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Have you ever been wondering how far the target is? Or, having trouble figuring out how to judge the distance between you and the target? Then you’re concerned about the absolute right things. According to Texas Parks and Wildlife, the ability to judge the distance is a skill that every hunter should have. 

However, learning this set of skills may take some time and effort. But, once you earn it, you are one step closer to becoming a Pro. And, your further scroll will help you out by demonstrating some useful ways to how to judge distance. So, Let’s proceed!

How To Judge Distance

There are several methods to judge the distance with or without the riflescope. But, not all of them are equally effective. Instead, some of the methods will just waste your time without giving any result. So, here we’ve listed the ones that are fully proven by the professionals.


1. Recall Judging

One of the most common methods for determining the distance between targets is recall judging. It requires aiming at your target and determining the distance using depth perception. It is not, however, as simple as it appears. It takes time and patience to master. The more you practice, the easier it will be to recognize the target distance at different ranges.

The best way to achieve it is to practice with a 3D target dummy. After a few days of consistent practice, you will be able to estimate how far away the target is. While training, make sure you’re using a variety of 3D target dummies. You can also take 3D target hunting classes from certified institutions to learn how to do this.

You’ll also be able to see how different targets appear at different distances. So, for example, when the smaller targets appear to be a little far, the bigger target seems to be closer.

2. Ground Judging

Ground judging is another effective technique to measure distance. In this method, you will need to measure the gound distance between you and the target. So, the surroundings play a vital role in getting it done successfully.

To begin with, determine the ground and the target you are going the measure. Commonly, it is around 20 yards. Starting with this level of distance, you can then forward to long distances. Gradually, you will develop the expertise of ground judging.

Furthermore, you will need an object such as sand drums or empty cans for practice. Next, set the can to the pre-determined range and try to look at it with your scope. Remember, the bigger the objects look, the closer it is. So, adjust the scope slowly with the knob, and when you notice the cross over the object, and it is smaller enough, you are all set. Finally, as much you increase the distance, set up the knob to get the distance perfectly.

3. Range Finder

Rangerfinder is an excellent tool for spotting your target. It is a simple device that may be purchased in relevant stores or online. The device’s purpose is to measure the distance between you and the target. It’s a portable device that you may take with you everywhere you go.

Range Finder

The ranger finder can provide you with the most accurate distance measurement between you and the target. So, if you want to be hassle-free, a range finder is a perfect way to figure out how far away your target is. Another exciting feature of the device is that it can assist you in learning how to judge distance. This tool can be used to test the accuracy of your judgement abilities.

It is nearly impossible to acquire your target without first determining its precise distance. If you’re hunting, it’s much more crucial because the target may escape your sight, and you’ll lose track of it.

4. MOA Method

The Minute Of Angle Method is the most famous method in judging distance. Here in our country, it is one of the most used methods. Applying this method is pretty simple as the scopes come with pre-determined reticles. The units for this method have USA standards.

Moreover, to do this simple task, you need to do some math. First, you attach the scope with your rifle or handgun. Then, check that you are getting a clear view of the target in the given reticle dot. In the end, simply divide the size of the target by MOA dimensions and multiply it by 100. The result will be the exact distance from you to the target.

5. Using the Mil-Dot Formula

It’s a bit hard but quite an effective method in judging the distance. To apply this method, you need to have a scope with milliradian markings. There are several formulas to use this method. But, the riflescope with the mil dots makes the task easier. The following formulas you have to apply are:

  • In Yards – 1000 x Target Height (Yards) ÷ Number of Mils
  • In inches – 27.7 x Target Height (inches) ÷ Number of Mils

Now, to find the distance in yards, multiply the target height in yards by 1000 and divide it with Mils. the ultimate result is the distance you want to know. Follow the same method for inches and get your results in no time.

Our quest to how to judge distance ends here. However, there are many more ways that may be used to complete the task, but the ones we’ve covered are the most effective in the eyes of pros. Furthermore, by employing these methods, you will not waste any of your valuable time. Overall, learning to judge distance is an important step in becoming an expert. So be patient and give it time.

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