Best Scope for AR 15 Under $100 Reviews in 2019 – Our Top 5 Picks

Do you looking for best Scope for AR 15 Under $100 Reviews? If you’re on a low budget but need to find a great rifle scope for AR-15, then this guide may help you.

It does not always mean that only high budgeted scopes are guaranteed in terms of quality.  An enthusiast hunter may not be rich, but he knows how to get the best staffs for his firearms within a very modest budget. It is not about money it’s about your knowledge and strong acquaintance with the components what makes a scope indomitable. Off course, finding the best scope without breaking the bank is a time-consuming task.

In other sense, it is really hard to separate your expected staffs from thousand of models and brands available on the market. For instance, there are very limited numbers of Best Scopes for AR 15 under $100 on the market but how to be assured with the sense that you are going to get those scopes!  Yes, that’s a big deal.  But don’t worry if you are an enthusiast shooter but still in search of the best scopes for your AR 15 this guide is here to minimize your toil introducing you with our selected Five best scopes for AR 15 under 100 dollars. So let’s dive into the main discussion.

Best scope for AR 15 under $100

Product ImageProduct NameMore Information
Yukon Nvrs Tactical 2.5X50 With Night Vision Yukon Nvrs Tactical 2.5X50 With Night Vision

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Millet Tactical 6-25x56mm Millet Tactical 6-25x56mm

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Vortex Viper PST 1-4×24 Riflescope Vortex Viper PST 1-4×24 Riflescope

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Leupold 115390 Mark AR MOD 1 Riflescope: Leupold 115390 Mark AR MOD 1 Riflescope:

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Nikon MONARCH 3 BDC Riflescope Nikon MONARCH 3 BDC Riflescope

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Before starting, we would like to recommend you to take all the features and options into account so that you can make yourselves facilitated with the one that fits your demands best.

1. Bugbuster UTG 3-9x 32 scope

Out very first performer is Bugbuster UTG 3-9×32 which includes all the necessary options you need.  This versatile and durable scope is constructed and designs to adjust best with your AR 15 rifle range. It comes with a finger adjustable W/E Knobs which allows you to lock the setting so that your aim can remain fixed at any time.  You may barely find this technology even in other expensive ones, and it is really important to keep the aim of setting constant and fixed. This locking system makes your scope resistant to avoid any change to the aim setting even in the harsh condition. This nitrogen filled scope is also shock and rainproof in this sense it confirms you with the surety that you will have the most comfort and ease no matter how tough and harsh the environment is.  It possesses the mil-dot reticle optics which is also first introduced by the brand in 2003. Mil-dot reticle has hash marks like BDC reticle, but as opposed to crosshair intersection it includes a wide circle for the focal point to get the prey spot dead.  It offers you with the 1-inch tube including an emerald coating that confirms the maximum light transmission to hunt even in the low light with the same comfort and clarity you have in the light. With the red/green dual illumination, it makes you benefited providing you with great versatility. The magnification is fairly enough to provide a crystal clear image and a large field of view. To protect your shoulder and eye from the back pressure after every shoot most accommodating eye-relief is there also. Minor but important issues like a lens cap, sunshade also consciously included.

Bugbuster Features

  • Comes with finger adjustable W/E locking system that allows the scope to be resistant and keep the aim of setting fixed and constant.
  • Sealed and nitrogen filled, rain and shockproof
  • Confirms ultimate light transmission possessing 1-inch tube with an emerald coating, clear image, large field of view
  • Comes with parallax free mil-dot reticle that enhance the aiming comfort
  • Ensure accommodating eye-relief, includes lens cap, 2 “ sunshade, detachable rings.


For longer distance, it has hardly any competitor in its class. Comes with all the sophisticated features and provides the best possible comfort and reliability. It includes the throw down PCL quick view which allows you to switch the field of view when it comes to any moving or flying targets. It also confirms the clear image and sight picture with the multi-coated objective lens. Thus it also assures you with the ultimate light transmission and brightness to hunt in the low light condition. This Nitrogen filled scope is also a great performer in the toughest environment condition as it completely moisture and shock proof. Despite not being water or rain proof, it can perform effectively when it drizzles or if not being fully wet.  It ensures the highest accuracy possessing the BDC reticle which allows you to aim the target easily with the hash mark intersection even if you are a beginner. It is superbly durable and constructed with durable aluminum alloy, anodized finished and sealed and thus it confirms the ultimate protection to the inside accessories. This scope suits best with your AR 15 and can be quickly mounted. It also rusts and scratch proof.


