you get the chance for shooting all the daylong making no holes in your wallet.

Its parallax setting creates the opportunity of shooting in both low power range and close distance. Its magnification power is really good. It has magnification level that is very needed for the clean shots.
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So far it is good and affordable for a precise and adventurous hunting. Rimfire scopes are available with warranties.  Some of this optics really provide you the facilities that most expensive models have.  It has fully coated lenses and strong body. This iron sight is perfect for both new and expert shooter. But especially for the new shooter, it is the perfect one for practicing target and instructor feel comfortable with it while instructing the learner. So, grab it if your budget is limited but your hunting passion is limitless.

Types of scope

There are lots of kinds of scope. But they can be broken into two categories if we place them together at one point. Before purchasing a scope it is mandatory to its types and purpose in detail. The three common and major types of scopes are been describing for your consideration. These are:

1. Variable scopes: very common one but effectively work for the clean shot. It is very useful in terms of magnification power which is the mainstay of a clean shot. The reason behind its naming is very rational since it controls the variation of the magnification power. The variation of Magnification power depends on your target. Basically variable scopes are suit best for sniper since snipers are used for hunting at long distances.

2. Fixed scope: the function of this scope is a bit complicated than variable scope. It is not facilitated with the magnification power control rather it suits best with some certain arms. They are effective if people know how to use them effectively.  They are recommended for certain rifle and for certain purpose.

3. Night vision scope: Night vision scopes are facilitated with the same advantages provided by the above scopes. The fact that makes night vision scope special is that it allows you to hunt at night. When daylight is about to die or in the twilight when the target cannot be seen naturally night vision scope is needed that time also. They are expensive as much as their effectiveness. So before making a purchase, you need to be sure yourself that you are going to get out for low light hunting.

Why Scopes Are Most Important

Scope, an iron sight which allows the shooters to make a precise and accurate shoot over distance far beyond. Scopes help you to use the arms to its fullest extent. To complement your arms they add power and range as well. To compensate for environmental factors such as elevation, windage, bullet drops scopes allow you to adjust as these factors are beyond the visual power of the naked eye.

It is no possible to make long-range shooting safely and accurately without scopes. Shooting blind even in a short distance is nothing but waste of armament and time. Scopes are the key things to get the maximum outcome of each box of bullets and the most out of your firearms depend on Scopes as well.

Best Rifle Scopes for Sale 2018

You will be glad to hear it if you are hunters and searching the best scopes for your Rifle that there are perfect scopes are available. But finding that scope those surely hit the bull’s eye is a tricky task on the other hand. After all, it is not only about the quality but it is about the fitness and your hunting style.Besides you know, the marketplace is not facilitated with the average Joe to navigate. But don’t worry. This article is fully loaded with the best technical specs and it will show the way to choose the models that really make sense for your gun. We don’t let you waste your time for shopping which you could spend for hunting.

Besides you know, the marketplace is not facilitated with the average Joe to navigate. But don’t worry. This article is fully loaded with the best technical specs and it will show the way to choose the models that really make sense for your gun.

We don’t let you waste your time for shopping which you could spend for hunting.

So some features and guidance put together here for you.

Best Rimfire Rifle Scope

Rimfire percussion caps are the mainstays for hunting as they are cheap in price. The conventional wisdom may give you the thought that cheaper arms and ammo.These allow you to go for hunting with the cheaper scopes.

However, as on a rimfire, so many fires can be made having no holes in your moneybag you may want the kind that can manage to shoot for whole day!

Among all other optics the best one anyway, must have the parallax settings to shoot both low-power ranges and near distances. Another notable thing about rimfire scope is magnification. Rimfire scope is facilitated with magnification level that is strongly related to the parallax and it is strongly able to produce tightly grouped and accurate results. We are going to introduce with some top rimfire scopes.Let’s met them.

Our selected and top listed specific model of Rimfire named Nikon P Rimfire:

It is the most affordable, simple and effective one. You may become wonder hearing that it has a standard quality that most of the expensive model holds. Its lance is fully coated and the lens tube is water and fogpro0f. For rimfire rifle, it has also some eye soothing features with low parallax and 3-9 power range.

