Sentry Safe Won’t Open With Key? – A Complete Guideline 2021

It’s not uncommon to forget the key or the combination of your Sentry Safe. But even though you have the key, sometimes your Sentry Safe won’t open with the key. Worry not, let’s learn how to unlock a Sentry Safe without a key.

Sentry Safe Won’t Open With Key

There’s nothing worse than your Sentry Safe to remain locked even though you have the key. Sometimes the key doesn’t work anymore because of the accumulation of dirt or even internal destruction of the lock. Also, your key might be deformed which doesn’t let you open the safe.

Sentry Safe Won’t Open With Key

Some people try to open the safe by breaking the lock or even the safe. But it doesn’t make sense as you won’t be able to use the safe again. You should choose some alternative methods to open the safe so that you can replace the lock later and use it again.

So, what’s the solution? Obviously, you should try to pick the lock. Now there are countless ways to pick a lock, but not all of them work. Because it’s a Sentry Safe, picking its lock obviously shouldn’t be easy.

Anyways, there are a few things that work like a charm when you need to open the safe on an urgent basis. Depending on your lock types, you might need to follow different steps. Like you can’t use the same method for both keyhole lock and combination lock. No problem, we’re going to make the tutorial for all types of Sentry Safes in the market.

So let’s dig into the tutorial—

How To Open A Sentry Safe Without A Key

Before we get into the tutorial, we should know what types of Sentry Safes are available in the market. As you know, Sentry Safe has the most secure technology to keep your precious items safe and sound. If you want to learn more about Sentry Safe unlocking, check out our post on how to unlock a sentry safe without a key.

[Note: By any means, we don’t suggest opening the lock if you’re not the owner. Please refrain from such activity if you’re following this tutorial for any illegal activities]

Anyways, as you know, Sentry Safe features three types of locks in their safes. They are— keyhole lock, combination lock & lastly, digital lock. Each of them is different in its own way, therefore requires different methods to unlock. So let’s start with the tutorial—

How To Pick A Sentry Safe Key Lock

To pick a flat keyhole lock, you can use some things that are easily available in your house. You can use either a paperclip, a nail file or a bobby pin to pick the lock. Note that, they don’t work instantly, you have to try multiple times. Let’s see how you can do that—

How To Open A Lock With Paperclip

We can easily pick a key hole lock a wire paperclip. The paperclip should be durable and elastic so that it doesn’t break inside the lock. You will also need a pair of pliers to cut the paperclip.

To start, straighten the paperclip and cut it into half using the pliers. You’ll need both of them, so don’t throw the other half away.

Take one half and twist ¼ inch from an end and fold it. You should totally clasp the twisted part with the main part so that it completely closes. Then bend it to any side at a 90° angle. This will act as a tension tool to help you unlock the safe.

Anyways, take the other half and similarly twist 1/8 inch from an end. But this time do not totally clasp the part. Instead, make a 135° angle with the main part (45 degrees with the perpendicular axis). This will make a picking tool that ultimately does the job.

Now on to the main step, insert the bent part of the tension tool into the lower part of the keyhole. The straight part should be facing downwards. Then push the tool into the hole until you can no longer push further.

Then try to rotate the tension tool while it’s still inside the keyhole. Try to jiggle in the same direction as your key, in case of Sentry safe, it’s to the left. Now slide the picking tool all the way into the keyhole. The bent part should face forwards and upwards.

Now jiggle the picking tool up and down while you’re still trying to push it further. This whole process will eventually unlock it and you will know that just when you hear a click. Once you hear that, rotate the tension tool to the left ( or its usual direction) to unlock the safe.

How To Pick A Lock With Bobby Pin

Unlocking a sentry safe with bobby pins is kind of easy. But it doesn’t work every time. However, we could make it work most of the time. The process is somewhat similar to the paperclip method, we made a picking tool and a tension tool with whole bobby pins.

Likewise, you have to follow the same steps of pushing and trying to open the lock with the picking tool. Continue to push until you hear a click and rotate the bobby pin tension tool to finally unlock the lock.

How To Pick A Lock With Nail File

A nail file is another brilliant tool to pick the lock of your Sentry Safe. All you need is a small metal nail file with a pointy end to pick your lock.

To start, take your nail file and try to insert it all the way into the keyhole. Now you have to jiggle the nail file up and down and try to push further (Like the picking tool of paperclip). Continue this until you hear a click, now rotate the file to the left (or in the usual direction to which your lock opens) to unlock your Sentry Safe.

How To Pick A Digital Safe Lock

Unlike key locks, digital clocks don’t crack open with bobby pins or nail files. You have to follow a different method. We actually tried out some methods to open our digital safe and turns out only one method worked.

We could successfully open a digital lock with a heavy magnet. Obviously, it’s going to be a little bit costly considering to buy a huge magnet only to open a lock. But it’s totally worth it.

You will need a rare earth magnet that has a 125 pounds or 57 kg pull weight. That means it can pull a 57 kg magnetic metal without detaching. We recommend buying a disc shape magnet which is easy to move.

Now grab the magnet from the sides, and put it in an old sock. Then hold the disc to the top left corner where the solenoid usually remains. The magnetic field will affect the solenoid and force it to open the lock. You have to wiggle it to trigger the solenoid and do your job.

While you’re holding and wiggling the magnet, make sure to move around the lock handle. You will be able to rotate the handle once the lock is open. And that’s pretty much everything to unlock your digital Sentry Safe!

Take Help From A Locksmith

If any of then doesn’t help to open your Sentry Safe, you should take help from a locksmith or you should contact Sentry Safe to open your lock.

You can also choose to break open the lock. Use a pin and hammer to crack the lock and destroy the lock pins. Make sure to completely remove the lock, otherwise, you won’t be able to open the safe. 

Your locksmith or sentry safe manufacturer probably will do the same. So either way, you’ll have to install a new lock to use your Sentry Safe again. If you already have the key but yet can’t open the safe, clean the insides or use a lubricant to make the key work.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to open a lock without breaking it?

You can use some tools like bobby pin, paper clip, nail clippers, etc to open a flat keyhole lock without any key.

How to open a lock with a combination?

You can use the key of the lock to open it in case you forget the combination. Or you can use a rare earth magnet to open the lock without any key.

How to reset a digital lock?

You can reset a digital lock with the program function of your lock. Or you can refer to the instruction manual of your digital lock as provided by the manufacturer.

How to reset a sentry safe code?

Go to program mode and insert the factory code twice, you’ll get the preset factory code in the instruction manual. Then reset the code and insert new code to continue. If you already lost the factory code, refer to your nearest Sentry Safe shop.

How to unlock a lock with pin?

Take two pins and make a picking tool and tension tool with them. Use the tension tool to rotate the lock while you’re pushing the picking tool inwards.

So that’s how to unlock a sentry safe without a key. Now you won’t have to sweat even if your sentry safe won’t open with a key. Ensure strong security for your stuff and be safe.

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