Best Scope For .300 Win Mag Reviews In 2021 – You’ll Be Very Satisfied

Are you a .300 win mag user? I congratulate you because you definitely did pick this outstanding rifle for hunting after long research. This is also the way that helps to be a pro hunter. Already I have some idea about your skill. But I believe you also agree with me on the statement “learning has no end.”

However, I hope you are also careful of choosing the best scope for .300 win mag as careful you were while choosing your win mag.

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Since 1963 .300 win mag is the first choice of the hunters when comes to long-range hunting. The reason behind its ongoing popularity among the hunters is its great power, great bullet weight, and cost-efficiency. If you are a big game hunter, then there is nothing to describe to you how this Cartridge stands out from all the rest in its class. When it comes to big game hunting in long-range you wit upon, you will not look for any other alternative. It delivers you with the sufficient power you need in long-range hunting, including proper bullet weight.

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Best Scope For .300 Win Mag Reviews 2021

However, picking the right scope from the plenty of options is a difficult task to do. If the rifle is not scoped with the one, it deserves you will miss its highest performance.  Since selecting the right scope according to the guns and rifles variety relates some issues to consider this guide includes Five best scopes for your .300 win mag taking account all the considering issues. Go through the full review of these five best scopes with their features and details and be facilitated by selecting your desired one.

1. Vortex Optics Crossfire Ii Riflescope

Vortex has been a very reliable source for rifle scopes for a long period. This crossfire II by Vortex includes everything you need to bring down any specimen in the long range hunting with your win .300 mag. With its 44 mm large lens it confirms the best magnification you need in distance shooting.

Even in the low light, it provides a great light transmission that assured you with the clear sight picture which is very important in long distance shooting. Clear sight picture also allows you to hunt even in the harsh conditions as you can determine with the target position and size.

The reticle of this scope is just a peace of mind. Thanks for the dead hold bullet drop compensator reticle. The advantage you are going to have with is that you can load your arms by measuring the distance and range. In other words, you can minimize the toil of estimating distance and range diversity. 

It offers the highest level of performance and reliability providing you with the fully multi-coated lens, fast-focus eyepiece, It is o-ring scaled, and thus it is completely fog and waterproof to perform well even in the harsh condition. It also includes nitrogen purged hard anodized single piece aircraft aluminum tube. From beginner to pro it is very adjustable and comes with a very affordable price. It is also known for its dynamic application as it performs parallelly well in both hunting and tactical purposes.


  • Fully multi-coated lens ( 44mm)
  • 4-12x magnification power
  • O-ring- scaled, fog and waterproof perform well even in the harsh condition.
  • Perfect for long-range shooting provides great power and bullet weight.
  • Dead-hold bullet drop compensator reticle.
  • Provides long eye-relief, fast eye focus with the clear sight picture.
  • Comes in affordable price tag and confirms durability with a Lifetime w

2. Athlon Optics Agros Btr 6-24x 50 Mm

Athlon Optics Agros BRT will be your best selection with a very tight budget. Without making any hole into your wallet, you can get what you expect with most of the expensive ones. It features almost everything you need to modify your win.300 in the fullest sense. 

This scope is specially modified for shorter distance hunting. At this range, it has no alternative. Don’t think that it won’t be perfect for long range hunting then. But it performs more excellently in a shorter distance than the long range hunting.

It includes a fully multi-coated lens that offers decent magnification and sight picture.  With the closer eye relief (3.3 inches) it allows you to bring down your prey very quickly. The turret offers quick adjustment even with just one click, but it is not as easy to use as other optics in its class include. Despite not possessing ¼ MOA adjustments with its simplicity it can ensure the quick adjustment and ease of use.

Though it demands to be re-zeroed frequently, it held zero very well.  Maybe you don’t have to do so with the expensive options, but the advantage you are going to have with this one expects some minor issues it will make you all set to go for successful hunting.  Moreover like all other expensive options, it is fairly good in harsh condition as it is completely shockproof and waterproof.

Athlon Optics Features:

  • First focal plane reticle allows you to fix and determine the prey very quickly as it shrinks and widens along with the target while zooming in or out. Aluminum tube included protecting the lens as well.
  • Fully multi-coated lens confirms enough light transmission, decent magnification, and clear picture sight.
  • Shockproof and waterproof
  • Comes with a very affordable price and specially modified for the short range hunting
  • Offers ease in using and quick adjustment.
  • Held zeroed pretty well.

3. Leupold Vx -1 Riflescope

Leupold is a very well-known brand all over the world and manufactures optics you can invest without thinking twice. This Leupold VX -1 will fit most with your win .300 mag as the scope is specially modified for the hunting and sports rifles.

The scope includes a 40mm objective lens that assured you with super magnification (3-9x) and clear picture sights. Thus it stands out from all the rest in its class by being your true companion in long range hunting.  It offers you great reliability and durability within a very modest budget.

Some scopes are modified for some particular purpose such as spots, tactical, shooting, hunting and this one is specially modified for sports and hunting. So if possessed a win .300 mag and still on a search a perfect scope for it to bring down your prey it can be your one of the best selection to invest on.

It is also a great performer even in the low light as the lens provides an outstanding light transmission. On a rainy day or any harsh condition, this shock and waterproof scope will keep your path clear to achieve your target.