  • They are cheap in rate but good in range and hunting.
  • There is a chance for shooting many rounds.
  • Shooter can shoot in low power range and close distance with rimfire scope.
  • Its magnification level is excellent and produces accurate shoot and it has a parallax setting adjustment free at 50 yards.
  • Shooters who start their new journey with their passion for Shooting and hunting can choose Rimfire scope especially the .22 as their initial tools.
  • Its recoil is unique and has duplex reticle setting.
  • They are facilitated with the advantage that most high rated scopes are possessed though they are easily affordable.
  • It is true that you are privileged with parallax adjustment with a cheaper rate in case of rimfire scopes but it is too less to shoot in a long distance.
  • Rim fire scopes are light or easy to handle but it is not perfect for you if you have the experience of shooting for a year.
  • When target is out of 50 or 100 yards rimfire is unable to get your prey.

Apart from we especially suggest you the BDC reticle that mainly modified for .22 ammo and can be compared with Nikon ballistic app!

Check out our full breakdown of the Best Rimfire Scope For .22 Rifle.

Best .22 Rifle Scope

The most popular rifle especially to the new shooters. It is the most used and perfect for target practice, Fox control, and close-up shooting. 22 scope is very easy to hold and magnificent for shooting practice with the around targets. Its power range and parallax setting both are low that is the most attractive advantage of this scope.

This rifle you may use to see as an heirloom in many aristocracies family. We would love to suggest you some durable options having warranties for lifetime that means can pass down your whole life with your rimfire rifles.

Our top value pick for a .22 Scope is the Leupold FX-II Scout:

This gun is very is very popular to the shooting trainer for its stability and comfort of use. Its power is fixed and low in range and suits best for shooting with a .22. You may satisfy with the range of 300 yards for shooting out and its field of vision is pretty good.

Specifically, it designed for .22 and fits in prudently on the barrel. It can easily get the target trifling with adjustments since it has the scout design.

If you tend to sally out for close -mid-range hunting it is the best this suit with you.

Best Rifle Scope for .308

It is been used as a mainstay for hunting for years after years. It is a powerful all-purpose cartridge with low recoil. Though it is expensive but worth much to save the file of your rifle hogshead.

It is shorter and stronger than other cartridge and you need to choose one which suits the .308s unparalleled running potent. As .308 drops little over distance we suggest you those with BDC reticle.

If you are searching for tenacious wind adjustment .308 scopes will be the best one since it is dynamic and adjustable with low-to-mid power range.

Among all other .308 rifles, most popular options are the Vortex Viper:

Vortex Viper has a proper power range that suits best with .308 rifle with a 1-4x lens set. Having a proper objective lens it is designed for closer hunting. For acquiring targets it gives you a clear field of vision.

A few features of its go beyond of its price class such as lenses that are been programmed by computer engineer the computer and adjustable brilliancy on the reticle that combines a tactical hash sign with a simple duplex design and of course lifetime warranty is available for the whole thing.

Best AR-15 Rifle Scope

These are the most dynamic and versatile guns among all other available for the shooters. Shooters can use it in both close and distance range.This gun is suited for so many types of shooting so you need to choose one which finalizing the variety of the rifle. We would like to suggest you choose those have the solid and hard body quality and adjustable power range. Some features are given below for you:

Our top quality pick here is the Nikon p-223:

Nikon p-223 is an all-purpose having great build quality. It is 3-9x and BDC reticle. Its range is 500 yards and without spoiling your close field of vision it can take you out through this range. Being more affordable, water and fog proof it drawn the eyes of the gun and hunting lovers and features the hallmarks with proper substitute.

