How to Clean a Gun with Household Items (10 Steps Guide 2021)

Gun cleaning is very necessary, and here there is no controversy. I hope you fully agree with me. Well, somebody thinks it is not a good idea to clean a gun with household items, but the concept is totally wrong. Yes, you can definitely clean the gun with some household items finely. The only condition is you just have to know how to clean a gun with household items perfectly. Just it.

Yes, I’ve also agreed with you a gun is not such a thing that can be cleaned by any hand. But I want to say; it is also not an item that is usually handled by everybody but you. So, why you can’t clean the gun if you know the effective way of cleaning a gun?

How to Clean a Gun with Household Items

Anyway, different users may use different methods for cleaning the gun. And the household items may also differ from different users. But in this content, I’m going to show you the most simple method so that everyone can follow the method. And definitely, the gun will be cleaned finely in this way. Before going to the detail, you should know how important it is!

How Important Is The Gun Cleaning?

If you use a gun, you know how dirty firing a gun is! If you only see the outer surface of a gun, you cannot detect the dirty portions of it. To be honest, just after a shot, some debris begins to accumulate on the gun barrel. And the debris accumulates on the barrel if you don’t clean the gun for a long period of time. And after that, you will don’t get the expected firing effect. Can you understand the effect of not cleaning the gun?

Gun Cleaning

That means gun cleaning is necessary for keeping gun smooth functioning. And definitely, the gun provides better performance and lasts longer that is cleaned from time to time.

What Are The Household Items Will You Need?

Generally, we all know that lube oils are the necessary items for those who need to maintain vehicles such as cars or bikes. Similarly, there have some cleaning solvents that are commonly used for gun cleaning. The following solvents are primarily used as gun cleaning solvents.

1. Transmission Oil

Transmission oil is an excellent lubricant, and it is commonly used in the gearbox. This oil helps to keep the smooth gearbox functioning. You know many impurities are accumulated in the gearbox, such as carbon and other waste materials. And to remove the impurities transmission oil works excellently. Now, think about the gun, what are the impurities accumulated in the gun? The same things get accumulated as the gearbox. So, you definitely need to have transmission oil at your home to keep clean your gun.

2. Kerosene

Kerosene is very known to us not only as a fuel but also as the solvent that is used in countless purposes. Yes, kerosene is an ultimate solvent that is most commonly used to clean dust and debris. So it is also a very effective solvent that you should keep in your house. But keep in mind don’t buy the strong type such as 2-K type as it can be too strong for you. 1-K type kerosene is safe for everyone.

3. Mineral Spirits

Mineral spirits are the other important solvents that have dissolving power. They are effective and can be used in multipurpose cleaning tasks. At the same time, they are cheap also and find the solvent almost everywhere. Just go to your nearest hardware store to get it.

How to Clean a Gun with Household Items

The cleaning process is not too difficult, and at the same time, it also doesn’t take too much time if you can do perfectly. Bring all the household items, accessories, and the gun on the place where you want to start the process. Now, let’s see the process step by step.

  • Step 1ঃ First of all, get your cleaning mat and lay it on the table. A cleaning mat is definitely a necessary item because, on a clean, clear, and comfortable surface, the cleaning becomes much easier.
  • Step 2ঃ Secondly, you have to disassemble the gun. You should confirm the gun is not loaded before starting disassembling. Now separate all the parts of the gun such as the chamber, bolt, barrel, frame, etc. The disassembling process is not the same as all guns; it depends on the brand and model. You can follow the disassembling guide.
  • Step 3ঃ The disassembling process is finished and placed all the parts on the cleaning mat. Now start the process by cleaning the barrel at first. For that, take some small pieces of cloth and make sure they easily fit on the barrel.
  • Step 4ঃ Now clean the barrel with the small pieces of cloth and clean all other parts with comparatively large cloth for your convenience. For the first time, you just clean with the dry and clean cloth.
  • Step 5ঃ At this stage, you have to use the solutions that are mentioned above. You can use any one, or you can use the mixture of all. I prefer to use a mixture.
  • Step 6ঃ Soak the small piece of cloth in the solution and use it to clean the barrel. You can also use a thin stick to get access to all portions of the barrel so that you can clean perfectly. On the other hand, soak the large cut of cloth and use it to clean the other parts.
  • Step 7ঃ To clean the chamber, you also need to use the small pieces of cloth and a thin rod or stick. Otherwise, the chamber doesn’t become clean properly.
  • Step 8ঃ Now, the question is how long you clean the gun parts, right? You can change the cloth that you are using to clean the gun after getting them dirty. And then use another clean and clear cloth. And clean the gun until the dirt and debris come off from the parts.
  • Step 9ঃ If all the parts become clean perfectly, they look like it was new. And you also have to clean until it is sparkly clean.
  • Step 10ঃ Now, assemble the gun correctly and take enough time to assemble. After assembling has been finished, check the functions of the gun. Just it.

Precautions Of Cleaning A Gun With Household Item

A gun is not an ordinary and commonly used thing. Always remember it is a firearm. So, you definitely need to take some precautions before going to clean the gun.

  • First of all, you have to ensure you are going to use the right solution. Don’t use regular oils as they cannot clean the dirt and debris on the gun. Rather, the oil contains some compounds that are considered as the dirt and impurities for the gun. I hope you can understand.
  • Secondly, Use perfectly small pieces of cloth. Don’t use the tiny and too small clothes because there has the chance of getting stuck inside the barrel. So, be careful.
  • Thirdly, don’t rush the cleaning process. If you take the proper time, you see you will be able to clean it quickly. If you do rush, you see nothing is coming perfectly, and as a result, it will take much time.
  • After cleaning the gun, don’t forget to check the function of the gun,whether it works finely or not!


There have so many ways to clean the gun, and all the ways are not easy and also not highly effective. Some ways are very expensive also. But here, I’ve shown you a very simple method that everybody can follow. At the same time, here I mentioned some household items which are widely available and cheap also. And in the end, the cleaning process and the household items are highly effective. Just follow this process of how to clean a gun with household items once, I hope you will definitely realize how simple and effective the process is!

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