The Parts Of A Rifle Scope – Everything About Rifle Scopes

A riflescope is small but one of the most important equipments of a rifle. A riflescope is basically an optical sighting device which allows you to see your target much better for an accurate shooting. Though it is a small device, it is made with a large number of components.

Parts Of A Rifle Scope

Parts Of A Rifle Scope

If you are going to use a rifle scope for the first time it is important to get some knowledge about the tool. It will help you to use it with better accuracy. Here in this article, we will discuss about some of the top features of the rifle scope.


It is one of the parts of the riflescope which you may hear about. It is basically the part of the riflescope where the ocular lens is situated. Some models of the riflescope’s eyepiece include an adjustment equipment to allow you to adjust the focus of the reticle according to your target to get the best view.


The ocular lens is the front lens of the scope. The ocular lens is smaller when compared with the objective lens. Usually, the main function of the ocular lens is gathering the light in the other part of the scope ( in the objective lens)l. Normally the ocular lens comes with different level of coating to make it waterproof and weatherproof as well as increasing light transmission. However, not all the riflescope may come with coating in the lens. So you will need to use them carefully.


The windage turret is an important part of the riflescope which allows you to adjust the horizontal alignment of the reticle. It is normally located at the right side of the riflescope. To adjust the alignment there are clicks. Usually, the windage alignment is done by hand. However, some riflescope requires screwdriver or small coins for adjusting. Normally the windage turret alignment is measured in minute of angel (MOA) or mill radian (MRAD). Some manufacturers allow you to choose a certain level of adjustment as per you want.


The power ring is an adjustment component of the rifle scope which allow you to adjust the magnification level of the rifle scope. Almost all the rifloescope available in the market has it. It is also an important part of the rifle scope. You can zoom in and out your target for a better view using this adjustment. Normally, the minimum and maximum adjustment of the riflescope depends on its specification. As an example, if the rifle scope come with 3-15x magnification level then it means the riflescope can zoom in the target from 3 times to 15 times closer to the shooters eye. There are some scopes available in the market which comes with a fixed magnification level. That means you will not be able to adjust the magnification level in these scopes. check also How to Adjust a Rifle Scope Properly in 6 Easy Steps


The scope tube is the bridge of a riflescope which connect the ocular lens and the objective lens. Normally the scope tube is one piece of solid metal. The interesting thing about the scope tube is they only comes in two size which are 30mm and 1-inch. The scope rings along with the other attachments are fixed in the scope tube.                The one inch scope ring will only be used with one inch scope tube when the 30mm scope ring can only be used with 30mm scope tubes.


The elevation turret is slightly similar with elevation turret. It is normally equipped in the scope body and allows you to make vertical adjustment for the reticle. Usually, the elevation and windage turrets come with same types of increment.


Some of the rifle scope comes with a third turret apart from windage and elevation turret. The turret is knownas parallax error adjustment and it is situated in the left side of the windage turret. The parallax adjustment is highly important when you are going to shoot on a long distance. Normally most of the riflescope are zeroed 100 yards but the riflescopes that come with adjustable magnification on a long distance can create parallax error. The parallax error adjustment helps you to remove the error for shooting accuracy.


The objective lens is one of the most important parts of the riflescope. The work of the objective lens is to gather light to show you a clear view of the target. Objective lenses come in a bigger size when compared to the ocular lens. It uses millimeter for the measurement. The size of the objective lens can be checked from the specification of the rifle scope. We recommend you to go for a large objective lens size as it allow you to see a better picture of the target and it allow you to shoot on a very long range.

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