Safe Vs Cabinet: Which One Is Best For You?

We all get pretty confused finding a place for keeping our guns and firearms. Utmost safety and protection are what we look for while selecting the appropriate place for our firearms. A gun safe & gun cabinet is quite a popular choice for doing so, although they have some major differences which will affect your firearm security. Don’t worry, let’s check out the differences between a gun safe vs cabinet and see which is the best for you.

Choosing a safety & protection measure for your firearm will obviously depend on you. You will have to make a decision based on your budget, the number of firearms, security feature, and even display options. A gun safe or gun cabinet will ensure the best accommodation for your gun, but they are different in many aspects.

Why putting some extra protection layers are important? Well, the first reason is to save your precious firearm from theft. No matter how old & rusty your gun is, someone is always ready to steal it. Another reason for keeping them under protection is to avoid unwanted circumstances. Many of us have kids or pets in our house, who may cause an accident by playing with the firearms. Either way, a gun safe or cabinet is really a smart choice.

Gun Safe Vs Cabinet: Which Is The Better For You

Many of you are probably wondering what’s the big deal about gun safes and gun cabinets? Well, they obviously have different purposes and different outcomes upon using. You just have to choose the one that you find the most suitable for you. For that, we are going to focus on both pros and cons of them. So here they are—

Safe Vs Cabinet

Gun Safe:

Being one of the most popular ways of preserving a firearm, a gun safe is, however, smaller in size than a gun cabinet. They have multiple layers of locking system which makes it nearly impossible to steal. Also, they are often too sturdy and solid to break through. So you can ensure the utmost safety for your firearms.

Gun Safe

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Gun Cabinet:

A gun cabinet, on the other hand, is like a display showcase for firearms. Those who love to brag about their hunting and gun collection should get a gun cabinet for them. This is indeed an incredible idea to showcase your gun collection to your friends and relatives still keeping them safe. Check out best gun cabinet reviews to see the best deals on gun cabinets and showcases.

Gun Cabinet

They definitely have some major differences depending on size, weight, material, safety measure, price range, fire safety, etc. So let’s see how they differ from each other.


One of the basic differences between a gun safe & a gun cabinet is its size. The size is quite an important parameter to distinguish these two, because it is directly related to capacity and accommodation.

A gun safe is available in many different sizes, from 1 CFT boxes to 10 CFT or more, although usually on the smaller side. Though it can be found in large sizes, the capacity or inner space is surprisingly little. You can keep only small weapons like revolvers or pistols and bullets in them. You can put in larger weapons like rifles or crossbow in them, but the space is not enough to keep a lot of them. You can only manage to keep one or two of each.

A gun cabinet has a larger capacity than a gun safe, you can keep a lot of things in there. As the wall isn’t as thick as a gun safe, the internal space is more than any gun safe. So you can easily keep rifles, crossbows, shotguns, pistols, rifles, bullets, and whatnot. A gun cabinet also has a better structure to contain all these weapons taking up less space in your house too.


The weight of these chambers depends on their material, size, wall thickness etc. In that case, a gun cabinet has less weight, so it can easily be lifted and carried by an individual person. The material is super lightweight and the wall is pretty thin. So it isn’t as sturdy and solid as you may think.

On the other hand, a gun safe is super heavy and sturdy for its solid material and thick walls. Even the smaller boxes are kind of tough to carry or move to another place. So you can be tension free about vanishing the safe with your precious weapons.

Another notable thing about the weight of these chambers is it affects the safeguard of the things inside. A heavy gun chamber is super hard to break into, so your firearms and weapons will be more safe.


About material, we can see uses of different materials like steel, iron, wood, glass, aluminum, etc in these gun chambers. The materials greatly affect its security, so we should also focus on the material too.

A gun safe is usually made of solid metals like stainless steel or iron, which makes it heavier and harder to break. Some safes have an extra layer of carbon to protect it from fire, which creates an extra layer of safety to your weapons. Most of the gun safes have a thick metal wall around it, so it gets quite heavy and damage-proof.

A gun cabinet is usually made of various materials depending on its type. Some gun cabinets are made with wood and glass, where some gun cabinets are made with thin metal sheets with a glass front. Usually, lightweight materials like wood or aluminum are mostly used. So the gun cabinet has more space inside and less weight. And the front glass is actually for display purpose, most gun cabinets use 5 mm glass doors, so gun cabinets door is quite prone to get crushed and damaged. But still, gun cabinet provides a layer of security by keeping it out of reach from children and pets.

Safety Measure:

The most important thing about any gun chamber is its safety measure. Speaking of safety, the first thing that pops up in everyone’s mind is the locking system. That’s where the gun safe and gun cabinet mostly different.

A gun safe consists of multiple solid locking systems, that actually make it quite difficult to access. Their locks are almost impossible to break open and that’s the best part of buying a gun safe. Nobody can’t reach your belongings without the keys, so stealing from a gun safe is quite rare.

Another notable safety measure of a gun safe is its solid material and thick wall. Multiple layers of unbreakable metal wall will provide the maximum protection for your wall. So you can rely on a gun safe without any tension.

On the other hand, a gun cabinet wouldn’t be the best choice if you want the best protection for your weapons. First of all, most of them have a glass door and breaking it is just a matter of second for anyone. Secondly, it is super lightweight due to its lightweight material. So anyone can vanish the whole unit within a few minutes. The wall is not that robust, so anyone can break it with a heavy weapon or cut it down pretty easily.

About locks, we all know how weak a glass door lock is! You can break it even though you do not have any fancy tools. But still, they are pretty useful to protect the guns from children and pets.

Fire Rating:

Fire protection is also an important measure for any gun chamber since fire tend to seriously damage any firearm. Some gun chambers achieve fire protection by an extra layer of fire resistant insulation on the wall. Between a gun safe vs cabinet, gun safes are often fire rated or fire resistant where a gun cabinet doesn’t offer anything like this.

Other than fire protection, gun cabinets are often made of flammable materials like wood, plywood board etc. affecting the safety of your firearms. So if you want a fire rated gun chamber, we recommend to get a fireproof gun safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are gun safes fireproof?

Most of the gun safes are fireproof or fire resistant, but not all of them. You have to check the fire rating of the gun safe before buying it.

Are gun cabinets secure?

Gun cabinets cannot provide strong protection against theft, but it is pretty useful to keep the firearms and weapons out of reach from children and pets.

Can you open a gun safe with a magnet?

You can open a few gun safes with an earth magnet. A heavy earth magnet can easily pull up the lock pins and let you open the lock by only using a bobby pin or nail file. But in most cases, they don’t work.

Can a gun cabinet be kept in a garage?

You should never keep gun cabinet in a garage, because keeping there will increase the possibility of stealing from the cabinet. As a cabinet does not have a strong locking system, anyone can steal from your gun cabinet if they manage to break into your garage.

Where to put a gun safe in your house?

The best place to keep a gun safe in a house to use your bedroom, preferably in a closet. You can make some fake wall or fake closet to ensure the maximum security of your weapons.

Wrapping It Up

Considering different aspects of them, the winner of gun safe vs cabinet is definitely a gun safe. If you want to ensure the highest security of your firearms, you shouldn’t think twice to buy a gun safe. And if you like to show off your weapons, simply go for gun cabinets, which is also good enough to keep your precious firearms distant from other persons. Have a safe shooting!

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