How To Clean A Rifle Scope Easily – Step by Step Guide In 2021

A rifle scope basically a complex device and all most every high-quality brand manufacture scopes with high definition of multi- smeared optics.  The main purpose of a rifle scope is transmitting the optimal light that aids shooters to aim their prey accurately. But “how to clean a rifle scope properly” is the most asked question as it can be imprinted for extended usage. Moreover, fog, dust, and other environmental particles may accumulate on it and reduce its sharpness.

So, your question “how to clean the inside of a rifle scope” can be answered properly if you pay attention to the following steps.So no more fuss just get into solutions.

How To Clean A Rifle Scope [know this process]

There are lots of steps and ways to ensure your scopes clarity but among them, few steps are really effective and decent. To make a clean and successful shoot it is obvious to have a clean and diaphanous scope.

Since you don’t have enough opportunity to take care your scope while hunting in a hostile place rather you need to be more conscious to your prey than your scope so the term “prevention is better than cure” is not much true in this case.  So we prefer to cure than prevention. So let’s get started:

How To Clean A Rifle Scope

1) Brush Your Scope

Dust can easily accumulate on the surface of the lens. So the pellucidity may decrease. All you have to do just take a soft brush or lens pen that is oil and grease free and decently brush off the lens. After returning from the hunting and before store your gun in the gun safe, you can do so every time. This will keep your scope clean and transparent by preventing these contaminants from the surface.

2) Use Microfiber Cloth

Smudges and imprint may also respond to reduce the clarity and lucidity of your scope. In order to prevent these smudges, you need to take a microfiber cloth or kerchief. Triangular fibers are the elements what differs the microfiber cloth from other cotton cloths. Cotton cloths have the kind of circularly shaped fibers that may cause oil smudges on the surface. So a soft and thick microfiber napkin is our recommendation. Use such kind of cleaning cloth to wipe away the blotches and smudges from your rifle scope. Apart from this fabric is also effective to eliminate diminutive particles from the lens.

3) Use A Premium Grade Tissue

Sometimes farina and thick water spot get stuck deeply on the lens and it seems irremovable. In this case, many of you try to prevent it by rubbing the lens with an ordinary napkin. This attempt is more harmful than the spot you try to prevent. Don’t do so never ever. To eliminate such kind of spot use a premium grade tissue and rub it slowly on the lens. Don’t forget to pour a few drops of the suggested lens cleaning liquid on a wad of tissue. At first, you can make a circular motion that should start from the center of the lens and gradually move towards the edges. By doing so you can wipe way not only the thick water spot but also stubborn stains and smudges from the surface of your scope. After rubbing with a wet tissue you can use another wad of dry tissue for better cleanses.

Another notable point is that if you use any anti-fog lens cleaner don’t let it dry quickly so that you can resist this fluid to leave any surplus on the surface of your scope. If you go for a quick dry formulation it will bring a negative result on the contrary.

4) Wash Your Hand Before Clean Your Scope

Before clean your scope wash your hand first. Select a clean place with adequate light. Don’t do hurry anything rather check your scope carefully and find what happened to it or what and where to clean. You should remember that the kind of tools you are going to use to clean your scope relay on what kind of spot or scratches it has got.

5) Use Protective Cover

Various kind of lens protective covers is available in the market. By using a protective cover or cap you can protect your scopes from any unexpected scratch or smudge since it can be harmed while you not set your eyes on your scope. So when you don’t set it to a prey but looking for it keeps covered your scope until you find a target.

6) Use Gun Safe

If you think only when you are in a range or hunting our scope can be harmed then you are not correct entirely. It can be harmed at your home even. If you mountain your rifle in a common place or hook it loosely it may easily decrease by anyone. So it is better to use a gun safe to keep safe your rifle as well as scope from dust or any kind of unexpected.

Rifle Scope Cleaning Tools

Above we have described six proper way to keep your scope clean and transparency. Now we feel the necessity to introduce some lens cleaning tools so that you can ensure the clarity of your rifle scope in the fullest sense. Generally, we tend to clean our scope whatever we find near to hand but it that is truly a mistake. Scope are not only a part and parcel of a rifle but also a complex expensive optical. So routinely cleaning it with useful tools keeps it sharper that allows you to make a sharp and clean shoot.

Rifle Scope Cleaning Tool

Some Scope Cleaning Tools Are:

  1. Leupold lens pen
  2. Retractable brush
  3. Cleaning kits
  4. Blower brush
  5. Premium tissue paper
  6. Lens paper
  7. Microfiber napkin

The Usage Some Of This Tools

Lens pen

lens pens are modified and manufactured especially for the lenses. So certainly it is easier as well as more perfect for cleaning your rifle scope than ordinary brushes. The ordinary brushes are not as soft as it. If you use an ordinary brush instead of using a lens pen it can leave so many diminutive scratches on the surface. So you have to take a lens pen or soft brushes like it. You can brush of rapidly with the pen from the edge to the center of the scope. Make circle motion and swipe away any kind of diminutive particles from the surface.

Lens paper

like lens pen lens paper is made for cleaning lens.  So don’t use any hard paper to clean your scope lens. Wet the paper with some lens cleaner liquid and rub it slowly if you have any kind of thick water or oil spot stuck on the surface.

Microfiber cloths

if you do not have the lens paper you can use any microfiber cloths instead it but not any ordinary cotton cloths that have circular fibers. Microfiber cloth has triangle fibers that remove any kind of contaminant particle or smudges from the surface. Wet the cloths with suitable liquids and rub it smoothly from the center to the edges of the lens.


In spite of being a mainstay for producing an accurate shot you usually stay unconscious to clean the scope until there goes something wrong with it. We generally pay attention to the rifle or gun but forget about the scopes. But we should keep in mind that a clean scope also important and effective parts of a rifle that can ensure a successful shoot.

Your scope can have immense types of particles accumulations or smudges or there may lie thousands of reasons behind that smudges but that wouldn’t be a matter at all rather if you don’t clean your scope properly in a proper way and it lost its transparency that would be a matter really.

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