Best Rifle Scope Under 200 Reviews in 2019 – Our Top 5 Picks

Best Rifle scopes under $200 are many in number but less in context of performance.  In my observation, scopes are those things that make every scope successful a hunter or shooter gets in the hunting ground. While shooting their prey most of the shooters feel butterfly in their stomach. That doesn’t sound good at all since a professional or expert shooter remain always calm and cool while hitting their target. Without a scope, a rifle is nothing but a catapult. So many issues appear in the hunting ground that create obstacles which is why scope is the mainstay for hunting since only a rifle can’t handle all of these alone.

Some scopes featured with almost all the facilities but cost most. On the other hand, there are some scopes that perform expectation wise but cost low.  Selecting best scopes under 200 was an experience of both best and worst.  Some scopes at this rate made me disappoint at the same time with some scope I get the ease I expected. So, I made a list of those best scopes under 200 for you who are searching the best scopes at this budget and of course I am going to discuss about them with their full details.If you have a higher budget you might want to take a look at our round-up of the best rifle scope under 300.

Best Rifle Scope Under $200

Top 5 Best Rifle scope under $200 in 2019

  1. Nikon P-223 3-9×40 Mate BDC 600
  2. Leupold VX-I Rifle Scope
  3. Vortex Optics Diamondback 4-12×40
  4. UTG 3-9X50 AO Zero Locking Hunter Rifle Scope
  5. Barska 1-4×28 IR Hunting Scope
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Nikkon P-223 3-9x 40 Mates BDC 600 Nikkon P-223 3-9x 40 Mates BDC 600

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Leupold VX-I Rifle Scope Leupold VX-I Rifle Scope

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Vortex Optics Diamondback 4-12×40 Vortex Optics Diamondback 4-12×40

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UTG 3-9X50 AO Zero Locking Hunter Rifle Scope UTG 3-9X50 AO Zero Locking Hunter Rifle Scope

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Barska 1-4×28 IR Hunting Scope Barska 1-4×28 IR Hunting Scope

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Here is the list. These five are excellent in performance and surprisingly they are not as expensive as they seem to be.  Apart from, if you compare these with all other scopes at this rate you can easily figure out the difference yourself certainly. Let’s introduce them to their all info and specifications.

Best Rifle Scopes under $200 Reviewed

he rael moto of this content is haighlighting the best riflescopes under $200 along with the guidelines and suggestions. The upper portion is decorated with the review of selected scopes and the lower one is with the suggestion and guidelines. So, i am requesting you to read the whole article and don’t skip any of the points so that you can have a overall idea what to buy and how to buy.

1) Nikkon P-223 3-9x 40 Mates BDC 600

If you are in searching an AR scope having both reliability and durability then it is none other than Nikkon P-223.  It has the Bullet drop compensator or BDC reticle which is considered one of the best reticles. The ease of BDC reticle is that it allows you to match your aiming point with the caliber of the bullet which you are using at different distances. Its excellent sighting speed and optical smoothness make it fit best with the AR. I think, it’s specially featured and designed for the AR.

Surprising thing is that it can perform accurately up to 250-300 yards. Most of the expensive scopes even failed to provide this field of view sometimes. The app named “Spot On app” from Nikkon also help you to select the best rifle scopes from their store.

In term of optics, I must say at this range Nikkon-223 is the best. Its 40mm objective lens is very clear and precise and provides strong image sight. Notable thing is it has no mountain rings so you need to purchase the rings to mount.

I scoped my AR-15 with it and sighted in 100 yards. I tested it and it made me tasted since I successfully hit the bulls head with it.

It is pretty well even in the low light conditions. It does not matter which power setting you used it stayed at the center. I made an experiment to see what happened if I replaced it with other scope for a week. You may know, cheaper scopes sometimes failed to keep them zero. To see if it can keep it zero or not I unmounted it for couple of days and use other scopes. When I came back to it I found it kept its zero!

