The 5 Best Rimfire Scope From Expert Picks For 22LR (Nov. 2019)

Best Rimfire scopes are those that constitute the best quality with the decent price. For the new shooters, Rimfire scopes are suggested several times by the experts. But the issue is, choosing the best quality is not very easy for the new shooters as they don’t have the proper idea about the key factors that must be considered while buying a Rimfire scope. Here we have selected best 5 Rimfire scopes and described them with their remarkable features so that you can evaluate yourself why these scopes are exceptional among others.

Best Rimfire Scopes 2018

We have explored so many websites where experts provided their suggestion and we’ve collected these data and put them all together for your consideration. Besides this, we also used our experience and compared the selected scopes with others available in the market and then ordered them one by one with their key features in details. Best Rimfire scopes don’t stand for highest price rather they are what you wanted in your price range.

Here are the best 5 Rimfire scope lists:

  1. Nikon Prostaff 3-9×40 Riflescope
  2. Simmons 511039 3 – 9 x 32mm .22 Mag
  3. Leupold Vx-II 3-9 x 33mm  EFR
  4. Vortex Crossfire 2 4-12×44 Riflescope
  5. Leupold VX-1 3-9X40Mm Duplex Matte

Best Rimfire scopes 2019

Your passion is shooting not shopping. There are at least hundreds of Rimfire scopes available in the online market but without any research, it will be a time killing task to you to select the best Rimfire scopes for to complement your Rimfire gun in the fullest sense. So in order to save your money and time we went looking for the high facilitated Rimfire scopes and observe lots of customer reviews and select top ten Rimfire scopes. In the bottom, we also discussed some mandatory things that must be kept in mind to choose a good quality scope for your Rimfire gun.

Nikon Prostaff 3-9x40 Medium-Long 13.6 oz. Click for Price
Simmons .22 Mag 3-9x32mm Medium 10 oz. Click for Price
Leupold VX-2 EFR 3x to 9x Medium-Long 8.8 oz Click for Price
Vortex Crossfire II 2-7x32mm Short-Medium 14.3 oz. Click for Price
Leuopold VX-1 Rimfire 2-7x28mm Short-Medium 8.2 oz. Click for Price

Ok, now let’s check them out one by one.

  1. Nikon Prostaff 3-9×40 Riflescope

The Nikon Prostaff has constituted the upward position on our board for some reasons.  We entitled it as a dynamic scope for its capability to handle your Rimfire gun in any situation.  For medium –long distance range it can be the best one for its variable power with your budget.  This scope, however, neither the quality matrix of your cheap scope nor the top end optics rather it sits right in the middle between these two. The most important thing about it is that it can be easily mounted not only Rimfire but also others rifle such as AR-15 too.

Weight and size:

The weight of the Nikon Prostaff is 13.7 oz with a decent size. The length of tube diameter is 1 inch and 3.6 inch eye relief. It has a balance between its size and weight so that shooter can quickly mount it on the rifle in any emergency.

Optic quality:

This scope has a multicoated lens that collaborates the light transmission up to 90%. For any hunting situation, its versatile magnification range provides flexibility. The field of view is always clear no matter in which magnification it belongs to and the BDC reticle makes the view as clear as it needs to be at any distances. The power of this scope is 3-9×40 and the field of view is 33.8ft to 11.3 ft @100 yards. It produces high-resolution images even in the lower light and its consistent eye relief saves your brow from any unexpected particles. With this decent magnification power and amazing field view, this scope is better than any other in its price ranges.


Strong body construction and multicoated lens, lifetime warranty, BDC reticle, what else do you need to confirm its durability. We have explored and gone through the reviews of the customers and found they are satisfied to have what they wanted.

Ease of use:

The Nikon pro staff has drawn the shooters’ eyes mainly for its easy use. It is shockproof, waterproof and fog proof. Nitrogen filled and O ring sealed. Its positive click reticle allows you to zero it quickly and keep your setting unchanged with the heavy recoil.

  • Provide best services at an affordable price.
  • Multicoated 4omm objective lens.
  • Boost light transmission up to 99%.
  • Waterproof and fog proof.
  • Nitrogen filled and O ring sealed.
  • BDC reticle works effectively up to 150 yards.
  • Lifetime warranty to ensure Durability..
  • Works well in the lower light.
  • Large field of view.
  • It is only for short range hunting, not for long range.
  • In professional purpose, this scope is not suitable.
  1. Simmons 511039 3-9 x 32mm .22 Mag

Truly said, Simmons suddenly lost their market a few years ago but they are going to get back their deserve position with their new experimental as well as exceptional products. They have included some eye-catching features in their products that are being really popular in recent time and among these Simmons .22, Mag Truplex reticle Rimfire 3-9×32 is one of the best.

