How to Sight in Scope without Shooting – Complete Guide

Sighting a riflescope is the most important thing you need to do after buying it. That is because you don’t know where the cartridge of the bullet will fall. It will leave the part of your body burned if it accidentally falls on your body. Sighting the scope will keep you safe from such accidents.

How to Sight in Scope without Shooting

Usually, you will need to make a shoot for sighting the riflescope. But if you are a stubborn like me who will not like to lose ammunition then there are alternative methods for you. Today in this article, we will discuss some of the easiest ways to sight a riflescope without shooting.

Sighting a scope without shooting in different ways

There are multiple ways to sight a riflescope without making a shoot. Below, we will describe some of them:

Laser Bore-sighting

Well, it can be the most convenient way to sight your riflescope within the shortest time. For this particular method, you will require a device known as boresighter. The tool can be mounted on the arbors and fit in the rifle’s muzzle. It is equipped with new technology to keep it in line. The most impressive thing about the laser boresighting is it is one of the most accurate and professional ways to sight your riflescope without shooting.

Using the boresighter is very easy. Attach the boresighter according to the manual on your rifle. Now equip the riflescope and go through it to your target. Find out the last point of the laser light and move the crosshair in that exact position. You are done!

Visual Bore-sighting

This is one of the ancient ways to bore sight a riflescope. It is also one of the easiest one. In this method, you will need to align the center of the rifle’s barrel with its sight. You will require only a few minutes to do it. Here is how you will do it – at first, stable the rifle on a steady platform. If possible use gun rests or simply use some books or sandbags for doing so.

Now remove the bolt and try to look on your target with one eye through the bore. Do it without moving any of the rifles fine-tune knobs. Now look through the scope and move the crosshair to the position that you have seen with boresight. Now you are done and your scope has been sighted!

A thing about visual bore-sighting is you will need to repeat the whole process for multiple times to find out a much accurate sighting.

Optical Boresighting

The process is as like as the laser bore sighting. It requires a device which you will need to attach on the rifle. Make sure the lens is lining up with the scope. Now look through the grid of the lens and adjust the crosshair of the scope to match the center grid. You are done!

Magnetic Boresighting

Magnetic boresighting is not that popular. But it can be highly effective for sighting the riflescope. It is one of the most flexible ways to sight your riflescope. It is also as like as laser boresighting. But for magnetic boresighting, you will need to attach the device in the muzzle of your gun using a strong magnet. Using this way, you can quickly boresight your riflescope without any fear of inserting something in your gun’s barrel.

Boresighting is an easy but important function to do after you get a riflescope. Hopefully, from the above-mentioned methods, you will find a perfect method to boresight your rifle comfortably without destroying any of your ammunition.

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