How to Zero a Scope without Firing -4 Reason You Should Know

Zeroing is one of the primary works that you will need to do after purchasing a riflescope. That is necessary to accurately shoot the riflescope for acquiring your target. Today we will discuss on how to zero a riflescope without shooting.

There are varieties of riflescope available in the market but all of them require zeroing in the same process. Besides, there is multiple ways to zero a riflescope. You can even zero your riflescope without shooting it.

How to Zero a Scope without Firing 2021

Here in below we have described some of the easiest way to zero a riflescope without shooting. So go through the next part of the article to know how to zero a riflescope:

1. Visual Boresight For Zeroing

Visual boresighting is the oldest way of zeroing a riflescope without shooting. It has been used for centuries to zero a riflescope effectively. The process is pretty simple. The interesting fact about visual boresighting is it doesn’t require any devices. Though the method is slightly easy, it requires proper patience and discipline.

Here is how you will use the visual boresight method to zero your riflescope – at first, place the riflescope on a steady position. A gun rest will be the best companion for this purpose. However, you can use sandbags or couple of books too. Whatever you use, make sure that the rifle is steady.

Remove the bolt from the rifle and try to look through the middle of bore with one eye open. Now mark a target at 100 yards and try to see it with the bore. Now don’t move the rifle and try to see the target through the riflescope. Now you can move the scope gradually and tighter the rifle knobs after positioning the target through the crosshair of the riflescope. You are done!

2. Zeroing with Laser Boresighter

As the name suggest, the laser boresighter is a small device used to zero the riflescope which produce laser rays. The method is known as laser boresighting. This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to zero your riflescope. The professionals also use this method to zero the riflescopes. The biggest advantage of laser boresighting is it provides you a 100% accurate boresighting. There is a chance of some errors in visual boresighting but there is no chance of error in laser boresigthing.

The process is pretty simpler than the visual boresighting. You will need to attach the laser boresighter on your arbor. However, the device can also fit in the muzzle of your rifle. However, it basically depends on the shape of the boresighter as it comes in different structure. If it comes in a bullet shape then you will need to attach at in the gun chamber. Besides, if it comes in a mounted shape then you will need to fix it in an extreme end of the barrel.

After attaching it, see the direction of the laser light and find the end point of it. Now see through your scope and adjust the elevation and windage to move the crosshair in the exact point. You are done!

3. Zeroing with Optic Boresighter

The optic boresighter is another device as like as the laser boresighter to zero your riflescope. It needs to be attached in the barrel of your riflescope to do so. Make sure that the lens of the boresigher is in line with the scope. Look through the lens grid and adjust the cross hair on match the middle of the grid. You are done now. This process will require a little more carefulness than the above procress as you will need to do tiny measurements.

4. Zeroing with Magnetic Boresighter

The magnetic boresighter is another simple but effective device to boresight your riflescope. As the name suggest, it is consist of a strong magnet which help to hold the device in the gun’s muzzle. The advantage of the magnetic boresighter is it can match with any types of caliber and gauges. Moreover, magnetic boresighter don’t require attaching anything in the barrel which can be problematic. To use the product, just see the manual and attach it according to the manual.

The Processes Need To Do Before Going to Zero the Scope

First of all, you should mount the scope on the rifle and need to make some adjustments. These are very much important. The processes are very easy, and I can do with closing my eyes also. I don’t know about you, so the processes are below.

1. Mount the base and then mount the rings

Take a good quality base to mount it on the rifle. And then mount the perfect sized rings on it. Always remember the base and rings will hold the scope with the rifle. So, the quality of the scope and rings should definitely be better.

2. Mount the scope

Now lay the scope into the rings and make sure you have set the scope in the correct direction. After setting the scope into the rings, tighten the screws tightly so that the scope is placed in the right position firmly.

3. Set the eyepiece to the right distance

Now, positioning the eyepiece is very important. Now you have to set the distance between your shooting eye and eyepiece so that the image comes to your eyes sharper and clearer. In that case, it can be helpful for you if you know the eye relief of the scope. If you can set the distance, you think you have perfectly set the eyepiece in the right distance.

4. Level The Cross-Hair

The cross-hair should be leveled; otherwise, zeroing may become difficult for you. Mount the rifle on a stand and then start rotating the cross-hair. Rotate until the vertical cross-hair is stopped at the dead center.

5. Tighten the mounting base

Before starting this step, you should be confirmed you have leveled the cross-hair perfectly. Now tighten the mounting base of the scope. Be careful if the cross-hair moves.

Advantages of Zeroing a Scope without Firing

There are many advantages of zeroing a scope without using any bullet. I hope you can also assume some of them.

Anyway, the first and major benefit is it saves bullet. Yes, you don’t have to waste a bullet if you zero the scope without firing.

You know when you are firing, any unexpected incident may occur. But if you don’t use any bullet while zeroing, it is free from any kind of risk.

And finally, if you zero the scope before using the rifle, you will get more accuracy and don’t have to waste time to zero the scope before shooting or hunting.

Frequently Asked Question

✅ How to zero just a scope without firing?

There are some methods described in this guide, and you can follow any one. If you want to zero quickly and accurately, you can zero the scope with laser bore sighter.

✅ How to zero a rifle scope without firing?

Zeroing a rifle scope is pretty easy with the methods that are mentioned above. Follow the method that seems to be simple and easy for you.

You will find these devices in the shops which sell gun and other relative item as well as in the online stores. Hopefully, after reading the article it will be easier for you to zero the riflescope.

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