What is the Best Way to Store Guns Without a Safe in 2021

The best equipment to store a gun is the gun safe. But what should you do if you don’t have access to a gun safe? You mustn’t store the gun randomly as like as any other things. The gun must be stored safely as it can cause serious harms even death if wrongly used. Everyone thousands of people especially the kids get life threating injuries due to a wrongly stored gun or the misuses of the gun.


Best Way To Store Guns Without A Safe 2021

If you don’t have a gun safe, then don’t worry. Here we will introduce you with some of the unique ways to store your gun without a gun safe. These simple but effective ways of storing the gun may not give you full security, but they will provide the primary protection to your gun.

Best Way To Store Guns Without A Safe

1. Gun Cases

Gun cases are one of the best ways to store the gun securely without a gun safe. As they are specially designed to store the gun, they can provide better security to your gun than any other thing mentioned in this article. They are available in various sizes and shape to allow different type of guns. Another interesting thing is, they are available in different type of construction according to the price.

Gun Cases

You will be happy to know that the gun cases can legally use for the transportation of the gun. Most of the user prefers gun cases as they have various advantages when compared with the other options. The gun safes are affordable, compact, and transportable. Most importantly, they can withstand any external damage and keep your gun safe.

2. Trigger Lock

The trigger lock is one of the most popular ways to secure the gun. The function of a trigger lock is locking the trigger of the gun so that it prevents the gun from loading as well as prevents any unauthorized access. Trigger locks are available in the market for almost all the guns available. Besides, some of the gun manufacturers also provide trigger locks with the guns sometimes.

Trigger Lock

Nowadays, almost all the gun manufacturer includes a trigger lock along with the gun. Usually, the trigger lock consists of a shoe clamp down around the trigger or sometimes the trigger housing resisted by a shape which prevents the trigger from shooting.

3. Lock Box

Lock boxes are a commonly available item in the market which is used for various purposes. They are mostly used for keeping money and documents secured. But they have enough space to accommodate smaller guns along with the pistols. Moreover, they can also accommodate gun component including ammo and extended mags.

Lock Box

Normally these boxes are equipped with two types of locks. One is our everyday lock when another one is pin lock. Though the key mechanism is the most used type, the electronic lock is considered as the safest option. If you are planning to buy a lock box, then go for the one which is much convenient for you.

4. Gun Cabinets

Apart from the gun safe, which is the safest option to securely store a gun? I bet almost all of you will go for the gun cabinet. If so then you are right. Gun cabinet is the second most preferable option for securing the gun by most of the individuals. The gun cabinet not only allows you to safely store your gun but also help you to show off your gun. As they come with a glass cover, they are not that much safe as the gun safe, but they can keep the kids away as well as it will take time for the intruders to reach to the gun.

Gun Cabinets

While choosing a gun cabinet try to go for the one which comes in an attractive look so that it works well with the decoration of your house. Moreover, choose a gun safe which can be easily stored according to the available space of your home. Also check whether the gun is weather resistant or not, as moisturizing can cause rust in the gun.

5. Inside Hollow Space

Though it is not a preferable type, it can be effective in time to time. The interesting thing about the option is it will not cost you any money. You can choose the space under a sofa or bed mattress. Make sure that you have unlocked the gun before putting it in the hollow space. Also, make sure that the gun is out of the sight and the reach of the kids.

As like as the hollow space, the aeration system of your house can also be a great location to hide your gun. It is normally out of reach for the kids and intruders. During a vulgar attack, no one will ever consider it as a hiding place.

6. Gun Storage Bag

Probably you don’t hear about the gun storage bag. The gun storage back is specially designed to store and protect the gun from being damaged. The bags are equipped with multiple features to make the storage easier as well as better protection. Gun bags are available in different sizes, and you can choose the bags according to the gun. The size must suit with the gun size; otherwise, the bag cannot properly secure the gun. Some bags come with padding which is much better for guns safety. However, remember one thing, gun storage back cannot protect your guns from the thief.

Gun Storage Bag

7. False Wall Vent

Looking for the best way to store the gun? Then you can try this method. You will be happy to know that this is one of the unique ways to secure your gun. It will provide you security as like as the gun safes do. However, this method is only applicable if you rarely need to use the gun. The best thing about the option is you can keep the gun loaded for any time and no one can ever understand where the guns are stored.

If you don’t have a gun safe, then use any of the above methods to keep your guns secured. Doing so will decrease the percentage of the gun to being misused.

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