Best Scopes for M1A To Buy in 2019 – Top Products Reviews

Almost all the hunters and shooters know that firearms are 0-20% functioning without a scope. That is why a professional shooter or hunter cannot think of a rifle without a scope. So, how you think about the M1A rifle without a scope where the rifles are frequently used for sniping or hunting purposes. You definitely need the best scope for m1a to ensure precise and accurate hitting every time.


You should be more careful before buying a scope for m1a because the rifle is not similar to the typical rifle. The m1a rifle is near similar to the m14. The basic difference m14 has both automatic and semiautomatic options where the m1a only offers the semiautomatic option.

You may have known that m1a rifles are also a bit pricy because of its materials quality, functional quality, solid construction, and overall performance. Can you match an ordinary scope with m1a rifle? Obviously not. Here we have some scopes collection for m1a which are ready to deliver the top-notch performance every time. Are you ready?

Top 7 Best Scopes For M1A in 2019

Product ImageProduct NameMore Information
Leupold 110797 VX-2 3-9x40mm Compact Waterproof Fogproof Riflescope Leupold 110797 VX-2 3-9x40mm Compact Waterproof Fogproof Riflescope

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Vortex Optics Viper PST First Focal Plane Riflescopes Vortex Optics Viper PST First Focal Plane Riflescopes

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Primary Arms 4-14×44 FFP Rifle Scope Primary Arms 4-14×44 FFP Rifle Scope

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11 TDU 1.5Redfield Revolution 3-9x40mm Riflescope
- Inch Belt 11 TDU 1.5Redfield Revolution 3-9x40mm Riflescope - Inch Belt

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Nikon M-308 SF 4-16x42mm Riflescope Nikon M-308 SF 4-16x42mm Riflescope

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Athlon Optics, Argos BTR, Riflescope, 6-24 X 50 First Focal Plane Athlon Optics, Argos BTR, Riflescope, 6-24 X 50 First Focal Plane

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Leupold FX-II Scout 2.5x28mm Duplex Leupold FX-II Scout 2.5x28mm Duplex

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Multiple rifle scopes having best quality are found in the market. But you cannot use them with m1a rifle. The rifle needs a particular rifle scope which is best for the rifle. When you go for the best quality rifle scope for m1a, you will see there are few rifle scopes. You may get many scopes for the rifle but all of them cannot satisfy you with the performance.

Try any of the following 5 rifle scopes and answer the questions, have you ever used better rifle scope than it?

Leupold 110797 VX-2 3-9x40mm Compact Waterproof Fogproof Riflescope

This is the excellent scope that can be used to hit short to medium range target. With this scope, you can hit accurately every target within 200 yards. When you go out from its range, it doesn’t promise to deliver the accurate result. But, everything is in your hand when your target belongs within its capacity.

It offers you to magnify up to 3-9x. Do you think it is not more than enough? But, we say this magnification is enough and enough. No other scopes offer you such a clear image that you can see through Leupold 110797 scope.

Glasses of the optic are so clear. And exterior lens surface is diamond coated which is abrasion resistant. That means it will provide you a flawless picture. Do you expect anything other than viewing the super clear image?

The most advantage of this scope is you can set the target and hit accurately even in low light condition. This feature is very much needed when you go out for hunting purposes. Right?

This rifle scope is made of being resistant against water and fog. The manufacturer also provides a lifetime warranty. So, use the scope as you like no matter whether it is a rough and tough condition.

Highlighted features at a glance

  • An ideal choice for short to mid-range
  • Excellent performance in low light condition.
  • Promises to produce a super clear image.
  • Lightweight of about 9.9 ounces only.
  • Wide field of view and has generous eye relief.

Vortex Optics Viper PST First Focal Plane Riflescopes

The previous scope was great for targeting short to mid-range. But this item is great for long-range shooting. We challenge, you never show the better quality long range rifle scope with this price than this. It is the alternative of a very high expensive sniper scope. Yes, this is the truth.

The manufacturer Vortex uses low dispersion glasses which are premium multicoated. As a result, it will produce a clearer image which is brighter than HD. On the other hand, look at the objective lens diameter, it is 50mm. How much wider objective lens is enough to pass enough light, 30/35/40? But, its objective lens is 50mm that is more than enough.

Interior of the scope is argon purged that is sealed with O-ring. What does it mean? It means it always keeps out water, fog, and dust also. So, whatever the environment is, you can use it anywhere. It is also scratch resistant and shockproof. So, after a long time use, it seems like a new scope. Happy?

If you really need a high-quality long range scope, definitely it is one of the best options. Are you thinking about its price? Compare the price with the other good quality scope for m1a, you have to pay double.