For a very decent price, they manufactured their highly featured scopes that are comparable with some of the high priced scopes. Simmons.22 Mag Truplex reticle Rimfire says itself for what it is on our board.

Though this scope is not facilitated with the field of views like Nikon pro staff and lens power like Leupold, it constitutes the lowest price with all the basic features for a low budgeted shooter.

Optic quality

The optic quality of this scope has less advantages than all other features it possessed. Because of not being multicoated it will not let you hunt in the low light. But the lens is fully coated and provides clear images in the daylight. But in low light like dusk or down while fixing the target this scope will not help you to see the reticle properly. But you need to keep in mind that it doesn’t make you pay more and with a very low coast what it provides are enough.


Though Simmons .22 is not an expensive scope but in term of magnification level, it acts as if it were a higher price model. It provides a clear focused view at any magnification level as it possessed an adjustable objective that moves smoothly to keep you still in the place from where you are shooting. It let you preset the parallax correction from 50 yards to eternal limits and its hydro shield coating lens produces a clear sight of the picture.


It possessed a strong body construction, warranty, hydro shield high quality fully coated lens, truplex reticle and so on. It fits with any shooting conditions for having the sureGrip rubber surface and provides a long lasting service quality undoubtedly.

Ease of use

Like the high expensive scopes Simmons .22 mag 3-9×32 may make you satisfied with its easy adjustment, water and shockproof lens, 3/8” easy mounting rings, 3.75 inches eye relief, truplex reticle, 31.4/10.5 field of view at 100 yards.

  • Super magnification level.
  • SureGrip rubber surface.
  • Mountaining ring.
  • Decent field of view.
  • Truplex reticle.
  • Wind and elevation adjustment.
  • Shock and waterproof reticle.
  • Coated lens.
  • Not perfect for low light shooting.
  1. Leupold Vx-II 3-9x33mm EFR

Leupold Vx-II 3-9×33 is the scope that meets up almost all the demands a shooter wants from a scope with a minimum budget. Among all other Best Rimfire scope this scope holds its position upward by possessing some unique features. It’s optic quality, magnification, Durability, Ease of use are outstanding and you must not worry about the price at all since the product serves you maximum with a minimum price.

It is decorated with 24kt gold plate ring and nicely featured with a duplex reticle. This Matte black 3-9x33vx-2 Rimfire Riflescope manufactured by Leupold allows the shooter to shoot a small target in a distance range by making the shoot précised with its thin crosshair and thin posts since it is facilitated with the Duplex reticle.

For distance shooting, for your Rimfire rifle, this scope can be your best choice. Let’s see what features it is listed in our top list.

Optic quality

In term of a scope, priority should be given to its optic quality first. A good quality optic system is the precondition of making a precise shot. Keeping this in mind Leupold designed this scope with a good optic system.

To lessen the reflection and decrease the light transmission its optical system features index -matched anti-glare coatings. The edges of the optic are blackened for improving contrast and reducing stray light.  The lens is very eco-friendly and to protect it from the scratches there are diamond coated protective coating on the body which not only protect the lens but also increase the transmission to 95%.

The clear field of vision allows you to shoot a small prey or target in the distance range. It provides a greater image detail with its 33m objective lens and with its eco-friendly led-free glass as well as the 3.3-8.5 eye relief the shooter will be completely successful to make a precise shoot.


To shoot in a long distance a scope must have high magnification power. Generally, for distance shooting the experienced shooters especially focus on magnification power than other features whereas the new shooter pays less attention to magnification power as most of the time they remain satisfied with the best optic quality. But a good optic quality does not ensure a good magnification power all the time rather sometimes provide a poor magnification.

But with the scope, you will be lucky by having both good quality optics and magnification power for distance shooting. This scope has 3.3-8.5x magnification power which offers a clear field of vision and a greater image detail that precise your shoot for the small target in the long distance.


With the best performance, the scope will bring you satisfaction and make you unperturbed with the lifetime warranty.

Its strong body construction, lens cap and blackened edges of the optics body effectively protect the inner parts of the scope from the outer disaster in any environment.  While going through a tough shooting environment or temperature changing condition you need to conscious more about the scope than the prey.

Ease of use

Besides all the facilities the ease of use of this scope should be considered as well.

For windage and elevation, it possessed 64MOA adjustment range and the lens is ready to serve well in any condition since it is completely waterproof, fogproof and filled with argon-krypton mixture.

