How Should You Hold a Handgun for Maximum Accuracy in 2021?

The success rate of different hunters and shooters is not equal to the handgun. It varies user to user. I’m also agreed on this matter. A slight difference always belongs to the different users, but I don’t find any logic of the sky-high difference of accuracy level. Do you ever question yourself, ‘’why is my accuracy level so poor?’’

You will never get maximum accuracy until you can wield the handgun properly. Besides, it can also be dangerous for you if you utilize it mistakenly. The first and most important thing that you need to know is how to hold the gun properly. It helps to increase your skill and accuracy at the same time it also reduces the chance of occurring any accidental event.

There are many important facts on which the accuracy of shotgun depends. We also try to cover all those important points, but the first step is very important how to hold the gun. If you cannot hold the gun accurately, then all tricks will become ineffective on how to improve handgun accuracy. So, it is definitely important to know how you should hold a handgun for maximum accuracy. Can you realize its importance?

How to Improve Handgun Accuracy

Today we will discuss how to hold your handgun for getting the maximum accuracy. Follow the below steps:


1. Get Preparation

Before going to start the practice session, some important things may be helpful for you. Let’s see what they are!

First of all, grow the confidence level. The success rate is always more of those tasks that are done confidently. Similarly, confidence can be a significant factor in improving handgun accuracy. Remember, confidence is an important key to accuracy.

Secondly, get all the gears. It doesn’t mean to arrange all equipment only; it also indicates to decide the target range and correct setting of the bullseye. Moreover, you also should need to have all the equipment with you.

Thirdly, you should have a clear idea about the triggering mechanism after completing the previous tasks. The first experience of handgun users is very surprising. Yes, according to the handgun users, they had to apply much pressure to strike the trigger. According to them, the pressure was more than the 5 times weight of the gun itself. Can you imagine?

So, it is very important to grow the habituation of controlling the trigger. That’s enough.

2. Assume That The Gun Is Loaded

At first, you will practice holding the gun when it is empty. So unload the gun by removing all the rounds from the magazine. There can be one round even after unloading ready for shooting. Make sure that you removed that round too. Now while you are practicing, assume that the gun is loaded and points it to a safe direction. Never point a gun to someone even it is empty.

3. Controlling The Gun With Two Hands

The ideal way to control the arm is holding it with your both hand. Holding the gun with both hands ensures that you will get great stability as well as get proper accuracy for shooting. Let me explain how you will hold the gun with both hands. Use your dominant hand to hold the gun by putting it on the grip. Bind your middle, ring, and the pinky finger to hold the base of the grip and the trigger guard. Make sure that the fingers are close but not overlapped one on another. Hold determinedly and keep your index finger of the dominant hand secure on the gun frame. Never put the finger on the trigger unless you have aimed and ready to shoot.

Now put your non-dominant hand on the exposed grip of the gun. When you will do this correctly, the empty space will be filled. Such hand grip for the gun will feel completely unnatural for the first time. But with time you will be okay with it. The purpose of such hand grip is to decrease the recoil of the gun as much as possible. With less recoil, you will get proper stability as well as accuracy.

4. Take A Proper Shooting Position

The position of the body is also important to consider while you are shooting. Your feet shoulder should be wide, and the knees should be slightly bent while shooting. Never flex the leg muscle as well as don’t lock the knees. Bring the gun from the holster with the dominant hand and then grip it using the method we have discussed above. Stay in a position which is meant to be the ready position for shooting.

5. Extend Your Arms And Aim

Before you do this, determine your dominant eyes. You can easily find it out in this way – hold your index finder under any object. If the object doesn’t move while you see it by one eye by closing another eye, then the open eye is your dominant eye. The

Now get ready for shooting. Extend your arms in front of you and aim to the target with dominating eye. Almost all guns come with a target acquirer on the top. Look to your target through it. Make sure that the gun is empty while you are doing all these.

6. Pulling The Trigger And Firing

The accuracy of your gun depends a lot on the trigger management. You know how to pull the trigger but let me still tell you the ideal way of doing this. Position your body and properly hold the gun. Then put the index finger on the trigger. Make sure that the gun is locked and unloaded.

Now you are ready to make a shoot. Make sure that there is nothing in the middle of you and your target. At first, your hands will slightly vibrate in the shooting position but don’t worry. With time, you will develop muscle memory, and you will not experience it again. Hold your breath and pull the trigger while focusing on the target. You have successfully made a dry fire. Now, slide the gun again and keep dry firing the gun to be comfortable with the gun.

7. Now Prefer For A Real Shoot

Before you shoot the gun with live ammunition, make sure that you have worn proper safety glass and hand gloves. As the gun will be loaded position the gun at down in a safe position. Rack the slide, and one round is now ready for firing. Focus on your target and hold the gun with your both hand. Keep the index finger away from the trigger before aiming. Now aim at your target and shoot the gun following all the considerations mentioned above.

The above description has let you know how to hold the gun and shoot ideally. Follow the procedure to shoot the gun properly with better accuracy.

Safety Precautions Should Be Taken While Handling the Handgun

You should not forget for a while that you are handling a firearm. And you should be careful. Safety precautions are not only important for you but also essential for the people around you. Here are some suggestions are given below to follow each and every time while handling the gun.

Safety Precautions Should Be Taken While Handling the Handgun

  • As you are handling a firearm, it may cause many unwanted incidents anytime. That is why you should keep a first aid kit always with you.
  • Hold the gun tightly and make sure your hand is wrapped tightly on the grip of the gun; otherwise, it may lead to hand or wrist injuries.
  • Don’t strike the target from the same distance repeatedly. Rather, shoot the target from different ranges (At least 2). It helps to improve the positioning of your hand in different locations.
  • Don’t be tense and take breath regularly.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

✅ Does a pistol grip improve accuracy?

Definitely. The pistol grip improvers the accuracy directly or indirectly. A good grip helps to hold the pistol tightly and reduces the movement of non-triggering fingers. Thus a good grip will improve accuracy.

✅ How far is a 9mm pistol accurate?

The effective distance depends on the size of the object, more or less. A shooter can hit a man-sized target accurately from 1800 meters away.

✅ What pistol is replacing the m9?

The US Army has taken the decision to replace the Beretta M9 with the Sig Sauer Pistol.

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