Highlighted features at a glance

  • 50mm objective lens that is more than enough.
  • Produces brighter image even in low light condition.
  • Very good rifle scope for long range targeting.
  • It remains new after a long period of time of being scratch resistant.
  • Waterproof, fog proof, dustproof, and even shockproof.

Primary Arms 4-14×44 FFP Rifle Scope

We told these scopes are mainly used for snipping and hunting purposes. This is the scope that is mostly used by the hunters. You know Primary Arms is not a long-aged rifle scope manufacturer. But, they already attract many hunters and shooters within a short period of time. But, how they made it possible? Only because of producing best-performing scopes and this item is an example.

All the hunters like to use the rifle scope which has hunting specialized BDC reticle. Yes, the manufacturer uses such type reticle within this rifle scope for m1a.

Magnification power of this scope is 4-14X which is extreme. This magnification power helps you to hit a very small target also. You can see an object 14 times closer and 14 times bigger than the original size. Can’t you imagine the advantage?

All the lenses used in this scope are multi-coated fully. That means it allows almost all color light to pass. And you know, passing all the light is the pre-requirement of producing a bright picture. And 44mm objective lens is used in this scope where 30-35mm is also a good option. So, it gives you more than your expectation, doesn’t it?

If you asked me to know the best feature of this scope, I’ll say all the features are top notch but magnification is exceptional. Thanks, Primary Arms for producing such a high magnifying scope.

Highlighted features at a glance

  • Extreme magnification power.
  • ACCS Orion reticle which is one of the best BDC reticles.
  • Wide objective lens passes enough light to the eyes.
  • An example of a high-quality hunting scope for m1a.
  • Same functioning in a low light environment as a bright

Redfield Revolution 3-9x40mm Riflescope

How many features need to have a rifle scope to be the best quality scope? Good construction materials, a wide objective lens, multicoated reticle, water and shockproof property, high magnification, anything else? Let’s see, which it has and which it lacks!

First of all, come with the reticle. Many types of the reticle are used in rifle scope and among them Accu-Range reticle is rare. It is used for bullet drop compensation. And this article is found in this Redfield Revolution rifle scope. Are you happy with the reticle?

The tube is a primary component of a rifle scope. The tube of this scope is filled with nitrogen and it is O-ring sealed. Some ordinary rifle scope may get damaged by the water, dust, and shock. But, these factors never damage this scope because of the O-ring seal and of being nitrogen filled.

The scopes maximum magnification power is 9X. But, above this range, it will be difficult to adjust magnification if the hands are not expert. We say 9X magnification is enough if you utilize it properly.

The other features are a 40mm objective lens, up to 4.9-inch eye relief, rapid target acquisition eyepiece, and wide field of view. Is there any scope which can give you these features alone? We don’t know.

Highlighted features at a glance

  • The eyepiece has a rapid target acquisition capacity.
  • Up to 9-inch long eye relief.
  • Waterproof, fog proof, and shockproof also.
  • Wide field of view.
  • Accu-Range reticle.

Nikon M-308 SF 4-16x42mm Riflescope

Nikon is a very popular brand and this item is specially designed for viewing nothing but clear image. The objective lens, reticle and other optics are also designed such a way to pass adequate light so that it can make a clear and bright image to the user’s eyes.

The eyepiece of the scope has fast focusing capacity by which you can fix any target quickly. On the other hand, the eyepiece will give you long eye relief of about 4 inches. So, you will have no difficulty to see any object at any angle that means you can see full viewing angle.

You may have to pass the hunting and shooting time in an unfavorable condition sometimes. It may foggy weather or rainy weather. Can you do the job if your scope won’t work in the condition? For the reason, the manufacturer makes the tube as one piece and it is filled with nitrogen. Not done yet, it is also O-ring sealed. Now, use this scope without thinking about the weather as it is fog proof, waterproof, and shockproof.

Here you find the elevation and windage knobs to adjust. They are also very handy and don’t produce any audible sound while operating, unlike another ordinary scope. And the knobs also help a lot to reset zero.

Have you taken a look at its magnification feature? Its magnification capacity is 4X-16X. Can you understand what will you get from this scope? The magnification feature makes it more than worthy of best scope for m1a. So, you will be able to hit accurately long range target every time.

Highlighted features at a glance

  • Fast focusing eyepieces.
  • Ensure a bright and clear image.
  • O-ring sealed that indicates waterproof, fog proof, and shockproof.
  • Wide objective lens passes enough lights.
  • Ideal for using long-range shooting.

Athlon Optics , Argos BTR, Riflescope, 6-24 x 50 First Focal Plane

We think the manufacturer is best who can give the highest quality product comparatively with a low budget. Right? This manufacturer offers you such an item, can you understand it? Yes, the users of this rifle scope know what it is. This is one of the best riflescopes in my experience.

