Vortex Venom vs Viper Scopes – Which one The Best In 2021?

Mini red dot sights are becoming more and more popular day by day. In fact, they are also the first demand of users nowadays. That is why we are here to give you clear ideas about them. Nowadays, many people have confusion about Vortex venom vs viper because of not having clear ideas about them. Here we try to solve this issue explaining which is best for whom and why?

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Vortex Venom Vs Viper Scopes Best Of 2021

Vortex Venom vs Viper Scopes:

You know Vortex is a top listed and very renowned brand as optics manufacturer. And naturally, they always produce high-quality optics but offer an affordable price. If you can get high-quality optics at a decent price that can fulfill your expectations, why you go for others? Vortex venom and Vortex viper are those kinds of top-performing optics but come to you with an affordable price. But, which one can be your best option? Keep reading.

1. Vortex Venom Vs Viper: The Venom

If you are looking for the best optic for your handguns or long guns, Vortex Venom can be your best pick. This manufacturer offers this high-quality optics with a lower price when compared to the other mini red dot scopes.

It is available in two models; the first one is 3 MOA red dot, and another is a 6 MOA red dot. 3 MOA red dot is very much suitable for your long guns or rifle. On the other hand, 6 MOA red dot can perform the best with your handguns. Which will you need?

The windage and elevation turrets are super sleek in design and ensure sighting even in a breeze. It has ten brightness levels that can be adjusted by the power controls located on the left. You can also control the dot intensity by dot controllers. Amazingly, the manufacturer uses an auto-brightness adjustment option that can control dot intensity. To be honest, its brightness adjustment power is exceptional that we ever saw.

The body of the Vortex Venom is made of durable aluminum. So, it will give you longer performance, and you get and durable optic. On the other hand, the manufacturer uses a CR1632 battery which gives you amazing performance. If you use the lowest setting, it can be run up to 30,000 hours.

As it is available on two models which are perfect for either long guns, or handguns, that is why you can blindly go for this optic. They never disappoint you with the performance.

Venom Physical Characteristics:

  • Length: 1.9 Inches.
  • Width: 1.11 Inches.
  • Height: 1.02 & 0.41 inches at the front and rear.
  • Weight: 1.1 oz.
  • Battery: CR1632

2. Vortex Venom Vs Viper: The Viper

Vortex Viper, an excellent optic for handguns! Its compact design and very low profile make the perfect optic match with the handguns. We also have 10 years more experience of using much optics. But, we never found the effectiveness as we get from the Vortex optics.

You can’t choose the 3 MOA red dot of this product as it only has 6 MOA dot option. This is one of the major differences with the Venom. But, its lens is fully multi-coated that allow more light to transmit. As a result, it will produce a brighter and clearer image. Multi-coating of the lens also reduces glare.

Almost all the firearm users love these optics because of its matte finish. This optic is waterproof that is a useful feature. Its body is also made with durable aluminum which tells about the longevity of the optic.

All the controls are situated to the side of the optic, and all are very smooth while operating. You don’t face any difficulty while controlling them. On the other hand, a CR2032 battery is required to use it. You also get the same runtime similar to the Venom. But, you should remove the optic while to change the battery.

There is no user who has a major complaint against this scope regarding controls, image clarity, the field of view, and overall performance. Rather, everyone inspires other people to use the Vortex Viper. But, remember again it is made for handguns.

Viper Physical Characteristics:

  • Length: 1.81 Inches.
  • Width: 1.06 Inches.
  • Height: 1.02 & 0.33 inches at the front and rear.
  • Weight: 1.1 oz.
  • Battery: CR2032

Which Requires More Money?

If you compare venom vs Viper, then venom is slightly higher in price than the viper. That doesn’t mean venom is much time better. Just go for mini dot red from the market you will see almost all the sights are much more costly than the viper and venom. But, when compared with the functionality all of them are not equally effective of venom and viper. That is why it is not always true that higher pricy product is always better.

Major Differences With The Functionality And Design

First of all, let’s see the difference in their specifications and design. The first difference is the window shape. Venoms window is a little bit wider than the viper. Secondly, the position of the battery. The venom doesn’t need to be removed from mount while changing the battery. But, the viper is designed the battery space on the bottom, and you have to remove the sight while to change the battery.

On the other hand, venom is a little bit larger in size than the viper. The main difference is the venom is available for both 6 MOA red dot and 3 MOA red dot, but the viper only has 6 MOA red dot option. Basically, this is the primary difference.

But, if you want to compare with the functionality or features, they are almost identical to each other. In fact, you cannot differ with anyone from another one regarding functionality.

Our Recommendation

It is quite impossible to underestimate any sight. But you will buy only one. If you want to own both of them, that is exceptional. So which one would be best for you according to your needs?

To decide the best sight, you need to remember that what type of firearm you have! You should go for the venom when you need to fulfill multiple roles with the mini red dot. So, venom is perfect for long guns and rifles. For those firearms, viper is not a great choice.

But, if you need a mini red dot for your handgun, you should choose the viper. It perfectly matches with the handguns because of its compact profile. That means both sights are equally effective for specific firearms. Right?


Sometimes we often compare one item with the other. But, we don’t see the quality status of both product, are they nearly equal? If the products don’t have enough quality, how you compare them with each other? Here we tried to find out the difference Vortex Venom vs Viper, but we find some specific points. But, we don’t find anything which proves that one is superior over the other.

You never find any significant point which indicates the quality defect of any sight. Just keep in mind, you should choose the venom for rifles and viper for handguns or pistol to make the perfect match.

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