How to Open a Sentry Safe without a Key or knowing the combination

Sentry Safe is a USA based safe manufacturer that produces a wide variety of safes to keep your valuable goods secured. It is one of the most reliable brands dominating the safe market for a long time. The Sentry Safe products come with some decent security features to provide the highest level of security to your assets. They are made out of ETL verified and fireproof material and keep your safe 2 hours intact in the fire.

How to Open a Sentry Safe without a Key

As the Sentry Safe is highly secured they are very hard to open while you forget the combination or lose the key. However, there are some ways to break the security system and retrieve your valuable assets from the safe. In this content, we will discuss three ways of opening a sentry safe without a key. If you have locked sentry safe that needs to be opened then this article is going to be very important for you.

How to Unlock a Sentry Safe without a Key

There are several ways to open a sentry safe. However, the below-mentioned processes are easiest of them.

  • Open sentry safe with a paper clip
  • Unlock sentry safe with a nail cutter
  • Open sentry safe using a drill or cutting tool

Before trying any of the process we will suggest you ask for replacement keys from the manufacturer directly. If they are unable to provide the key then you can proceed with the below-mentioned process of opening the sentry safe.

Open sentry safe with a paper clip

This is by far the easiest way to open a paper click. You will need two paper clips and one needle nose pliers for this process. Here is how you do it.

  1. At first, take a paper clip and bend it in 90-degree angle accurately using your finger.
  2. After that, you will need to bend the bigger leg tip of the clip at 90-degree angle, you can use a plier for this process.
  3. Now, band the other leg tip of the clip and then the clip will look like a wrench.
  4. Bend the second paperclip with the help of your finger at a 180-degree angle.
  5. Bend the tip of the second paperclip at 45-degree angle using a plier. The paper clip will look like a feeler pic.
  6. Now it’s time use the wrench-a-like paper clip. Take the clip and insert it at the foot part of the lock.
  7. Take the feeler-a-like paper clip and insert it in the upper part of the lock.
  8. Now start pressing up the pins in the lock. Continue until you hear the “click” sound. The click sound means you influenced the right place.
  9. You may need to repeat the process for two or three times for unlocking the lock.
  10. Make sure you are turning the pins in clockwise while opening the safe.

Open sentry safe with a nail cutter

You will be shocked to know that you can use a nail cutter to open a highly protected safely. You will need to use the nail file to remove the lock. Use the below guide for doing the process correctly.

  1. Get a nail cutter and open the nail file from it.
  2. Make the file straight and attach the head of the file head of the lock.
  3. Now shake the nail system for a while and then start rotating it when it is inserted in the lock.
  4. Keep rotating until you hear a “click” sound which ensures your work is done. You will be able open to the safe now.

Open sentry safe using a drill or cutting tool

The sentry safes are highly monetized for providing a smooth fire safety. But most of the models lack strong features to prevent a drill machine. However, it is not going to be an easy job to open to break the lock with a drill machine. It is quite impossible for the individuals to break the lock with drills. However, you can call a skilled millwright or machinist who can do this job efficiently.

Majority of the models of the model from Sentry safe lack copper strips. As a result, it becomes can’t stay strong against cutting tools such as burner bars, cutting torch, etc. You can open the sentry safe using those machine within a moment. However, those tools are dangerous and they need to be used carefully.

The sentry safes come with a high weight so that they become unmovable for the thefts. However, you can use the weight for opening it when you don’t have access to the key. You can drop the safe from a higher level to break it. However, this process will only work for the low-end model of safe.

Safes are made for security and protection. As a result, they are hard to break down. However, with the above technique, you should be able to easily open a sentry safe.

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