The surprising thing is you might have searched the features that have the multicoated lenses, nitrogen,o-ring seals that $1000 model has possessed but you can be facilitated yourself with these features having this versatile AR-15 scope since it possessed these features too!
  • Shooting with a rimfire scope the major problem is its short range but you can shoot both close and far distance with AR-15 scopes.
  • Its versatility is its most focusable advantage.
  • There is a chance for shooting in many away coming up with the environment.
  • You are facilitated having the range of 500 yards.
  • It is totally water and fog proof and adjusts itself with any condition of the environment.
  • Its lenses are multicoated and windage or elevation doesn’t matter when you have an AR-15 scope. 3-9x and BDC reticle, a nitrogen and o-ring seal all these features undoubtedly makes it one of the best scopes on the market.
  • For the new shooters, it is too hard to manage to shoot in long distance or in a long range.
  • Despite the chance of different kinds of shooting it is not suggested to both the trainer and learner at their very beginning.
  • Since it has been built comparably soft materials there is a chance for mechanical damage.
  • Another drawback of AR-15 scopes is its weight. It is quite expensive as well.

People often do little bit every type of shooting is highly be suggesting to choose this one since it is easier than your thinking of its use.

Best Sniper Rifle Scope

Sniper for tactical purpose needs the scope that must be featured with the lens has maximum power. The lens should be paired with most adjusted turrets obtainable. .The combination of these two creates an opportunity that allows you to shoot close at along distance. During shipping, there must be a room for adjustment and surrounded environmental factors are undoubtedly countable. So, some recommendations are here for you:

Our top quality pick & best l Night force NXS:

It specifically made for military spaces and close enough to occupational purpose since you can get it without breaking the bank! The lens is 25 xs that are enough to make shots at 1000 yards distance. MOA adjustment pinnacles for obviating windage, drop and elevation.

Though it has a hefty price tag some of its features are really affordable with 100 MOA range of coordination, extended eye relief. In order to give you a wide and clear field of vision with the highest power setting, it has a big objective lens as well.

  • For a tactical purpose sniper scope suits best.
  • It has powerful lenses and most adjusted turrets.
  • The surprising advantage of Sniper scopes is that it has the room for shooting close at a long distance.
  • The shooting range of sniper scopes is beyond 1000 yards.
  • MOA adjustment is also available for repelling the windage and elevation.
  • It has a clear field of vision and its magnification power is up to 15-20x
  • The basic disadvantage of sniper scopes is that it is not for the general hunting and specified for the particular gun.
  • Since it is facilitated with high and advanced features it demands high price.
  • It is not easily affordable and not suit for the hunters rather it suits best for the professional guidance.

Best Long Range Rifle Scope

Long range guns should have comp At a midrange price lamented with scopes which are precise and clean. Tactical knobs, tactical reticle, and magnification power up to 15-20xs are the foremost requisition for selecting a powerful Scope for the long range gun. You need to choose one which has the enough ability for handling the kickback of big long range guns.

But the shocking news to you may the price since most of the long-range models run over $2,000. Well, to remove your pressure and to resist you to break your bank for long range shooting we have found some nice long range models but affordable.

Let us introduce you with one of our favorite, Leupold Mark 4:

It is formed America having fantastic hefty power range but at a midrange price. The body of this option is superb and off course argon/krypton water and fog proof. Its lenses have wonderful multicasting. While it taking you out 500 yards but still maintain solid low end will be a surprise for you certainly. Both technical twilight and mid-dot reticle system are available with the field of vision 7.6 ft at 100 yards.

  • Long distances scopes allow you to hunt from a comparable distance.
  • It lenses is water and fog proof and its range power is above 500 yards.
  • It has mid-dot reticle system with the 7.6 ft to 100 yards field vision.
  • Generally, long range scopes have a high price tag and not suit with the new shooters.
  • These scopes are not easy to manage to the new shooters since it produces a strong kickback.
  • If you tend to shot at near distance it is not for you.

Best Night Vision Rifle Scope

Night vision Scope creates the scopes for hunting in the darkness with ease. In the silent thick darkness, you can hunt the Macabre, Foxes, and boar and so on while they are prowling.

But for finding out the best night vision scope you need to consider some requirements such as imaging tube and power range. In this case, we would like to recommend you the Gen+ models that are at the low price tag but have the same features some higher Gen model have.

A best one among all others will be the ATN Night Arrow:

At a midrange price, it is the one which can meet up all of your requirements. It has been built solidly and works as a protection against the overexposure in the imaging tube.

