Gun Safe Vs Regular Safe: What’s The Difference?

Gun safes are our first choice for preserving our gun safely. But sometimes, we can’t afford to buy a gun safe or don’t want to spend money on keeping only one firearm. In that case, most of us use a regular safe to keep our precious weapons. But is it okay to keep your firearm in a regular safe? Let’s check out the comparison of gun safe vs regular safe to find out the answer!

Gun Safe Vs Regular Safe: Get the Main Difference

Most of us have a regular safe at home to keep our precious belongings. These safes are quite sturdy, making it nearly impossible to break into. Their lock system is also super advanced compared to any closet or cabinet. So you can definitely keep your gun in any regular safe to prevent it from getting stolen or to protect it from any unauthorized use.

Gun Safe Vs Regular Safe

Despite both gun safe and regular safe provide high protection against theft, they have some basic differences, which you should always keep in mind if you want to keep your firearm in a regular safe. A gun safe is quite different from a regular safe in many aspects. They have notable differences in terms of shelving layout or rack arrangements, water resistance, fire rating, door sealing, price, etc. So let’s cut to the chase and see how they differ from each other—

1. Shelving Layout

The most important difference between a gun safe and a regular safe is the shelving layout or the rack arrangement inside the safe. A normal safe doesn’t have bigger racks or shelves because most of the time we use this to keep smaller goods. That way you can keep small firearms like pistol or revolvers in them, but it’s impossible to accommodate larger firearms like shotguns or rifles in a normal safe.

A gun safe, on the other hand, has a proper shelving layout to keep the firearms properly. As you know, you should always keep the firearms in an upright position to prevent damage. Only a gun safe can offer a properly organized rack to keep the guns well. You can keep any types of guns and weapons in a gun safe, with a proper position.

2. Water Resistance

We all know why keeping guns dry is important. It doesn’t only affect the looks of your gun, it affects the functionality too. In a humid environment, a gun tends to form rust. That will make your firearms look bad, and hamper your shooting experience. So you should ensure a proper water resistance in your safe.

Most of the regular safes don’t have a certified water resistance feature since most of the personal belongings aren’t obligated to a moisture-free environment. So most of the time, the humidity level in a safe is controlled within 50-60%, which is not enough for firearms.

A gun safe, on the other hand, features 100% water resistance for any type of guns and firearms to protect it from damage. It offers a proper door seal in the safe so that no moisture can come inside. Also, some of the gun safes have a built in dehumidifier in them. So you do not have to worry about forming rust on your gun at all.

3. Fire Rating

One of the most important difference between a gun safe and a regular safe is fire protection. Fire rating is important for any firearm since fire can seriously damage any firearm. Also, catching fire on firearms may cause blasts in your house, amplifying the damage to your house.

Most of the regular safe doesn’t have any fire rating or fire protection system. So keeping firearms in it is kind of risky and you should not do that. On the other hand, a gun safe has a fire rating most of the time, so you can save your guns even if the room catches a fire.

Most of the gun safes have an extra layer of fire protection on the safe walls. So it’s quite impossible for fire to get inside your safe. So you can keep your firearms and bullets inside the gun safe without any tension.

4. Door Seal

A sealed door is another important feature of any gun safe. The door seal is important to save the goods from moisture or fire. Most of the gun safes feature a properly sealed door with an advanced quality locking system. So that fire or moisture can get inside the safe at all. Also, it’s quite important to protect your fire arms from getting dirty, and a sealed door safe can prevent dirt from getting inside.

A regular safe, on the other hand, doesn’t offer a door seal with it. So your firearms may be affected by not only moisture and fire but also by dirt and insects. So you should really check out if your safe has a proper door seal before buying it.

3. Price Range

Providing this much facilities, a gun safe is naturally more expensive than a regular safe. You can find a regular safe at a cheaper price, but you will miss the extra features that you can get in a gun safe. If you want to buy a gun safe but running short on budget, check out our reviews on best gun safe reviews to grab the best deals in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put a gun safe in a garage?

You should not keep your gun safe in your garage. Because that way it has more possibility to get stolen.

How to hide a gun safe in plain sight?

You can hide your gun safe in plain sight by making fake closets or fake walls, or even by making fake shelves on your wall.

How to store a gun to prevent rust?

To store a gun to prevent rust, you will need to clean the gun with ammonia free gun cleaner and then keep it at a dry place with zero humidity.

Are gun safes bulletproof?

Not precisely, but most of the gun safes actually capable enough to stop the bullet with its thick metal wall. That way, the safes can prevent any potential accident.

How to prevent rust on guns?

To prevent rust on guns, you have to clean the gun regularly with ammonia free gun cleaner and keep it at a dry place.

Despite being on the expensive side, you should get yourself a gun safe for the maximum protection of your firearms. A regular safe can only save your firearms from theft and unauthorized use, but a gun safe can save your gun from potential damage along with theft and unauthorized using. So the gun safe is the clear winner of our gun safe vs regular safe comparison.

If you have any question regarding this post, don’t forget to leave them down the comment section. We will try to answer them as soon as possible. Until then, have a safe shooting!

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