Forgot Your Stack-On Gun Safe Combination Sequence? Solution Here 2021

Stack-On gun safe is the name of the security of your firearms. On the other hand, it is used as the storage of different kinds of firearms. Just think, an appliance that deals with firearms, so how should be the security level of it?

The manufacturer Stack-On makes all the gun safes where high-security locks are used. And they are not breakable easily. At the same time, you cannot open the safe with any tricks without the help of the manufacturer. You can open the safe illegally with the help of a locksmith, either breaking or damaging the lock. Though it sounds bad, it is good for you because you get the highest security from it.


You can try some ways to open the safe if you forget Stack-On Gun Safe Combination Sequence. Don’t worry because every problem has a solution.

Gun Safe Combination Sequence

Try to Find Out Security Lock Your Safe Has?

You know the lock mechanism of all safe is not the same. And the same pattern lock is not used on every safe. The recovery process of the reset code is also not the same. It may seem a very simple and unnecessary thing to you, but it is really important to recover the combination. If you find out the lock type that is used in your safe, you can find out the process of recovery. If you didn’t face this type of problem in the previous, then take help from the other who has the experience on it. Just don’t do anything from where the recovery is not possible.

Make Sure, Why is the Combination Sequence Not Working?

It is always stressful when you see you cannot open the gun safe? But you should not do anything that can break the lock mechanism of the gun safe that leads the lock damage. Don’t try too much to open the safe; try to match what is happened among the following points.

Can’t Remember The Combination?

After trying several times, you need a break from opening the gun safe. If you try more and more, you become more tensed over time. Just take a break and try to focus your mind on the other task. Sometimes your subconscious mind can remember exactly that thing that you were trying to remember. So take a break and be calm. So, get back yourself from to be upset. And try to remember whether had you changed the combination or not.

If you cannot remember the combination yet, don’t try anymore. Contact the manufacturer of this gun safe. Before that, arrange all the papers that can prove you are the verified owner of this gun safe. Now call the customer service of the manufacturer and give them the information about what they want to know. Then give the serial number of your gun safe, they help you. If not possible, call a locksmith; he might help you. But we again warn you, don’t try to handle by your hands too much; otherwise, it may get damaged completely.

Is the Correct Combination Not Working?

Though it is not a common issue, it may also happen. If you see the door is not after pressing the right key, then you understand the problem happens on the otherwhere. But you need to confirm the combination is right. Most of the cases, the problem occurs on the door hinges. In this condition, try to pry the door. Then if you can apply grease to the hinges, the chance develops opening the door. But after applying grease if the door isn’t open, then take the help of a locksmith.

If the Combination Not Rotates or Looses

It is a problem that doesn’t happen usually but rare. With the gun safe, you may have experience of stick dial or fixed dial. In this case, the dial cannot be pressed, or it cannot be rotated. If you face this problem, you have to understand it is a serious issue and you should not try to handle it.

Check the warranty period; if the warranty is intact, the manufacturer will help you. Just hand over the safe to the manufacturer, they solve the problem of the safe. But if the warranty period expires, they don’t help you. Don’t worry, call a locksmith and let him handle the safe lock. The expert locksmith can recover the combination most of the time. That is why you should not handle the lock if you are not an expert on it.

Can’t You Remember the Key?

Many Stack on gun safes come with a combination sequence lock system, and the manufacturer also provides a key. The key becomes useful when you forget the combination sequence or when the battery runs down. Haven’t you got the key? If so, use that to open the lock, simple.

If you have lost the key, try to find it out. If you find that, this will be the easiest way to open the lock. So, don’t go for breaking the lock until you confirm that it is not possible to find out.

Contact the Manufacturer

Before taking any devastating decision, you should contact the manufacturer. Most of the cases, the manufacturer can give the replacement keys and replacement combination sequence. It also varies model to model, and you have the best possibility of getting the best solution from the manufacturer.

Just contact them and give the information about your Stack on safe those they require. You will get a good solution within 3-5 working days.

Does Someone Change the Combination?

All the points you have passé, and only one is left. We don’t know, did you give the access of your gun safe to another hand? If not, there is nothing to think about the gun safe except taking the help of a locksmith. But if you share the combination with another person, ask him/her whether he/she had changed the code or not? If the code was changed, then you can open the safe door after asking the combination from the person. That is why we many times in this content not to do anything from the recovery process is impossible.

What Will Be The Procedure If The Locksmith Opens The Safe?

Just see the lock mechanism and lock pattern of your gun safe it seems impossible to open the safe’s door. Really, it looks like that. But the locksmiths are experts over it. They have some tools, and they can break the lock and repair also. Yes, the locksmith knows how to break into a stack on a gun safe. Usually, the locksmith opens the lock in three ways: cutting, drilling, and scoping. We think you don’t need to know about these three processes because handling the safe lock is not an easy task by the nonprofessional. So, call a locksmith to your house and let him break and repair the lock.

Frequently Asked Question

✅ Are Stack on gun safes any good?

Definitely. Stack on gun safe provides the highest level of security, and they are also some are water-resistant. Water-resistant is an amazing feature of Stack on safe.

✅ Are Stack on gun safes fireproof?

Most of the Stack on gun safes are fireproof. The fire-resistant Stack on gun safes is not so expensive too. They are affordable.

✅ Can you change the combination on a stack on safe?

Why not! You can definitely change it, but you should follow the correct procedure to reset the combination sequence.


If you forget Stack-On Gun Safe Combination Sequence, there have nothing to do for you except trying to remember the combination. If not possible, try to find out the best solution as described here. We want to say you again don’t try to handle the lock with or without any tools; otherwise, it gets damaged completely. Take help from the manufacturer or the locksmith; there have more chances to open the safe without damaging the lock completely.

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