  • Comes with the PCL quick view that allows you to switch the field of view in terms of moving the target
  • BDC reticle provides the easy aiming; illuminated first focal plane bar also provides a clear image even in the harsh and low light environmental conditions.
  • Nitrogen filled and shock, dust, rust, and moisture proof
  • Constructed with durable aluminum alloy and confirms the ultimate protection to the inside accessories
  • Multicoated objective lens provides ultimate brightness, light transmission to make the scope indomitable even in the low light condition.
  • Target turrets are also included

3. Nikkon P-223 3-9×40 Mate BDC 600

Nikkon is a very renowned brand in producing and manufacturing gun optics all over the world. So getting reliable staffs from reliable sources without making any hole into your wallet is peace of mind. This Nikkon P-223 3-9×40 offers you with almost all the features that most of the expensive ones have and it stands out from all the rest of its class ensuring the ultimate reliability and versatility.  This new p-223 series is well known for providing the ultimate accuracy in long-range shooting by ensuring the extreme sighting speed. Its fully multi-coated objectives lens provides the ultimate brightness and up to 98% light transmission to confirm the accuracy and comfort in low light condition. With the patented Nikkon BDC 600 includes zero-reset feature and tactical style turrets that not only provides you with the easy and accurate aiming but also with quick field adjustment when it comes to any moving target. It fits with the AR platform most as it comes with the magnification that is fairly enough to provide the clear sight picture and zooming in long range shooting.  100 yards parallax setting is also there to make your every shoot accurate and precise. This nitrogen filled O-ring sealed scope is completely waterproof, shockproof and fog-proof. Thus it allows you to hunt with the best ease and comfort even in the harshest condition. This lightweight rifle scope does not add any extra weight to your firearms rather if you possess a heavy recoil cartridge it makes you facilitated keeping your shoulder and eye-brow safe by ensuring consistent eye-relief.

Nikkon Features

  • Perfect for long range shooting, comes with multi-coated objectives lens that ensures extreme brightness and great light transmission to allow the hunter to hunt even in the low light condition.
  • Nitrogen filled, O-ring sealed, waterproof, shockproof and fog proof, confirms comfort in the toughest environmental conditions.
  • BDC reticle with reset zero features that offer the hunter with a quick switch of the field of view, easy aiming
  • 100 yards parallax setting eliminates parallax and provides accuracy
  • Great magnification provide crystal clear image picture
  • ¼ MOA, tactical style turrets, lightweight


Don’t know how to describe this one! Honestly saying this is going to certainly make your investment worth and can be the best companion of you AR 15 rifle. It features almost all the unique options an ideal scope should and leaves no rooms to penance for the rifle enthusiasts. This scope gets you on target fast making you facilitated with illuminated fire-dot reticle including the eight setting. I can bet this vx-R patrol can be your best companion in terms of any unexpected or harsh hunting ground. All the components such as Scuba tanks, ultra-high vacuum chambers, helicopter roots are been fastened and finished so expertly and smoothly and make the scope indomitable. This durable aircraft quality aluminum constructed scope assures you with the ultimate reliability and versatility. It is completely waterproof and fog proof. So don’t be worried about the toughness of the environment but hunt with great ease and comfort any time. It comes with 1.25x4x magnification and 3.1 Zooming ratio which confirms the easiest and fastest getting of the target. Its illuminated fire-dot Duplex style reticle includes Hashmark as oppose to dot that enhance accuracy and precision. Also, quick target acquisition is confirmed by the centralized 10 ML diameter circle. It also comes with the twilight max management system which is a very recent addition to make the scope incomparable in terms of low light condition.

LEUPOLD Features

  • Multi-coated objective lens, nitrogen filled, waterproof, fog –proof
  • Illuminated Fire-dot Duplex-style reticle  confirms easy aiming, quick target acquisition, great accuracy and precision
  • Twilight, max management system, ensures the highest comfort and accuracy in low light condition
  • Great magnification with 31 zooming ratio
  • Durable and constructed with aircraft quality aluminum

5. Simons 8-point 3-9x50mm Riflescope with a triplex reticle

Our last performer is Simons-eight point 3-9x50mm. Like the above four, it is also an outstanding one that makes your AR stronger than it is. Within a modest budget, it features all the more high-quality features and options than any other in its class. It comes with a fully multi-coated optics that provides high-contrast image ensuring extreme brightness and light transmission. So even in a low light condition, you are going to have the same accuracy and precision you have in the daylight condition.  It features trueZero windage and elevation adjustment that keeps the zero tight to get you the target faster than you think. It is nitrogen filled and completely waterproof, shockproof and fog-proof. For any hunting enthusiast especially for the beginners, this eight-point scope provides outstanding accuracy and precision possessing strong magnification and providing a wide field of view.

Simons Features

  • Fully multi-coated objective lens ensures ultimate brightness and great light transmission for low light hunting
  • TrueZero windage and elevation adjustment keeps your zero constant and tight in even in the harsh and tough environmental condition.
  • Great magnification, clear sight picture, wide field of view
  • Truplex reticle and eyepiece confirm easy and fast target acquisition
  • Eight point scope ideal for the beginners
  • SureGrip audible windage and elevation adjustment confirms the ultimate ease and comfort
  • Fits best with a rifle like AR 15, can be quickly mounted and easily maintained.
  • Confirms great reliability and versatility.

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