It has Gen 2+ imaging tube and its functions are very close the Gen 3 yet at low price tag. Some smart features of Night arrow make it more outstanding such as auto brightness control, correction of diopter and two-tone reticle feature and so on.

You may predict yourself the main advantage of the night vision scopes.

  • It allows you to hunt in low light and in the darkness.
  • It creates a protection against the overexposure in the imaging tube.
  • It has some features those are affordable.
  • Automatic brightness control and diopter correction are also available.
  • Night vision scopes are useless in daylight and if you don’t tend to hunt at night this scope are not for you.
  • You need to waste more time to adjust your target and sometimes the prey doesn’t give you the chance to shoot it as it already given you enough.
  • Apart from, generally it has not high power ranges with a precise price.

Best Air Rifle Scope

Air scopes are more popular among all other for their low price tag and accuracy. This unique set of weapons presents a unique set of challenge to the scope shoppers and users.Since the double recoil produced by firing you need to have a super shock-resistant with strongly adjusted turrets and rubber seals.We would like to recommend you to choose one which has adjustable objectives that can help you to adjust the parallax to shoot at close range.

Here is one of our favorite, BSA:

It is very easy to access for the shooter with a well-equipped price.

It is facilitated with fully multicoated and with the adjustable parallax. It’s clear and simple reticle is noticeable and very easy to use markings.

This extra durable option and its workings are encased in rubber and it coves lifetime warranty.

  • The main advantage of air rifle scopes is its low price tag.
  • It has fully multicoated lenses and strong parallax setting.
  • Double recoil and clear reticle placed it a good position on the market.
  • To shoot close range it may be your good choice.
  • Shock-resistant with adjusted turrets and rubber seals are also a considerable advantage of air rifle scopes.
  • For long distance, shooting air rifle scopes are not suit best.
  • To focus in a long distance you need a longer scope tube to get a sharp image but with air rifle scope you may not be facilitated with this facility.

Read more, and see our best air rifle recommendations.

How to Buy Best Rifle Scope for the Money

Why does a good scope need for?

The initial purpose of the scopes is to magnify the targets. For making a safer and more accurate shoot scopes are much needed. With scopes, you get the betray visibility instead of getting iron sights. Scopes maintain the natural light for getting better shoot in the low light. In a word for a magnificent hunting, magnification is needed that provides scopes.


A lens is the key thing of scopes. Lens keeps the balance of the power of the light and gives you the accuracy of shooting.

Now, a question may arise in your mind that how to read lens specs. Well, to know the answer lets know some details about Lenses.You can also read how rifle scope work.

How to evaluate lens specs?

When you want to buy or sell a lens some key thing you need to know about the options. To find a better lens you have to check out the brand, model name, and a set of numbers, for instance, 4-12*30mm indicates the power of the lens. If the number is single that indicates the fixed power scope where two number indicates variable power scope.

So, the first numbers indicate the power of magnifying an image. For example, 4x number indicates that an image that 4x in size can be seen by human eye.

The second one is about field of vision. It is the piece of glass that provides an explicit , dazzling light with deficient blurring.

The field of vision depends on the objective size. The broader your objective or target is the broader the field of eyesight will be Bigger objective provides an overall view. The sizes of the objectives are many. 30mm, 33mm, 40mm etc are the common sizes. for long distances, you need the wider objectives.

Besides power lens, few target lenses are also adjustable. You will notice a mark on the product with letters “AO”. The basic purpose of these adjustable lenses is to allow compensation for the parallax. optical defect may be occurred and it usually happens between the lenses at both short and long distances. This is necessary to 10x power where parallax can shatter havoc with your exact shoot.

Which power range of your scope suit best for your scope?

The ultimate results of the great specs depend on your discreet selection of great specs that are best suited to the hunting or shooting you are going to make.

In case of close up shoot or short range shooting, low power and fixed power scope is perfect. Scopes that has 2-4x magnification power range is enough for hunting 150 yards or more.

