How to Zero a Scope without Firing – 4 Reason You Should Know

The first thing you need to do after you get your new riflescope is zeroing. And zeroing a scope without firing is the first thing that determines your expertise. Also, zeroing without wasting any bullets makes you cost way less. However, it requires some expert advice to grab how to zero a scope without firing. That’s why you are here.

There are several ways to do this task successfully. All you need is some patience to read some lines and focus on the instructions below. Moreover, the processes discussed below will also help you out to reduce the chances of unwanted incidents. So, let’s get started!

How to Zero a Scope without Firing 

The process of zeroing a scope without firing is known as boresighting. It can be done in several ways. Here we have demonstrated four of them that are most recommended by the professionals.

Things You’ll Need Before Boresighting

Before you proceed to your quest to learn how to zero a scope without boresighting, some things you’ll need:

  • Scope mounted rifle
  • A Perfect target
  • A good laser
  • Rifle rest
  • Screwdriver
  • Torque wrench
  • Manual caliper
  • Rubbing alcohol 
  • Bubble Levels

1. Visual Boresight For Zeroing

Visual boresighting is the oldest way of zeroing a riflescope without shooting. It has been used for centuries for zeroing. The process is pretty simple. The exciting fact about visual boresighting is it doesn’t require any devices but proper patience and discipline. 

Here’s the demonstration of the visual boresighting method – at first, place your scope-mounted gun on the rifle rest. Make sure the gun is in a steady position. However, sandbags or a couple of books can be an alternative. Then, remove the bolt from the rifle and look through the middle of the bore with one eye open. Next, place the target at 100 yards and try to see it in the same way. 

After that, keep the gun in the place it was and see the target through the scope. Finally, Move the scope gradually and adjust the rifle knobs until you get a clear view of the target through the crosshair of the riflescope. And, if you are getting a clear view, you are all good to go!

2. Zeroing with Laser Boresighter

The laser boresighter is a small device used to zero the riflescope. In this method laser rays are used for boresighting. Laser boresighting method is the easiest and fastest one to zero your scope. Also, the professionals recommend this method most for zeroing. Besides, the accuracy in laser boresighting is 100% guaranteed. The chance of error in visual boresighting is more which is near to no in the laser boresighting.

Firstly, You will need to attach the laser boresighter to your arbor. Also, the device can also fit in the muzzle of your rifle. However, it depends on the shape of the boresighter as it comes in different structures. If it comes in a bullet shape, then you will need to attach it to the gun chamber. Besides, if it comes in a mounted shape, then you will need to fix it in an extreme end of the barrel.

After that, see the direction of the laser light and find the endpoint of it. Finally, see through your scope and adjust the elevation and windage to move the crosshair to the exact point. Once you get the target exactly, your scope is ready for action.

3. Zeroing with Optic Boresighter

The optic boresighter is another device like the laser boresighter. It needs to be attached in the barrel of your riflescope for zeroing. After you get an optic boresighter, make sure it is exactly aligned with the scope. Remember, you need to handle the optic boresighters carefully than others.

So, make sure you match all the measurements. FInally, look through the lens grid and adjust the crosshair to match the middle of the grid. If you can see the target clearly then it’s all done.

4. Zeroing with Magnetic Boresighter

The magnetic boresighter is another simple but effective device to boresight your riflescope. As the name suggests, it consists of a strong magnet that helps to hold the device in the gun’s muzzle. The advantage of the magnetic boresighter is it can match with any type of caliber and gauges. Moreover, magnetic boresighter doesn’t require attaching anything in the barrel, which is a bit problematic. To use the product, just see the manual and follow as it says.

The Processes Need To Do Before Going to Zero the Scope

There are some early preparations you will need to take before you start boresighting. These ones will help you out to do the task faster and easier. So, the preparations you will need to take are:

1. Mount the base and then mount the rings

Take a good quality base to mount it on the rifle. And then mount the perfect-sized rings on it. Always remember the base and rings will hold the scope with the rifle. So, you need to assure the best quality of the scope and rings.

2. Mount the scope

Mounting the scope perfectly is the most essential part for effective zeroing. So, follow the instructions and mount the scope perfectly. 

  • First, remove any oil or grease from the base using rubbing alcohol and cleaning patches.
  • Then, place the rings gently on the base using the screwdriver.
  • Now, use your hands and check everything is in its place.
  • After that, check the elevation using the caliper. 
  • Next, fix the rings without being harsh on them.
  • Finally, place the scope and check it is perfectly aligned with the bubble levels.

3. Set the eyepiece to the right distance

Right positioning of the eyepiece is very important. The comfort of your shooting and the safety of your eyes depends on the placement of the eyepiece. Also, the clarity of the image is determined by the distance of your shooting eye and eyepiece. So, make sure you placed the eyepiece right and it is ensuring good eye relief.

4. Level The Cross-Hair

The cross-hair should be leveled; otherwise, zeroing may become difficult for you. So, mount the rifle on a stand and then start rotating the cross-hair. Rotate until the vertical cross-hair positions at the dead center.

5. Tighten the mounting base

Finally, when you are done with everything, check the mounting base is tightened enough. If it remains wobbly then you will face difficulty in targeting right.

Advantages of Zeroing a Scope without Firing

There are many advantages of zeroing a scope without using any bullet. Anyway, the first and major benefit is it saves ammo. Yes, you don’t have to waste a bullet if you zero the scope without firing.

Also, it reduces the chance of any unwanted incidents and shoulder tear, As the National Library Of Medicine reports. Besides, it’s reduces the risks for childrens as most of the zeroing practices take place in the yards. In brief, zeroing a scope before you go on a hunt saves a lot of time. As well, ensures accuracy in shooting either in the woods or in the ground.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

✅ How to zero just a scope without firing?

It’s not possible to zero just a scope without firing. But it’s possible if you want to zero your scope after mounting it in a rifle. There are several methods to do that. Among them, visual boresighting, laser boresighting, optical boresighting, and magnetic boresighting are most preferable.

✅ Why is it called boresighting?

In Boresighting, the bore refers to the barrels of the gun. So, when you align or zero your scope just after mounting it on the rifle it is called boresighting.

✅ Can you sight in at 25 yards for 100 yard zero?

Yes, it is possible. To adjust the scope at 25 yards for 100 yards range you need to set the alignment 0.5” to 1.5” below the line. So, when your bullets at this adjustment hit the target at 25 yards, it will hit the bull’s eye in 100yards.

✅ Why should you zero your rifle at 100?

It’s not a constant that you have to zero your rifle at 100 yards. But 100 yards range is counted as a standard measure because most of the manufacturers set the parallax adjustment at this range.

Zeroing is scope without firing is not rocket science. Also, it requires less effort and offers exact accuracy as zeroing with firing. However, it may take a bit of time to grab the skill properly as they are quite pro level. On the other hand, it will save your money and keep you safe from uncertain risks. This guide to how to zero a scope without firing is prepared for your ease of training. So, follow it up as it is instructed to.

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