LEUPOLD VX Features:

  • Fully multi-coated 40 mm objective lens provides crystal clear picture view.
  • 3-9x magnification gives perfection in long-range shooting
  • ¼ MOA turrets assure with windage and elevation and accuracy
  • 606 aluminum tube confirms lens protection
  • Completely waterproof and shockproof and performs well in the harsh condition
  • Easy focus adjustments ensured with the 1” O.D tubes and lockable eyepiece.

4. Vortex Viper PST GEN II 3-15 x 144 MM

The Viper PST GEN ii by Vortex is the one you are searching for. Make your investment worthy with this unparalleled scope. Most importantly it offers you all the options and issues you need within a very surprising rate. Within a very precise rate, it includes what you usually find with the expensive ones. This 14.3 inch long provides you with super reliability and durability. It comes with a fully multi-coated 144 mm lens, and 3-15x magnification ensures the crystal-clear sight picture.

Both in long and short ranges hunting it will make your win.300 unstoppable.  With ¼ MOA adjustments it assures you with the flawless accuracy. Also, the etched laser turrets including the fiber optic reference allow you with the quick adjustment.  Target determination and zooming are comfortably managed by the glass etched illuminated reticle.

It is also unbeatable even in the harsh condition by being completely waterproof, shock proof, and fog proof.  Also, it includes a decent eye relief (3.4 inches) ideal for both distances. It confirms its durability with the anodized finish and super XD optics.

Vortex Viper Features:

  • Fully multi-coated objective lens: 144mm, provides a clear sight picture
  • Second focal scope with versatility and a great performer in both close quarters and long ranges with the super magnification: 3-15x
  • Laser etched turrets will make you free from dialing turrets frequently due to bullet drops and wind compensation
  • Illuminated glass etched reticle includes fiber optic indicator that assures you with the ultimate accuracy
  • Super XD extra-low dispersion optics increases the field validity and offers great light transmission allows you to hunt even in the low light.
  • O-ring sealed tune and argon purged make this water and shockproof scope unstoppable in the harsh condition.
  • Aluminum constructed body confirms the ultimate durability.
  • Perfect for dynamic use, shooting, sports, hunting and tactical. Ideal for both beginners and pros.

5. Nikon Buckmaster Ii Riflescope

This is for the people who are on a tighter budget. You will not find anything like it at least on that budget, but yet it includes everything you need to modify your win.300 mag to bring your prey down on the spot. Nikon is widely known for their cost efficiency and versatile optics.

This Buckmaster II like other Nikon optics includes some good feature to make you feel the difference. It includes good optics that provides cleat picture sight and light transmission that is fairly enough to continue even in the low light condition.

O-ring sealed and nitrogen purged tube confirms the ease in the tough environmental situations.  This water and shockproof scope also confirm its durability and reliability with solid construction. Within 100 yards it will be able to provide the 35ft field of view. With the anti-reflective optical lens, it reduces the glare up to 90 percent and the trajectory compensating system enhance the accuracy and remove the disturbance in pointing the target from any distance.

This budget-friendly riflescope is the one you can rely on upon without hesitation. Off curse, as a low budgeted options, it may not include some sophisticated and luxurious options, but it featured the options which are decently enough to make your investment worth.

Nikon Buckmaster Ii Features:

  • Second focal plane BDC reticle ensure accuracy and quick target determination
  • ¼ MOA adjustment enhances accuracy to get the season.
  • 3-9x magnification provides supervision within 100 yards
  • O-ring sealed and nitrogen purged, waterproof, shockproof, and fog proof makes the scope lens protected from any unexpected and provides great performance even in the extreme hunting condition.
  • The multi-coated lens provides great light transmission and clear picture sight.
  • Perfect for hunting especially for bucks, wild sheep, boar, etc. provides easy and quick adjustment and ease in use.

Frequently Asked Question

✅ What is the maximum effective range of a 300 win mag?

The .300 win mag is especially known to all as a long-range rifle. The skilled hunters usually hunt with this firearm at around 1000 yards, and they also get satisfied result. But the maximum effective range of this rifle is 1210 yards, which is accepted everywhere.

✅ How far does a 300 win mag drop at 1000 yards?

You know the bullet drop is proportional to the distance. At 100 yards, it is about only 3 inches, but at 500 yards, it is 63.11 inches. And finally, at 1000 yards .300 win mag impacts more than 200 inches lower than the line of sight.

✅ Which is better 300 Win Mag or 6.5 Creedmoor?

If the range is only the matter, then .300 Win Mag is better than 6.5 Creedmoor. .300 Win Mag’s range is more than 1500 meters, but 6.5 Creedmoor cannot hit beyond 1200 meters. But within 1000 meters, 6.5 Creedmoor is more accurate than .300 Win Mag.

✅ Is a 300 win mag too big for deer?

For deer hunting .300 Win Mag is excessive, it is true. There is a solution also. Don’t shoot at full power, and you can also use a heavy bullet that will minimize the tear up meat on deer.

✅ Is a 300 win mag or a 30 06 more powerful?

.300 Win Mag is best for long ranges, and it can hit beyond 1300 yards, but It is not possible to shoot beyond 800 with 30 60. Besides, the bullet of the .300 Win Mag is also heavier and can hit faster than 30 60.

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