Low power range provides a proper field of vision and it is really best for short to mid-distance shooting. It especially perfect for close up hunting. While hunting in a bush or plane area it makes the target easy to be acquired.

Middling power range (2-7x, 3-9x, etc) are that kind of variable scopes that provide you with a bit more range keeping the low end field of vision in its place.  They are ideal for all-purpose rifles and strong enough to shoot out more than 300 yards. A 3-9x scope, for most hunters, can serve beyond their expectations.

Come to the high power scopes. These scopes usually suitable for tactical case and long range hunting. If you want to hunt across vast open plains or if you are tactical shooters, you can get one having the power range between 12-25x.

These scopes can cover more than 500 yards especially used in sniping or hunting in the long range. It allows a perfect placement for the target spotted in the long distances. It avoids low end power that means it has less flexibility in terms of close up hunting. With a high power scope, you cannot hunt within 50 yards.\

Read More How to clean Rifle Scope!

Apart from all the advantages, some disadvantages are there with the high power scopes. It limits your field of vision due to its high magnification power and since it possessed high power it lessens the balance of light as well. Rifles ergonomics can be affected by the high power ranges. Because of being larger and heavier it will make you have higher mounts and prepared to haul a bit around the field.

For the beginner, it is not suitable and our suggestion for them that they would rather choose the low end at their very first shooting and gradually moves forward to the higher one.

Basically, most hunters won’t need scopes above 10-12xs and the range needed for a proper hunting is 3-9xs. But it up to you that which scopes the best suit with your rifles.

Variable lenses vs. fixed lenses:

Variable lenses mean those have variation. It allows you to change the magnification power according to your needs. You can widen or shorten your range as you have the chance for using the same scope for a different kind of shooting.

3-9x, 4-12x, and 5-20x are the common range power. Variable scopes suit with the various rifle and for that, they cost a bit more.

Fixed lenses provide limited or fixed range. They work well for the close up shooting since they offer developed durability and wider field of vision. They best suit for the new shooter and they have well-equipped with the price.

Lens coating: 

Before buying a product you need to read the product description first and while reading the product description you may notice some phrase all that means is coating on the lens.

  1. Coated (Lenses that coated on leastwise one surface)
  2. Fully coated ( Lenses are coated on every surface)
  3. Multicoated (Lenses are coated on one surface multiply.)
  4. Fully Multicoated( Lenses are coated on every surface multiply.)

Purpose of Coating:

Almost every lens is coated in one of these above forms. For resisting stains and smudges coating is needed and it adds a protection against scratch on outer layer. They also protect the scopes from glare, reflection, and other troublesome caused by stray light.

The coating gives more advantages to the scopes. Multicoatings make the color definition better and higher the image regulation and increase the field of vision.

Though they are expensive they meet your need as much as they cost.


through which you mark your target is called Reticles. They are few in designs and among all other duplex, designs are very popular. Reticles help you to adjust the environmental factors such as windage, elevation, and parallax. Some technical reticles are also available with the facility of easy marking.

The common setting of the reticles is illumination which allows you to hunt in the dusk night avoiding the black line on your lenses. Control of brightness and multiple color setting is available that make your shooting environment more visual.

Duplex and Wide Duplex:

As we mentioned earlier that duplex reticles are the most favorite designs to the shooters since they are very easy to read. Duplex reticles widen the edges of the lens for better visibility and they have simple crosshair. They work well in low light as well.

Some duplex reticles have hash makings for making adjustments. Duplex reticles are very easy to use and it makes the twilight enjoyable for shooting.


BDC stands for bullet drops compensator reticles.  It helps to reduce bullet dropping over long distances.  It is suited beat with rimfire or .308 cartridges.

While buying a scope that marked with BDC  be sure that the drop markings are perfect for the caliber of your gun.  They work well for AR-15s or similar guns.

Best BDC reticles have narrow border with wide drop circles. They are popular since they fit well but they don’t obscure the vision in the field area.


MOA stands for minute of adjustment reticles. It is technical gird type design works with adjustment turrets.

Unlike mid –dot they are not military equipment.