I hope I have explained why I put this scope on the top of list. Overall, at this price Nikkon p-223 will be your best selection. Bear in mind that, in case of cheaper scopes, the magnification power and the power setting remain unmatched sometimes but the crosshair and mil-dots on Nikkon p-223 are clear with all its power settings.

Nikkon P-223 Features

  • 40mm objective lens with 3-9x magnification makes you both satisfied and disappointed at a time. But think how much you have paid and got what. I hope you are not regretting for the average magnification at all.
  • ¼ MOA windage and elevation reduce your anxiety for the environmental disturbances.
  • 1”Tube diameter and others nuts and bolts issues give you various advantages in various situations.
  • 5” Length and strong bodybuilding help you to accomplish your job by saving your scope from any disaster.
  • BDC reticle perhaps the most stunning feature of the scope
  • Lifetime warranty is there for you to remove your confusion ultimately.

2) Leupold VX-I Rifle Scope

If you are the one who has been hunting for a long time then I am sure you know how familiar Leupold for their scopes. You may have been also known that they usually come with the expensive scopes and barely marketed low-cost scopes. Their scopes are especially drawn the hunter’s eyes to their crisper and clear optics. So, selecting a Leupold best scope under 200 was really a big deal and finally found VX-I.

In spite of being a low-end optic, the VX-I perform more than your expectation. It comes with duplex reticle that allows you to hunt with ease in any hunting condition. You can mount the scope very fast and easily make it zero. I made it zero within 4 rounds at 200 yards. I scoped my .308 with the scope and tested it. It made me satisfied expect to perform lower in low light condition. It 40 mm objective lens will make you facilitated with the clear image sight and its excellent magnification power allows you to hit the target from maximum distant. The scope has lifetime warranty that gives you a peace of mind as you can fix it without any further cost if something going wrong with the scope.Overall the scope has possessed all the effective features according to your need.

Leupold VX-I Features

  • With the fully waterproof 40 mm objective lens you are going to be highly facilitated indeed.
  • 3-9x magnification may be little bit disappointing but not that much you are worried about.
  • ¼ MOA windage and elevation reduce your headache about environmental obstacles
  • 1” tube diameter is a bonus advantage for sure.
  • You are no longer losers since you are being facilitated with the Lifetime manufacturer warranty
  • It really good to hear that it is easy to mount and zero. Isn’t it?

3) Vortex Optics Diamondback 4-12×40

In optics, field Vortex is very well known company for their best service. They have drawn the eyes of the scope lovers with the best quality and durability. It allows any shooter from any class to join in its clan without making any clash of price.

After being heard like so about it I decided to be along with it. My first experience made me admit that it was not last.

I scoped my .308 with it and surprisingly I had all the zeroing issues zeroed in it. I put through 50 rounds to test it and it held true with over all these. The variable knob can be easily twisted and without using any coin or flat head you can easily rotate the windage and elevation knobs as well.

While sighting the scope at 100 yards I had 1-inch grouping and throughout this range, the scope remains zeroed itself. After having it all prepared it proposed me to go for my prey. I aimed the target and successfully hit the spot I aimed it. They prey got spot dead I got spot ease with the scope indeed.

The scope is very frank! All the adjustment issues run very smoothly that beyond your expectation. A solid and assertive click on the turrets equaling about ¼ MOA but were neither soft nor mushy.  The gall is crystal clear and produced high-quality picture view that I would expect to get on scopes priced $300-$500 let alone $100-$200.

I made my spent money effective even I think it was a solid and proper investment.  It is undoubtedly one of the best scopes under $200.

Vortex Optics Features

  • Super optical services with the 40mm optical lens and all the zeroing issues are surprisingly zeroed.
  • 1” tube diameter and adjustment knob really aid you in the field
  • 14” long with the assurance of stunning color and durability
  • Lifetime manufacturer warranty keep you relax and tension free
  • 4-12x magnification power allows you to shoot perfectly both in short and long distances
  • Easy adjustment save your time and help you in quick focusing.

