Vortex strike Eagle Review 1-6 x 24 AR Rifle Scope Of 2021

Vortex strike eagle probably marketed in mid-2015 by the prominent brand vortex. This guide is all about the scope including all the possible information. The scope initially designed for the 3 gun competition use but gradually its use got variety. You can also check Vortex Strikefire 2 Review – Best Mid-Range Red-Dot Scope

Review: Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6×24 W/ Ar

However, it has a point where it can be effective in any application. When you need the speed to the target more than the long-range tack-driving precision you should not look for any other alternative of it. Apart from, in terms of self-defense including hunting it is a great performer. Its 1-6x zoom range makes its use extremely easy so that you can go from close range to up to 600 yards with it.

Vortex-Strike-Eagle-2018 review

Things Made It Unique:

Reticle: The very first impression of this vortex strike eagle is its reticle. It possessed the AR-BDC reticle (an illuminated glass with 11 power options). Having the opportunity of rapid shooting at distance from 20 to 600 with the popular .223/5.56 and .308 /7.62mm loads you are really facilitated with the very best accuracy for acquiring the target quickly.  For precision BDC technique it provides wide range of variety and can be effectively used with other firearms.

Easy Range Presumption:

With the AR BDC reticle you can estimate your ranges when targets are in your known dimension either 9” or 18”.  For getting the best accuracy the ranging demands you to set your vortex to 6 x magnifications.

Object dimensions varies range to range for this estimation of range according to object dimension is a very important to consider. For instance, either if the diameter circle of pattern adjusts with an 18” object or radius of circle adjusts with a “9 objects the required distance will be approximately 100 yards. Similarly 200 yards will be needed when total width of first horizontal mark matches with an “18 object or half width of line matches with a 9 objects.

When the total width of second horizontal mark matches with an “18 objects and half width of line matches a “9 object 300 yards of distance will be perfect. Thus you can calculate or estimate the range according to the object dimension up to 600 yards.

Review Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6×24 w AR


It is battery operated and a CR 2032 battery keeps its life alive up to 150 hours on maximum intensity. A spare battery has been gifted as well under the windage turret cap.

Objective lens:

Then lens provides a high-quality sharp and crystal clear image view. This fully multi-coated 24mm optic can effectively perform even the low light condition.

Flip-up lens cover:

To protect the lens from any unexpected scratch and stain flip-up lens covers are there from the factory. so no matter how recalcitrant the shooting field is but for keeping the lens lucidity constant the flip cover is there as a safeguard.

Scope Adjustments:

Though the optic’s reticle was designed primarily near about 5.56 cartridges the vortex website’s ballistic calculator allows the optic to be used with many cartridges and calibers. For instance, for the .308 loads caliber, the standard bullet drop for popular 7.62 mm the calculation will be-

From 20 to 150 yards when the main crosshair is zeroed at 50 yards:

.308 caliber is also included in the manual.
Here, for working with the riflescope that set at the highest 6x magnifications the drop Hashmarks are being designed. The main crosshair including the corresponding zeroed distance can be adjusted with any magnification.

Vortex Strike Eagle My Personal Experiment

Couple of weeks ago I headed out to my nearest barren field to check out the speed of target acquisition on 1x. I zeroed it at 50 yards and set up two steel plates at 15 yards distance to check how quick I acquire the targets within three individual duration of time from the shorter range position with one round.

The average calculation of my time taken was 1.67 seconds. From the low ready I did a sole double-tap drill on each individual target and for these it took 2.50 seconds. Then I enhanced the distance at 25 yards and did the drill again within 1.77 seconds and for the double-tap drill this time it came out to 3.20 seconds.


I have been searching a wider range to test the rifle at a greater distance for nearly 2 weeks and finally found a gun club. But the range was also limited there but enough for me. I was hoping to test the rifle at 200-500 meters but being unable I set up my targets at the 200-400 meters. The bonus facility was the silhouette range of the club. When the aiming center was 200 meters that means approximately 218.17 yards far I dialed over to 6 x magnifications I found the center crosshair resulted in consistent hits on the target.

Surprisingly same outcome occurred after switching to 400 meters (437.4 yards) and jumping down to the third crosshair with a little leftward wind hold.  In spite of the 10 percent difference in whatever meters and yards no elevation adjustment needed at either distance.

So, you see,   in both these different distances shorter or longer with the horseshoe reticle combined with BDC has marks acquiring targets is very quick and easy. So it is proven that this scope is not merely for a competition rather it can be effectively used in hunting such ac varmint, coyote, squirrel and even aerial hog.

  • Cristal clear glass and Hash marks reticle with 11 power points
  • Fantastic performance in both shorter and longer distances ( 15-600 yards)
  • Etched and illuminated reticle
  • Perfect for hunting and games
  • Super magnification and battery operated
  • Very affordable
  • Surprisingly this scope has no parallax adjustment and set be parallax free at 100 yards. For the other distances a cheek weld should have been adjusted with the vortex strike eagle.
  • Though the set up is light for its capabilities the overall weight of the vortex strike eagle is too much for some particular rifles for instance EOtech 512 (11.1 oz) or Appointment pro user (11.6 oz). The scope itself is 17.6 oz and for the recommended cantilever there also 6.7 oz is added.

Vortex Strike Eagle Specifications:

  • Field of view @ 100yd 116.5 -19ft
  • Windage and elevation adjustment: 140 moa each max
  • 44 travel per rotation
  • 5 inches eye relief
  • Capped turrets
  • Focal plane: second
  • Tube size : 30 mm
  • MSRP: $449
  • Weight 17.6 oz

Ultimate Words

After all of these it is proven that the vortex strike eagle is definitely a versatile optic with a reasonable price so far. Manufacturer’s warranty has ensured its durability and a perfect one for both the beginner and expert as it covers the both shorter and longer distance at a time.  Apart from, with gun you can deal various purposes by switching from distance to distance and jumping from reticle to reticle. For hunting, gaming, self defense what not it handles.

Adjusting and installment are relatively easy than the others and minor issues like flip lens covers, eye relief, turrets, windage and elevation adjustments, are being included as well. After going on so many guides and customer feedbacks I experienced it personally and the accommodated experience is here for you.  The decision is up to you but surely it won’t let your investment be spoiled.

Vortex strike Eagle has already possessed a firm position on the air platform with the highest quality of adjustable zoom and field of view. So don’t break your bank or make holes in your wallet you can grab it without doing all of these. It is available with all its superb features and specification and off course with the factory warranty at a very reasonable price.

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