7 Gun Safe Organizer Ideas To Solve Storage Problems – An Expert Explains

Storage is a great problem with a gun safe. You may have purchased a large gun safe, but at the time of organizing your firearms, you see the safe is not enough for you. Do you also face this problem like others?

Maybe you are more concerned about this matter, right? But we say the size of the gun safe is not a major problem always if you perfectly do the gun safe interior modification. Really.

To solve this problem, you need to have some ideas about how to fit more guns in safe. If you can make a gun safe layout perfectly, then you will be able to store all the guns in the safe, and you notice it looks nice also. We want to help you in this purpose by giving you some useful gun-safe organizer ideas. We hope these ideas help you a lot to make more room in the safe for your guns and other accessories.

Is Gun Safe Organization Really Important?

Which look more beautiful, a haphazard gun safe, or a uniformed gun safe? No doubt, everybody likes anything that is uniformed. On the other hand, if you store firearms randomly, there have the chance of getting scratched, damp, and damage. It is not your expectation from the gun safe!


So, it is really important to store the firearms accordingly so that you can easily monitor them, and can get anyone quickly on your emergency condition. On the other hand, if you keep the guns and rifles in gun safe haphazardly, you cannot get the specific guns or rifles quickly when you need it. In a word, you will get all positive things if you can organize your gun safe.

7  Most Useful Gun Safe Organizer Ideas

If you feel too much pain at every time of storing guns and rifles in the safe, then some essential accessories may play a vital role in accommodating all the firearms efficiently. These accessories also help to reclaim the lost spaces when you safe were not organized.

Gun Safe Organizer Ideas

1. Use of Rifle Rods

You need to use this kit if you have long firearms such as long guns or rifles. This accessory helps you to prevent laying the rifles too close. If you install this accessory, it holds your rifle in position and reclaims about 30% lost space. After storing the rifles with rifle rods, you will love the structure of your safe, we sure.

2. Multiple Gun Safe Magnets

Gun magnets are very useful accessories to accommodate handguns within the safe. The magnets not only keep your handguns but also can keep the long guns. You can use the magnets both inside and outside of the safe. Not done yet, you can also use the gun magnet otherwhere.

3. Use of Pistol Hooks

Pistol hook looks like the English letter ‘’S’’. It is a modern accessory to hold your handguns in the right place. But you should be careful while installing the rod. Install the rod in such a way so that you can modify the space later for thin or thick shelves later for extra storage.

4. Magazine Hangers

The magazine hanger is also a useful accessory. Most of the time, you get confused about where you can keep the magazine? To solve this problem, you may buy the magazine hanger. You don’t find alternative items except for magazine hanger for quick reloading. It can hold up to six magazines.

5. Use of Bow Hanger

Most of the time, maybe you choose the corner of the safe and leans your bow there. We advise buying bow hangers that fit perfectly the axis mounting system.

6. Utilize the Safe Door

The door of your safe is a great place if you can organize it perfectly. You may create many spaces to store your side guns there. Just check the strength of the door, how much storage it can hold! But most of the modern safe comes with the capability of storing many accessories nowadays.

7. Use of Pistol Stands

If you store your small firearms such as handguns properly, it decreases the chance of damaging or stacking to the other guns. The simply way to organize the guns is to install the pistol stands. Different stands come with multiple capabilities; some can hold tow hold four and more. Buy according to your needs.

Arrange the Accessories Properly Within a While

You are here to get some ideas on how to make more room in gun safe, right? For that, you may have to use some accessories. In the beginning, you have to keep the ideas about grouping and the size shape of the guns. Then you go to install the necessary accessories, which are discussed in the next section of this content.

First of all, place all the guns, rifles, and other accessories in front of you. Then divide them according to the physical structure. After grouping, take the decision about what are the items needed to store on the safe and what is not necessary. We say to not messing your gun safe with storing unnecessary things.

Secondly, select the items that need to be stored in the safe. Remember, you will store the same size firearms in one place. Don’t place different sizes of firearms on a shelf. That means you have to create an excellent gun safe interior plan so that you can organize the safe in different groups.

Things to Follow To Organize the Gun Safe Perfectly

The above-mentioned accessories are definitely necessary to better the organization of a gun safe. If you just keep your firearms and other valuables in the gun safe, that’s called organization. But remember the better organization ensures the highest safety and easy access also. To organize your gun safe in the best way, follow the points.

  • First of all, you need to clear out everything from the inside of the gun safe. It helps you in two different ways. It helps you to make the plan perfectly as you get the total space. At the same time, if you empty the gun safe, you can also clean it perfectly.
  • Secondly. Don’t place the rifle or other firearm leaning against the wall of the safe. You may want to place the firearms in this style for more space, but it’s not a good idea. Rather, keep the firearms upright standing. To do this, you may install hooks or other accessories.
  • Thirdly, before going to buy a new gun safe, you should keep the fact in your mind; first, that is the size of the safe. That means, your gun safe should be perfect according to your firearms collections.
  • Then, sometime after arranging the accessories perfectly, we notice the locking system is not working. So, don’t arrange or rearrange the accessories as the way it creates trouble in the locking system.
  • In the end, I just want to tell about the lighting system. Make sure you have arranged the lighting system that illuminates the interior of the safe so that you can see clearly.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

✅ How to fit more guns in a safe?

Use the necessary accessories and organize them properly. Besides arrange the accessories and store the firearms and other necessary things according to the order of necessity. Hopefully, you can fit more guns.

✅ How to store short rifles in gun safe?

Store the short rifles in the safe in standing upright position. Don’t store them leaning against the wall.

✅ Where to put guns safe?

The best place to put the gun safe is the area that is accessible. The place which is more accessible to the gun owner that is more perfect for the gun safe. Usually, the safes are fire-resistant; nevertheless, you should put the safe on that place where the risk of fire is low.

✅ How to pick a gun safe lock?

Choosing the gun safe lock is very simple, just determine the security level you want to get. The biometric lock offers the highest level of security, but they are expensive. Besides, you may also be satisfied with the combination lock. For this, you need to have an idea about the gun safe lock type.

✅ What to look for in a gun safe?

There are many things you may look at, but the size, lock mechanism, shelving design, and other safety features are very important for a good quality gun safe.

Final Thoughts

Making your gun safe more organized solely depends on you. We just wanted to help you, and we give you some ideas on how to fit more guns in a safe. Not done yet, here you also find the ideas on how to store other accessories in a suitable manner. Here we share all useful gun safe organizer ideas that you may need. Just follow this guide install the accessories, we hope you can perfectly modify the interior of the safe.

Organize your gun safe with these accessories and always remember you should modify the interior regarding size, shape, and priority of the firearms.

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