Different types of gun safe locks

Gun safes are designed to provide the highest security for guns and related equipment. There are different types of gun safe available in the market depending on the types of lock. A gun safe can come with one or multiple locking mechanisms to ensure extra safety. Check this for where you put a gun safe in your house.


Types of Gun Safes

Here in this article, we will discuss some of the common gun safes locks that are now used mostly. So keep reading this article to know much about Different types of gun safe locks and how they work.

1. Mechanical Lock

Mechanical locks are one of the most common types of locks as well as the oldest type of gun safe lock. It is mainly popular for classic function without any help of electricity. The mechanical lock means dial lock. You will need to spin the lock for multiple times to remove the lock.

The working mechanism of the mechanical lock is simple. You will need to clear the previous code by spinning the code. 4 to 5 times to in the right to clear the first code, then go back to the previous position by spinning the same time in the opposite direction and then three times to right to clear the second code. Then two times in the right to clear the third code.

The lock requires a little extra time than the other lock to remove the code, generally around 45 seconds. However, it is highly safe and one of the most reliable types of lock.

2. Electronic Lock

As the name suggests, the electronic lock is electricity based. Normally, they come with a digital or electronic keyboard with multiple numbers as well as a small display. The electronic lock is popular for its higher access capability. All you need to do is enter the predetermined pin or password, and as soon as you enter the password, the safe will be unlocked. The pin can be changed easily anytime.

Because of their faster function, the electronic lock is a great choice for storing a weapon for self-protection purpose. However, recently some of the electronic locks got a bad reputation due to their unreliability and frequently occurred problems. It is advisable to choose an electronic lock safe from a well-known and reliable manufacturer to get problem-free safes.

3. Redundant Lock

Redundant locks are not as popular as electronic and mechanical locks. But they are highly effective and well-performing. The Redundant lock also called sometimes EMP lock due to their multi-functionality. The lock is a combination of the electronic and mechanical locks. That means you will get the faster speed of the electronic lock when having the reliability of the mechanical lock.

The Redundant lock is usually much expensive than the other types of lock. But they are highly effective and reliable. If you need to store valuable item along with your guns, and you are capable of paying a little much, then you should choose the Redundant lock.

4. Key Lock

Key locks are the simplest type of safe available in the market. They normally come with a simple key lock which we see everywhere. Though doesn’t look so strong they are still effective and somehow reputable. The main problem with the key lock is key management. If you lost the key, then it will be hard for you to unlock the safe as well as the security of the safe will be at risk. As the safe comes with multiple locks, you need to store some key secretly so that you can still unlock the safe when you lose one key.

5. Biometric Lock

In the mechanical and electronic lock, there are possibilities of forgetting the code. The biometric lock is one of the unique types of locks which let you open the safe without any key or code. They are locked with a physical identification such as retina or fingerprint of the user. So only the user can unlock the safe, and it doesn’t require remembering any pin or code. Moreover, the locks are highly secured as they are impossible to copy or crack. The biometric lock can give you the best level of security to your valuables.

Sometimes the biometric lock also fails due to less powerful programming. So you should go for a well-known provider while purchasing a biometric lock safe. They are battery or direct electricity operated and sometimes also require new electronic code bypass along with the biometric lock. Usually, these types of locks are expensive.

Guns are one of the most dangerous tools which can cause instant death. Every year thousands of people in America got injured due to wrongly stored guns. So it’s essential to use this tool properly as well as storing safely. A gun safe not only keeps store the gun but also keep it away from the touch of children.

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