5 Best Tactical Gun Belts and Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Tactical gun belt, an essential item for the firearms users! Without this item, it is not possible to carry the gun comfortably. Not done yet, it also gives you years to years services. But the belt should be best in quality, and that is why you should buy the best tactical gun belt.

Tactical gun belts not only help you to carry only the guns, but it also helps you carrying other essential items in tactical conditions such as hunting, fishing, camping, search, action, and military combat.


There are many other things we feel discomfort while carrying like guns, flashlight, ropes, knives, and so on. The tactical belt is the best solution to solve these problems.

You should avoid the gun belts which are very ordinary and don’t capable of giving you long-lasting services. Here we enlist some best quality gun belts that may satisfy you.

Top 5 Best Tactical Gun Belts in This Time

Product ImageProduct NameMore Information
Cobra Quick Release Buckle Men’s Tactical Belt Cobra Quick Release Buckle Men’s Tactical Belt

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11 TDU 1.5- Inch Belt 11 TDU 1.5- Inch Belt

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Elite CO Shooters Belt With Cobra Buckle Elite CO Shooters Belt With Cobra Buckle

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Hanks Gunner – USA Made Concealed Carry CCW Leather Gun Belt Hanks Gunner – USA Made Concealed Carry CCW Leather Gun Belt

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CONDOR Tactical Belt CONDOR Tactical Belt

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You know there are many products we find in the market, but all are not best in quality. You also know, all the products can’t provide us high performance. That is why we have to choose the best product so that we can get the highest benefit. Look at the following gun belts and compare them to the others.

1. Cobra Quick Release Buckle Men’s Tactical Belt

It is nylon made tactical belt. It is known as one of the strongest tactical belts. It is specially made to use in tactical conditions and crazy adventures. If you need a gun belt which you can use in heavy-duty work condition, it may suit you.

The belt is 1.5″ wide and made from double ply nylon. Double ply nylon is the signature of strength, and its diameter easily matches with most of the tactical belt loops.

Cobra buckle provides quick release which is a very beneficial property. At the same time, the adjustable design easily fits with all types of the belt such as the military belt, carry belt, work belt, or any tactical gear every time.

This is the belt that can be used by various professionals such as hunter, shooter, police, military, and other professionals who need to carry small items. It gives you anti sagging property and keeps all the necessary things by your sides. So, it is not a significant fact if you are not a gun user, you may also use it if you feel the necessity of keeping anything with you all the time. It comes in different colors so you can choose the color you like.

Cobra Quick Release features at a glance

  • It is an example of the best nylon gun belt.
  • Comes with a cobra buckle quick release.
  • Made heavy-duty nylon which is double plied.
  • The buckle is made from 7075 aluminum.

2. 11 TDU 1.5- inch belt

It is not possible to effort high expense all times, right? But we also don’t want to get a product which is not capable of fulfilling our expectations. This is such types of a belt which requires less money but gives you expected performance.

Many people dislike using metallic buckle as it creates some trouble in many conditions such as checking in the airport. But, the buckle of the belt is non-metallic that never creates any issue while checking.

It is lower in price but how is the performance? 100% pure nylon is used to make the belt. It is also made for heady duty work. It is made by the famous tactical fear manufacturer 5.11 who is known as one of the best manufacturers of tactical gears.

Especially of the belt is its simplicity. It is 1.5″ wide, and its buckle is non-metallic and comes with three colors. Almost everything is expressed in the previous sentence of its outlook. Maybe you can imagine a picture of the belt, but you can’t guess its ability and performance until you use it. Do you wanna try?

11 TDU 1.5- inch features at a glance

  • Non-metallic buckle.
  • It is made of 100% pure nylon.
  • Comes with three beautiful colors.
  • The mat is available from small to 3XL sizes.

3. Elite CO Shooters Belt with Cobra Buckle

Sometimes we can guess the quality of a product seeing the product at a glance; this is that kind of product. If you want to get a gun belt that is equipped with all the positive things top to bottom, you can own it.

The belt comes with Cobra quick release aluminum buckle and the belt constructed with the toughest materials. These types of strong materials are used so that they can bear heavyweight. That is the reason you can use it carrying heavyweight gears.

Quick release property offers to open the belt quickly when it is free from any load. But, it never looses while it is supported loads. So, it is quite safe to use, and the chance is near about zero creating an unwanted occurrence.

The belt is made in the United States. We think, now you can guess the quality of the belt as it is a USA product. Every people’s waist size is not the same; that is why it is made 5 different sizes from 26″ to 56″.

Not only that, but it is also available in different colors; coyote tan, black, and wolf grey. You must check the Elite Survival level and hang tag to confirm that you have got the genuine Elite Survival System belt.