4) UTG 3-9X50 AO Zero Locking Hunter Rifle Scope

UTG 3-9x 50 AO zero locking hunter is that one which possessed all the tremendous features you expected. This coated 1-9×50 Riflescope with emerald ensured all the specification to make you relay on it stiff service.

The lens is fog and shockproof and nitrogen filled.  It allows you to adjust the parallax setting from five to infinity. Having clear and smooth vision it produced high-quality picture view.  For enhancing the illumination dual and multicolor dim light system is there and its ¼ MOA windage and elevation give you the highest ease in the hunting field.  For reaching the target at once zero resetting turrets is also there for you.

To protect the lens from any scratch flip cap is there and Picatinny and weaver rings allow you to mount the scope easily on your gun.

UTG 3-9X50 AO Zero Features

  • Premium zero locking gives you ease in zeroing
  • Opportunity for enhancing illumination since you is facilitated with the dual and multi-color dim light.
  • Coated lens with Emerald give you the crystal clear image view. Apart from this the lens is fully shock and fog proof.
  • Flip cap for saving the lens from dust and scratch and mounting rings for easy mountaining.
  • ¼ Windage and elevation strongly tackle any rushing environmental clutter.
  • Easy parallax and adjustment setting make your shoot quicker than target.

5) Barska 1-4×28 IR Hunting Scope

Bushnell is not the name you herd first time if you are a hunting lover. They already possessed the top rank for their best quality optics. Bushnell AR optics Dropzone -223 BDC from Bushnell is one of the ones under $200 that may cost low but able to do tremendous jobs.  For long range and low light shooting with this price range, there is no alternative of this scope.

It can chase any challenge a hunter face in the hunting field when the weather goes harsh.  No problem occurs with its accuracy even if it is being repeatedly mounted or dismounted. Thus it allows the shooters to pay more attention on shooting than preparing.

This scope from Bushnell specially specified for long range shooting since it comes with an eye soothing side focus parallax correction. Its BDC reticle especially for a 55-62 grain, 223 REM/5 loads can be zeroed near about 104 yards. Moreover, these caliber specific reticles allow the shooter to shoot every single round with great precision even from the long distances.

Its 223 bright optics produce extremely clear and smooth picture view that helps the shooter to hit the exact point he aimed from any distance. One noticeable thing I need to mention that the scope featured with a very fast eyepiece that helps you to get the precise acquisition. In the hunting field, so many issues you may be got for discreet consideration and the assumption underlying shooting or hunting is not merely clicking on the turrets or having a rifle rather it’s all about situations and how and with what you are going to face the situations. Keeping these all in my sense, I tested various scopes for chasing various challenge in various conditions.  In this Bushnell 223 under $200 pleased me with the best comfort and effectiveness.

It was a great fun for me for testing it out. I managed to zero the scope at 100 yards since I decided check it out at the indoor range (max 25 yards) first. I did so to see how well it performs in short distance and I got a satisfied result.

Then I went for the outdoor experience with it. It treated me as well as it did at the indoor. At 100 yards my every round brought a very successful outcome. I tested my sighting skill and all other relevant issues and at every point, I couldn’t but became surprised. It held zero which made me confused about its price.

Finally, both outdoor and indoor or long and short-range Bushnell 233 rifle scope made me to admit that it is one of the best scopes under $200.

Barska 1-4×28 IR Features

  • 3-9x magnifications. Sounds not that good but enough.
  • 40mm objective lens provides bright picture view and easy focusing.
  • 1” tube diameter and all other minor but necessary issues are not avoided.
  • Held zero. Sounds really good.
  • BDC reticle. The most attractive feature for a shooter with the price range.
  • 7” eyerelief keep your focusing strong and help you to shoot instantly.
  • 2” long but easy to carry. Smart look and strong body construction.