The quality of a rifle scope greatly depends on the optics used in the scope. High-quality glasses are used and they will help you to see the object clear and crisp. To be honest I didn’t think that I can get such optics with the price. Thanks, Athlon Optics for producing such a scope.

All the optics of this scope are fully multicoated. And you will find a 50mm objective lens. Can you imagine how much light will transmit through the 50mm objective lens? Enough lights are fallen on your eyes and as a result, you will see the brighter image than your expectation.

Now, come to the magnification capacity. Its magnification capacity is 6-24X. You can easily trace or adjust any object which is far away from you. This is the ideal example of a long-range rifle scope. We can tell this because of its quality glasses, and high magnification power.

It also has other features such as fog and waterproof. That is the reason water and fog never can damage its function. As like the other best scope for m1a, it is also shockproof that indicates the chance of losing its accuracy is zero due to little bumps and recoil.

Highlighted features at a glance

  • Fully multi-coated lenses are used.
  • 50mm objective lens is enough wider to pass adequate light.
  • The tube is made of 6061T6 aircraft grade aluminum.
  • Argon filled tube is waterproof and fog proof.
  • 6-24X magnification power.

Leupold FX-II Scout 2.5x28mm Duplex

Every rifle scope is made for some specific purposes and sometimes made for some specific rifles. Similarly, Leupold FX-II is specially designed for scout rifles. But, my experience says it is the best scope for m1a scout because I never expect better performance how much I got from the m1a with this scope.

With the scope, the image of the object seems like the real object. The scope also does well even in low light condition. It can be possible to use the scope to be opened both eyes. So, you won’t face any difficulty to see an object through the scope.

Duplex reticle is used in this scope. With the scope, you can see any object clearer and brighter within 250 yards. But, this item is not for you if you want to use a scope for long range shooting. You find many scopes just before this one for long range targeting.

The scopes weight is about 7.5 ounce. As a firearm user, it seems to be an ideal weight as a scope. It will never exert any trouble while shooting. It provides very long eye relief of about 9.3” which makes the scope ideal for a scout.

The manufacturer also provides a lifetime transferable warranty to its customer. If the scope gets damaged by usual operation or normal use, the manufacturer will responsible for it. Is there any brand which offers you this opportunity?

Highlighted features at a glance

  • Ideal scope for a scout rifle.
  • Well functioning even in low light.
  • Can be used keeping both eyes open.
  • Finger adjustable turrets.
  • Long eye relief up to 9.3”.

What to look before buying the best scope for M1A?

Look, the listed rifle scopes are not typical rifle scope rather best in quality. And obviously, they are a higher price than the ordinary rifle scopes. Can you buy a high expensive rifle scope without confirming it is best? We hope you don’t do it and it should not be done also. So, what are the factors to review?


Magnification is the first thing you should review for a scope. If you need short or medium range scope then up to 9X magnification is enough for you. But, some users need long target scope then you should go for higher magnification. We suggest you choose more than 12X. But, your hand should skill to use the high magnifying scopes.

Objective lens diameter

You may arise a few questions about the other factors but you shouldn’t have an about wide objective lens. Transmission of light is directly proportional to the lens diameter. The wider objective lens is the pre-requirement of making a clear, bright, and crisp image. Choose a scope which has more than 35mm diameter objective lens.

Eye relief & field of view

Long eye relief usually provides comfort and save eyes from recoil. But when your eyes are too back from the eyepiece, you may feel discomfort placing your eyes and head. On the other hand, having a wide field of view is a good option. The wider the field of view, the quicker you will find the object.

Lens coating and glass quality

The glass is the primary element of a rifle scope. The picture quality, magnification power, image clarity all depend on the glass. That is why the glasses should be best in quality. And lens coating is also important as it can protect the lens. Lenses should be coated with such materials so that it becomes scratch resistant, water, and fog proof.


These scopes are exceptional than the other typical scopes that we told before. You should keep in mind these are the best scope for m1a and they are also pricy. So, you should think about what type of warranty you will get if you face any problem with the scope anytime. Some of the manufacturers provide a limited warranty but some offer a lifetime warranty. You obviously choose lifetime warranty scope.

Final Verdict

All the shooters or hunters cannot run properly M1A rifles you know. But, if you know how to use it properly, you will get only success from it. In this case, the above 7 rifle scopes can help you a lot. You may find many scopes in the market for m1a but you will never get the better quality scopes than the listed best scope for m1a.

I’ve used many scopes and get satisfactory performance but I can’t remind some of them. But I never forget Redfield Revolution 3-9x40mm Riflescope. Some of its features are exceptional such as picture quality, rapid target acquisition, long eye relief, and overall performance also. I’m totally impressed. What about your experience?

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