Elite CO Shooters Belt features at a glance

  • Double layered nylon gun belt.
  • Reinforced stitching, structured inner core, and nylon webbing indicate the strength of the belt.
  • Quick release buckle.
  • Made in the USA.

4. Hanks Gunner – USA Made Concealed Carry CCW Leather Gun Belt

Are you looking for a leather gun belt that you need to use frequently? If so, this item is perfect for you. It comes with a ton of features that are very useful, and you need always.

All the gun belts can’t provide you the long-lasting performance without breaking. Low-quality tactical gun belt gets broken and gets damages quickly. But, high-quality leather gun belt never gets broken. This is that type of gun belt.

This belt is made from 100% full grain leather which will never split as like other ordinary belts. We think you know about the leathery product also.

The buckle is equipped with the belt by Chicago screws so that the buckle can be changed easily. Many manufacturers use snaps, but that tends to break easily. So, use the belt without any worry.

The manufacturer gives you 100 years warranty. Yes, it is true what you read. If the belt breaks within 100 years, just send the belt back and get a new one for free.

Hanks Gunner features at a glance

  • The buckle is changeable.
  • Made with full grain single piece leather.
  • The belt will not break even after rough use.
  • 100 years replacement warranty.

5. CONDOR Tactical Belt

Condor tactical belt is designed to use very comfortably. It has a very attractive outlook, customizable and also comes with two magazine pouches. It also gives you more services than only a tactical gun belt.

It is adjustable. Most of the gun belt comes with various sizes to fit with the different sizes waist. But, it doesn’t have different sizes because it is customizable. It can be extended up to 44″ waist. At the same, the person having 36″ can also use it.

Heavy-duty buckle that can be opened quickly as it has quick release property. The buckle of the belt is made from high-quality plastic materials. Many people also like a non-metallic buckle, don’t you?

2 magazine pouches are included with the belt to carry pistol magazine. The pouches are like a pocket. You can also store other things there. But, if you don’t need to use them, you can remove them because they are removable.

There are many other gun belts you may find in the market, but you hardly find this type of belt. It is highly durable at the same time highly functioning. Are you tired searching the best tactical gun belt? It can be your desired item.

CONDOR Tactical features at a glance

  • The customizable belt that fits up to 44″ waist.
  • 2 removable pouches to keep pistol magazines.
  • Comfortable to wear even while bearing magazines and guns.
  • Toughest construction and durable.

Why do you need a gun belt?

We don’t know, have you ever use a gun belt or not? If so, you already feel the necessity of having a gun belt. But, if no, tell me first do you feel the highest comfort while carrying different types of gears and gun? We can surely say, you always think if you have something better to carry those. The name of the product of the word “something better” is a gun belt. There are many reasons people use a gun belt, but we describe a few of them below.

First of all, it can bear a heavy load. If you bear more loads with the help of other types of belt, that may break. But, it will never break. Not done yet, it also allows keeping many gears organized.

Secondly, it provides more convenience. When you carry some heavy tools holding by the hands, you feel pain after a particular time. But, this problem is absent here. You also feel the comfort while the belt is loaded with a gun, magazine, or any other gear.

Thirdly, the gun belt lasts for a long period. Is there any belt which can give you up to 100 years of services to carry? But, some of the best tactical gun belts can deliver 100 years of services. Yes, they can.

Factors to consider before buying a gun belt

Some of the factors help to identify the quality of a gun belt whether it is good or not! What are those? The factors described below so that you can own the best quality gun belt.


Width is a great matter. If the width doesn’t matches with the loops of your trousers or pants, then you will have to face difficulty. That is why you should buy the gun belt having a width from 1.25″ to 2″. Most of the people also like 1.5″. If you choose within the range, hopefully, you can use it comfortably.


If you consider one thing before buying a gun belt, you should consider buckle. Can you understand the importance of it? Nylon belt comes with different types of buckle either metallic or non-metallic. On the other hand, the leather belt always comes with a metallic buckle. Sometimes some of the buckles have one more lock that is best we think. Decide first, what type of buckle you want to get metallic or non-metallic then consider locking system.


We think everybody wants to use anything with the highest comfort not only a gun belt. To be honest, leather belts are highly comfortable to use. But you can’t avoid nylon made belt. When you go for a nylon gun belt, you should pick the right size according to the size of your waist. Then you can also get the comfort wearing nylon belt.

Concluding words

It is not possible to get enough ideas for everything. That is why sometimes it is also not possible to find out the best tactical gun belt from the market. But, this article about gun belt reviews can help you a lot. Here we also tell the process on how you can get the best gun belts?

Here we recommend only 5 bun belts from where you may easily find your gun belt according to your needs. We provide budget friendly but quality product, at the same time we also enlist here top-notch gun belt. So, pick your perfect one. If you need to know anything regarding gun belt, just drop a comment.

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