  • Duplex reticle.
  • 3-8.5 magnification power.
  • 64 MOA magnification and elevation adjustment range.
  • Suitable for distance shooting.
  • Strong body construction with lifetime factory warranty.
  • Waterproof ,fog proof and filled with argon-krypton mixture.
  • Thin crosshair and tactical indicator.
  • Eyepieces for quick reticle focus.
  • 1” diameter main tube.
  • 3x erector system.
  • Second focal plane.
  • Not suitable for lowlight shooting.
  • Not suitable for close shooting.
  1. Vortex Crossfire 2 4-12×44 Riflescope

Vortex Crossfire II 4-12X44 like others scopes we described also a perfect one for your Rimfire rifle. The basic characteristics of Rimfire rifles are almost same. Nevertheless, each product has its own advantages as they have one or two features that different from each other. The strong side of this scope is its superb optical system that really enough to draw your attention. But that doesn’t mean that you are going to deprive of others advantages at all rather with a fantastic optical system you are going to be facilitated with all other necessary specification indeed.

The scopes have long eye relief and fully multicoated lens, windage and elevation adjustments, MOA turrets, fast focus eyepiece, superb magnification, Aluminum tubes and so on.

Optical system

The main attraction of this scope is its optical system. A greater image detail and clear field of view is ensured by its 44mm objective lens. With 100 yards parallax setting it covers 24.7-8.4 feet field of view that allows you to make a precise shoot certainly.

Its fast focus eyepiece aids you to make a quick focus on the reticle and the 1” aircraft-grade aluminum tube enhances the accuracy and visual performances.

The dead-hold BDC reticle possessed a customize hashtag to eliminate anticipation on corrections. The multicoated lens transmit light in low reflection that makes a space for the shooter to shoot at any varying distance and changing condition. The lens has a dust cloth and removal lens cover and provides eagle eye performance with the resettable MOA turrets.


For both hunting and tactical purpose good and changeable magnification power is must. Crossfire II is a scope that is not designed for a particular range rather it performs at the same range in the same way. Both long and short distance to hit your target accurately this Rimfire rifle scope will serve you best with its 4-12x magnification power.

With a large field of view and long eyerelief including the superb magnification power, your hunting will be a thrilling adventure for you.


For the better service, you have to pay a better amount which ensures long-lasting service. With the lifetime factory warranty, this scope will assure you with its strong body construction and the removable lens cap will protect the lens from scratch and dust. The tube is O ring sealed and nitrogen purged.

The hard anodized low glare aircraft aluminum construction ensures the durability with the better services.

Ease of use

The scope is very easy to adjust and use since it features so many specifications that really eye- soothing.   For making quick focus on the reticle a fast eyepiece is included and the nitrogen purged O ring sealed tube ensures the waterproof and shockproof performance.

Its max elevation and windage adjustment is 15 MOA. Long eye relief and large field of view with the greater image details the scope is suitable for hunting at any distance and in condition. It allows the shooter to make shoot instantly and this tougher, brighter and clear scope transmit light effectively even in the low reflection.

  • 44mm fully multi-coated objective lens.
  • 100 yards parallax setting.
  • Dead-hold BDC reticle.
  • Lens cloth and removal lens cap.
  • Aircraft aluminum body construction.
  • 15 MOA windage and elevation adjustments.
  • Fast eyepiece to make quick focus on the reticle.
  • 4-12x magnification.
  • O ring sealed 1” tube.
  • 15 MOA travel rotation.
  • 9 inches long eye relief.
  • 7-8.4 feet large field of view.
  • it is little bit expensive.
  • poor windage and elevation adjustments.
  1. Leupold VX-1 3-9X40Mm Duplex Matte

One basic characteristic of Rimfire Riflescopes that they are cheap with the best services. Vx-1 3-9x40Mm Duplex Matte designed by Leupold features almost all the necessary options a hunter needs but with a decent price. What makes a rifle scopes especial if it is the question the answer will be simple that the satisfaction of the users. A good objective lens, good field of view, magnification, reticle type and eco-friendly adjustments may be the basic parts of scope that must be considered discreetly.

In that sense vx-1 3-9x40Mm is designed perfectly for the hunters least all the considerable options of this scope should fail to cope with its demands. Zoom ratio erector, finger click adjustments, multicoated lens, Duplex reticle and all other eye soothing options ready to aid you in an adventurous hunting experience.

To introduce it with its all details including the pros and cons let’s check these followings out-

Optical system

To ensure a good field of view as well as the greater image it is designed with a 40 mm objective lens. The lens is fully multicoated provides eye soothing clarity from edge to edge of your visual hunting field, superb contrast and light transmission, extremely bright picture even in a low light conditions.

