How to Adjust a Rifle Scope Properly in 6 Easy Steps 2021

Shooting is a sport to some people and to the other it is a profession. It requires some accessories to make the shooting much easier and accurate. Riflescope is one of them. It is the most important companions of a shooter which helps him to accurately mark the target and shoot from a long distance.

You literally couldn’t cover a long distance without a rifle scope. Rifle scopes come with a knob on the bottom and top which helps to zero your shot perfectly. Understanding the proper way of adjusting, mounting and sighting a rifle scope will make you a good shooter over time.


Nowadays, rifle scopes come with an easy adjusting process. However, it still needs practice and precision for adjusting accurately. If you are a beginner shooter looking for the proper way of adjusting rifle scope then this article is for you. Here we will discuss how to adjust a rifle scope properly.

How to Adjust a Rifle Scope

Here is the process of adjusting a rifle scope properly. Remembering the process while shooting will help you to earn a better shot.

How to Adjust a Rifle Scope

1. Install The Rifle Scope

At first, make sure that you have all the needed accessories for the adjustment. Also, make sure that the scope is correctly fixed in the barrel. Install the mount by tightening the screws into the mounts according to the manual that you got from the manufacturer.

You will not need to continuously adjust the mount while sighted in. After that, lay the scope on the bracket as per the direction from the manual. To check the levels and tighten the ring firmly, use a small torpedo level on the top of the scope.

2. Level Your Cross-Hair

Now check the target with the rifle scope and check whether you are getting a sharp and clear image or not. Set the distance to your shooting eye, it will help you to get the correct eyesight from your shooting position. Now check the crosshair level by holding the rifle in a steady position or mounted on a stand.

Make sure the rifle scope is level and square to the ground level. Now start rotating the cross-hair and turn the vertical crosshair at the top dead center which is also known as 12 o’clock. It is important to make sure the cross-hair is oriented in the correct position before tightening it.

3. Setting The Zero

The most accurate way to sight-in a rifle scope is to shoot from different positions. You can use the bulls-eye for setting the zero. They come with a lot of measurement which helps you to accurately make the adjustment on the rifle. Be careful while shooting in an open location. Follow the rules and regulation of the range for a safe shooting.

If you want to zero your rifle more accurately than use a gun rest. It will help you to stay away from the errors as much as possible. You can get the gun rests from the nearest gun shops or you can also borrow them from gun clubs. If you don’t have a gun rest then choose a solid location for shooting.

4. Take Some Shots And Check Them

You will need to check the rifle scope by taking some shots to make sure whether it is accurate or not. Do this process carefully. After that, wait for the signal that is hot and looks through the rifle scope and uses the bulls-eye for adjusting. Now take the safety off from the rifle and squeeze the trigger confidently without any jerking to ensure an accurate shot.

Take two or three shots accurately at the same time. Now it’s time to examine your shots. Wait for the signal that the range becomes cold. Unload your rifle and retrieve the target. You can also examine the sight through a range sight to get an exact picture of your shoot.  Repeat the process for multiple distances for a better result.

5. Check The Adjustment Knobs

Normally, the rifle scopes come with to dial, one on the top and another on the side. They are used for adjusting the scope as well as zeroing it to allow you to see whether the rifle will be aimed in line. The upper knob is used for adjusting the up and down of the cross-hairs and the side knob is used for adjusting the rifle left to right. Turn the knobs on using your fingers. You can also use a coin or small key to turn the knobs for an accurate result.

6. Move The Sight Toward The Misses

Now, move the sight near the misses and if you miss for high then adjust the scope to go higher. If you miss from left then you will need to adjust the knobs to go left. Adjusting the knobs is a process which needs steadiness and patience for a better result. Make the needed adjustment until the rifle hitting the bull’s eye position. Most of the rifles have same adjustment which moves the zero 1/4″ in every click. However, read the user manual guide from the rifle scope manufacturer to be sure about the adjustment.

Adjusting a rifle scope without any experience can be a hard job to do. However, with our above guide, it should be easier for anyone. However, do the process carefully and if you don’t understand any step check it again or call someone an expert for help.

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  1. I am a new shooter and I found this advice really helpful. People who have been shooting for years may find it basic, but there are people like me out there that need to be told how important scope adjustment is! You absolutely must get your rifle level so the bullet will hit where you want at 100 yards or more if possible. The best thing about adjusting your scope with these instructions is that they can work on all types of rifles including ARs (with some adjustments).

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