They are rarely used since they provide the same facilities that already existed but they add some advantage anyway. Shooter can use it for adjusting windage, hillock and drop using but the same units already available in BDC or duplex reticle.


These reticles are the most technical one especially used in military and armed services. It provides the highest adaptability to account for wind, bullet droppings and more.

They are far more precise than MOA adjustments and they must be coupled with mid-dot unification turrets.

This reticle allows you to shoot over 300 yards.  To work with mid-dot reticles shooter should be well trained.

One thing to be noted that many manufacturers offer ballistic calculation in order to make the math r=easier in the field. For instance, Nikon’s Spot On app coordinates scope setting for any caliber ammo. Scopes with cheat sheet cards are available which accomplish the same issue.

Adjustments Turrets:

Atop the tube, every scope has some form of adjustment turrets usually used for adjusting focus.  It also uses for compensating parallax, windage, and elevation. So, it can be considered as the most delicate part of a scope. They can be move or plug according to need.

The best adjustment knobs provide the exact click and the may be felt solid and secured under your fingers.

Technical Vs capped turrets:

Every scope’s turrets can be towed type either technical or capped design.

Technical turrets are uncovered or exposed and raised knobs. Their markings are easier to read and they lend themselves to long distances, precision shooting.

But the difficulty comes while hunting in the dirty wood or in a bush with technical turrets since they have raised and exposed knobs. In this difficulty capped turrets is the best solution. They are low profile and rounded capes to lessen the possibility of your unexpected knock to them out of alignment.

Spring coils and zero stops:

For rifle scope instrument spring coil systems are the comfier mechanisms. They keep the setting same when shooter makes shoot and the put a bit pressure on each knob. If you accidentally drop the gun spring coil still keeps the target in focus and bale stable in the face of recoil.

Though same services are available in rubber but spring coil is better than it as rubber is only for the air rifles.

What and who’s for the spring cushioning? Well, it needed for the more powerful rifle because the turrets are not enough to handle the kickback of this kind of rifles. For rimfire rifles, it will also be a handy feature that tends to be fired more frequently than the practice gun.

The notable thing is it also perfect for the air rifles since they also produce strong kickbacks.

To lock a turret in its given setting zero stop coil is needed. Zero stop is basically a metal locking feature that is handy while shooter lugging his gun around. In a word, it keeps all the moving part still.


Every scope has tube and tube is an aluminum compound from which scope basically made from. It is much straightforward but has a bit of variation that you need to notice while buying Scopes.

The tube construction:

Some key thing you need to judge or check out while looking for tubes. Be sure whether it is made from a single piece of aluminum as single/one piece is stronger and have no weak point. As it is single there are no cracks to allow moisture or fogs between the lenses.

In outer space, you may want a smooth matte finish. Though there is nothing wrong with the glossy scope shooters usually prefer tactical and flat black finish.

Purging & proofing:

For a clear vision, proofing is really important. Three major proofing are moisture, shock and fog proofing. Maximum number of scopes are sealed with a toric joint commonly known as rubber o ring to remove the moisture and fog. Rubber O-ring is also a good shock absorber.

Many tubes are purged with gas compound that replaces air with a moisture free alternative. Nitrogen is one of the commons and vitals that are very effective for removing fog, moisture, and shock reasonably.

Read more on the importance of rifle scope rings

Tube Diameter:

Scope tubes generally are two type in sizes, 1” or 30mm. in America 1” is the common standard while in Europe 30mm is par for the course.

Now a days, 30mm scopes are more popular because of providing larger lenses in the tube and offering stronger structural integrity.

Eye Relief:

to make an eye soothing shoot relief your eye first from unexpected things.The distance between the point where you set your eye and the end of the scope is called eye relief point. While you sighting down through the scope a closer eye relief give you a better view and makes the view more natural.

Powerful range or long distances gun must need an eye relief because when shooter get too close to the scope he will endanger himself by getting knocked by recoil.

At least 3” of eye relief is needed for every gun but somewhere the limit should be extended into 4” for the heavy hitters. The basic limitation for aiming is 3.5”.

If anything to know about the containing contents and information of given above contact us freely. Happy shooting!

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