How Do Rifle Scopes Work of 2021 – (A Step by Step Guide)

I was sitting in the gun store at that time a novice came into the store to buy a new rifle. The manager of the store asks the novice what type of rifle he wants. Then he says, he is here to buy a rifle in order to hunting. The buyer also asks some intelligent question to the manager and examine some of the rifles individually and carefully.

He asks the manager which one will best for him and then he select one rifle. The rifle was expensive too. He expends more than 1000 dollars only for the rifle. Just leaving before from the store he paid just 45 dollars for a rifle scope. The manager sighs, accept the purchase and the novice go out from the store happily.

How do rifle scopes work

Sometimes I’ve to face this type of reality. The novice doesn’t know the importance of a rifle scope. The Novice also doesn’t know the fact that a rifle scope can make a rifle better performing. Even, a moderate type of rifle can deliver excellent performance with the help of a rifle scope. But without a rifle scope, you have to face trouble hitting the target with a highly expensive rifle on the market. Now the time to know how do rifle scopes work?

External Materials Of A Rifle Scope

The most important part of a rifle scope is the lens. The most anterior ventral part of a rifle scope is an objective lens which is large in diameter among all lenses. This apparatus is light gathering object. The diameter of the lens calculates the amount of light transmitted to the eye through the scope. Performance of a rifle scope widely depends on the objective lens.

External Materials Of A Rifle Scope

The other end which lies in the most posterior part contains an ocular lens or eyepiece. Ocular lens lies closest to the eye than other while using a scope. The main function of the ocular lens is a magnification of light in the focal point. A rifle scope also has a reticle that is better known as a crosshair.

The main tube of a rifle scope is its body. It gives the surface area to the scope and holds the lenses in right places. The tube composed of metallic material. Most of the case’s aluminum is used to the tube and it becomes lighter in weight as well as water resistant. Normally the diameter of the tube is 1cm though some others have larger. But it is important to know the measurement of the tube to handle it properly.

In between portion of the ocular lens and objective lens is the body of the cope. Just midpoint of the body users will find three knobs for the adjustment. The knobs are windage knob, elevation knob, and parallax knob. The windage knob is used to fix the windage that means adjustment striking point of the bullet that is either left or right.

This knob usually places on the right side. The elevation knob which lies on the superior portion. It uses to adjust the impact point that is how much up or down. Parallax knob which is rarely found on the left side.

The last part of a rifle scope is power ring or magnification ring. It presents between the ocular lens and rifle knobs. It helps you to give a clear view of an object. By rotating the ring you can utilize the advantages of the ring. By all of these combine action of a rifle scope can help you to be a good hunter or a good shooter.

Interior Portion Of A Rifle Scope

From anterior to posterior you will find the objective lens, a focus lens, magnification lens and ocular lens. Between the focus lens and objective lens, there is erector tube. Inside the erector tube magnification lens is present. When the magnification lens moves forward ( towards the objective lens) will increase magnification.

Interior Portion Of A Rifle Scope

On the other hand closer to the magnification lens to the ocular lens magnification is lower. If you have a 3-9x rifle scope that means magnification lens nearest to the objective lens on 9x magnification as well as with the 3x magnification it closest to the ocular lens.

The reticle (crosshair) of a rifle scope can be placed in front of magnification lens or the behind. Presence of in front, this configuration is known as a first focal plane. In this condition, magnification will be increased and the crosshair will change size. In this plane, size of the target or object remains relatively same in the scope whether the magnification is set or not.

In case of the second position (Second focal plane) magnification is changed. As a result, the crosshair is not able to magnify the target or object. In long-range application, there always be a first focal plane as this configuration helps to determine the object and strike the object easily.

Lenses of a rifle scope frequently make in order to lessen the light reflection off the rifle scope. This allows the light transmitted to the eye through optical instruments which are situated within the scope. Increased amount transmission of light through the lenses will increase visualization of the object. That is why lenses are called the core of a scope.

Some Properties Of A Rifle Scope

Click adjustment is attached to most of the elevation and windage knob. You can feel it during rotating the dial. One-quarter minute of angle adjustment is the result of one click. It usually calls as ¼ MOA. Minute of an angle is the ratio which is always fixed in different distances. One minute angle at 50 yards is almost equal to half (0.5’) inch.

Similarly, One minute angle at 500 yards is more or less equal to five inches. This means if you rotate the windage knob 3 clicks to the right the striking point of the bullet hit a ¾ inch to the right.

All riflescopes are not made up of the same power. Some of them are 4x, 4-12x, 4-12X50, and so many different power. What does it mean? A 4x scope means you can see any object four times larger than the actual size. Similarly, 4-12x means you can see the object four times larger to twelves time larger. 4-12X50 means the scope make four to the twelve-time larger view of an object and the diameter of the objective lens is 50 cm.

Most of the hunters or shooters don’t know how do rifle scopes work. That is why It is very important to have a good quality rifle scope as well as to know how do rifle scopes work. If I have the best quality rifle scope but I’m unable to operate it. Can it be beneficial for me? Not only important to operate it but also need to know the proper use of it.

Though all the rifle scopes don’t have the same configuration, this article can give you a clear idea about rifle scope, it’s all parts and their uses. If you have a rifle and also have a rifle scope, place the scope to the rifle and follow this article. Here, almost enough information is given to provide you the right direction using a rifle scope.

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