The optical system of this scope is beyond your expectations indeed. To adjust virtually any condition a versatile zoom ratio erector is there and its 4.2-3.7’’ optimum eye relief helps you to make instant shoot.


While hunting in a distance range no matter how small your prey this scope helps you to get it clearly with its superb magnification power. It also performs very well in the low light condition and while your prey in a tough position and is not very easy to get you need not to be worried since you are facilitated with a good magnification power. Its actual magnification is 3-8.8X but performs beyond its limit in the real condition. This matte black has duplex 2nd focal plane reticle which precise your shoot with this superb magnification. A tactile power indicator is there to identify your magnification with a single touch.


The scope length is 12.6” and weight 11.2 oz. This matte black has a strong body construction and lifetime factory warranty. It is adjustable with the changeable environment and temperature. The lens cover protects the lens from any scratch. Both tactile and hunting purpose it deals properly not only with the prey but also with the environment.

Ease of use

¼ MOA finger click adjustment ensure the dependability and keep you relax to its lifetime extreme use. It is waterproof and with the   52 MOA windage and elevation adjustments, duplex 2nd focal plan reticle, and ¼ MOA impact point correction you are going to be facilitated in a fullest sense.

  • Duplex 2nd focal plan reticle.
  • 40Mm multicoated lens.
  • 52 MOA windage and elevation adjustments.
  • 6-14.6 “ field of view.
  • 2 -8.8x magnification power.
  • 2-3.7” eyerelief.
  • Perform well even in the low light.
  • Bright image details.
  • Water and fogproof.</li
  • It is expensive.
  • No lens cloth for dust.

How to choose your best Rimfire scope?

To purchase a good product whatever it is a scope for your rifle or a chocolate for your kids you have to ensure its quality first. To consider a product quality you need to evaluate some basic characteristics that give you the assurance of your satisfaction.

Rimfire rifle basically suit best for the hunting purpose. Lots of Rimfire scopes are available in the local market. If you looking forward to buy a proper Rimfire scope for your rifle you have to have a clear idea about some basic terms that make a scope especial or better than others. For your evaluation on a particular product we are going to explain some basic options of scope that must be considered before buying a Rimfire scope. These are as follows:


Magnification power is the most important part of scope. It s purpose is to zoom or zoom out the target according to your demands. Sometimes your target or prey won’t be in a suitable position. So to locate your target perfectly and to make a precise shoot a good magnification is must. In case of Rimfire rifle the very common magnification power is 3.3-9x but if you get 4-12 that will be a big deal indeed.

Lens coating

It will be foolish task describing how important a lens for a scope. It is what through which you fix your target. A good coated lens provides the clear visual field of view. There is much type of lenses such as single coated, multi-coated, anti-glare coating, fully Multicoatings and so on. Some lens provides good light transmission and allow you to hunt smoothly even in the low light but some les won’t make you facilitated with these benefits. In term of lens anti-glare and multicoated lens can be your first priority but sometimes your budget may not cope with these scopes that facilitated with these opportunities.

Ease of use

It doesn’t matter how expensive your scope is or under which famous brand it belongs to rather the fact is how smoothly it deals with you. Be sure whether your scope is waterproof, fogproof and shockproof. Check the windage and elevation adjustments. Evaluate how much eco-friendly it is. Lens cap or cloth, eyerelief, eyepiece, field of view are also most considerable issues indeed.

Weight and size

For a rifle, an adjustable scope will be the best choice. The adjustment depends on the comparison of the weight and size of the rifle and the scope. Before purchasing a scope for your rifle first think whether it is going to adjust with your rifle or not. Apart from, you can focus on the color of the scope as well, the reticle type also an issue for consideration.


A product’s durability can be confirmed in various ways. It will be better to buy the product having the factory lifetime warranty. Apart from, body construction, optical system, magnification all these basic parts are also included in this case for consideration. Some other issues such as its waterproofness, foogproofness, shockproofness, and windage and elevation adjustments should be considered to ensure its durability.

Conclusion – Rimfire rifle scope

Among all other Best Rimfire Rifle scope we have chosen our Best Rimfire rifle scope. It was not very easy task at all since for this we had to investigate what makes them worth to occupy their position in our list. By compare and contrast with other scopes we have selected them keeping their performance according to their price in the sense.

If you are one who is looking forward the best rifle scope for your Rimfire rifle you can check any of the lists. If our suggestions can help you to select your best one it will be a great pleasure for us.  Enjoy your hunting.I am also write a wonderful review for the best rifle scopes.You also find out the best night vision rifle scope, Air rifle scope and more

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