Who should buy this scope?

Whatever hunting is your profession or passion in both cases it is very important to make your investment effective. Highly cost scopes use to feature high specifications no doubt but there are some scopes that make one to pay less but created with more.

I reviewed five best scopes under $200 and declared them best not among all but among the scopes in this fixed price rate.  These scopes are for those hunters having limited budget but immense passion for hunting with the best facilities. Scopes under $200 are so many and hard thing is that choosing the best ones. To reduce your toil I shared my experience here and if are one who are still searching the way to figure out the best effectiveness from the limited budget I can assure you any of these scopes has the ability to act according to your expectations. And yet, if you are confused to choose your best one then let me make your task easier. I am going to suggest you the scope I personally like most.

Remember while buying a scope under $200

Some issues are there to be considered before buying scope under $200. You are here to get the highest facilities with the lowest price. Price really doesn’t matter when all the basic information you are accumulated in your disposal. Remember, sometimes people pay more for the things about which they are not fully concerned and become loser at the end of the day. So, consider the following things before buying scope under $200:

Optical:  The major part of scopes through which you are meeting with your prey or target. Be sure it was able to produce clear image view. Some advantage in this case such as windage and elevation, coating, lens knob, water, shock and fog proofing facilities and so on. Generally, with this price range, you are not going to have high magnification power but there is a chance to have good quality optical with lots of advantages.

Reticle:  Reticle is the visual pointers or markers of the scope. So, its importance can’t be explained with words in case of scopes. The way the reticle directs your bullet it will go according to that. There are various kinds of reticles such as crosshair, BDC, Dual and so on. In context of the scope under $200 crosshair reticles are not enough as they are not enough suitable for hunting and this very first design of scope reticles. But you have the option of selecting the rest of the scopes with this price range both are really effective and perfect for hunting.

Magnification and light transmitting: Honestly saying I have found most of the scope under $200 has low magnification power. But there are still few scopes which possessed the average magnification. Magnification is the option with what you can zoom or zoom out your target. That means it related to distance but you can get over this issue since you are already being facilitated with the good quality optical advantage in this case. Another notable thing is light transmitting. Yes, with this price range you can be privileged with the scope that can allow you to hunt even in the low light condition.

Eye relief: Eye relief is the option with what you can hold your riflescope at a comfortable distance from your eye. This is another advantage that you must check before buying scope under $200. Not all the scopes in the price range having this important advantage. In case of riflescope the larger, the eye relief the better and under this price some scopes have large eye relief. So all you have to just find them out.

There are also many other considerable issues that are really considered before buying not only the scopes under $200 but also any other scopes. But the above-described options are obvious to consider. I personally, recommend you to consider at least these options before buying a scope under $200.

Final Recomendation for Best Optics Under $200

These five are equally my best scopes under $200 even so I asked to suggest the most favorite one I would like to go for the Vortex optics diamondback 4-12×40.

Vortex optics diamondback 4-12×40 Riflescope under $200 deserves more than that price rate if we evaluate its performance absolutely. It possessed all the features of highly coasted scopes. To be honest, except eye relief all the rest of the feature are surprisingly good. In comparison of rest of the four, this scope is little bit advanced for its high magnification and some other extra features like mounting rings, elevation knobs, variable power ring etc. This is crated some extra feature and you are going to be facilitated with it certainly.

Vortex optics diamondback 4-12×40 Riflescope Extra Features:

  • Variable power rings
  • Easy adjustment
  • High magnification
  • Crisp and clear objective lens
  • Windage and elevation knobs
  • Perfect field of view
  • Lifetime warranty

To sum up just one thing I feel to say that is there is really a chance to be iconic by being economic. You know, It doesn’t matter how much your scope is but it really matters in the hunting fields when your scope fails to requite though you made a huge hole into your wallet. So be tricky and hunt strictly. Enjoy your hunting.

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