What Is The Best Way To Store Guns Without A Safe? [Gun Storage Tips]

It doesn’t need any description to mention how important it is to keep your gun at a secured place. Any unauthorized person or even a kid can deliberately or playfully make a shot and damage you or your beloved ones. Safes are by far the best solution to store a gun safely but many people don’t own one. Now the question is what is the best way to store guns without a safe? You’re about to find out!

After you have successfully bought your desired firearm, you should start with storing the gun. The first thing about storing guns is you have to choose such a place that only you can reach. Any unauthorized person or even your kids should not be able to know or reach to the place where you kept the gun. It’s quite hard to actually hide your gun without a safe but it’s doable. Let’s see how you can do that—

Where To Store Gun?

There are actually several ways that you can choose from. Not all the ways will work for you, nor all the techniques are useless. If you can execute it properly, you’ll surely be able to make the right choice.

Many of you have asked what’s the best way to store a gun? Obviously, a safe would be the best idea. A strong and sturdy safe can store your guns and ensure the best safety for it. Some safes are a little too costly to buy, which might be a problem. But worry not, check out our in-depth review on Nightstand Gun Safe which provides solid security in an affordable price range.


A key lock or password-protected safe can be your friend if you want to prevent the misuse of your gun. You can keep it anywhere you want and access your gun anytime. Also, some gun safes are actually fireproof. So it protects your gun from any destructive hazard.

Other than guns, there are some ways that also work great. You can choose any one of them to protect your safety arm and keep it out of reach of kids, pets or any person other than you. But what are the ways to keep it secured? Let’s see—

What Is The Best Way To Store Guns Without A Safe

The basic principle of properly storing a gun is to keep it far from everybody else. You can do it by following multiple ways that work like a charm. Some of them work even better than a gun safe. Here are some of our favorite gun storage ideas—

1. Hidden Cabinet

We all know this way from our favorite thriller or detective movies, but most of us didn’t try hiding our guns this way. A hidden cabinet sometimes works better than a safe since nobody finds out the place. Also, it’s a good idea to keep the firearms at some unknown place.

You can make a hidden cabinet behind a painting or furniture, which is easy to access for you but not easily guessed by anyone else. You can also make a fake wall to get the best result, but it’s quite costly to do so.

Keeping a security box will further add safety to your hidden place, that way it will become pretty inaccessible to anyone. The place should be easily accessible to you so that you can reach your gun instantly in case of any emergency.

You can make a hidden cabinet by an architect, but you can do it yourself too. Making the hidden cabinet yourself would actually be better. Because that way only you will know where your firearms are. Remember, a hidden closet is totally useless if everyone already knows about it.

You can make a hidden closet while building your house or find a cavity-like space on the wall. Then hide it with a painting or something that will not make an impression to anyone. It’s not expensive to execute either, so you can definitely give it a try.

2. Fake Walls/ Fake Vents

This is also another well-known method of hiding your precious stuff. It works pretty well, some people even make a whole closet with fake walls to keep their stuff. It is made in such a way that it will seem like a wall, but it’s actually a closet.

Fake walls or vents are quite easy to access, just you have to know how to open the closet. Definitely, this closet will not have any usual way to open. The method of opening the closet is also a kind of a password, which makes it indeed a brilliant idea. Only you will know how to open the closet, which makes this process a lot more fun than you can think.

Fake walls or vents are really suitable for those who have a lot of precious stuff to hide or have multiple firearms. Because it’s pretty costly to make. You may have to spend a hundred to thousand dollars to get the perfect fake wall. So making a fake wall to keep only one or two guns will not be worth the expense. But overall, the fake wall or vents can be another excellent idea to hide your gun.

3. Gun Case

A gun case is another sleek idea to hide your guns from everyone. It doesn’t need any expensive elements, rather it is quite cheap. A gun case is easy to conceal without anyone even guessing. You can use it as a guitar or violin case, or keep it at your bookshelf as a fake book. Nobody will ever notice.

If you have a bookshelf with a lot of books, a small gun case is actually a great idea for you. You can easily find some camouflage gun cases that will look exactly like books. Even if you don’t have a book collection, you can make a gun case matching the exact thing (closet/ wall) to help you conceal the case.

Most of the gun cases can be locked with a key, so nobody can open it even they find the gun case. You can buy a customized gun case from your nearest firearm stores or even online. If you want to spend less but achieve full security, a gun case will be an outstanding choice.

4. Security Box

A security box can be an effective alternative to a gun safe. In fact most people use a security box to keep small firearms like pistols or revolvers. Just like a gun safe, it’s durable, solid, and indestructible. Some of them are also fireproof, so you can ensure the fullest safety for your gun.

A security box is way cheaper in price plus works just like e gun safe. Although it’s not that huge to store larger firearms like rifles, you can easily choose this box to keep your firearms safe. Also, you can use this in a hidden cabinet or a fake wall closet to ensure further security.

5. Gun Storage Bag

Another incredible option to store a gun is to buy a gun storage bag. We strongly recommend using a gun storage bag anywhere you keep the gun. Because it is waterproof, hence prevents potential damage of your gun by forming rust on the metal.

You’ll still have to keep the firearm at a safe or any other place to further protect it. So don’t forget to wrap your firearm with a gun storage bag before storing it.

Other than these, you can also use gun cabinets, shotgun mounts, or trigger lock to prevent the misuse of your guns. But they’re not that great for hiding your firearm. You can still choose these ways to keep your firearms and protect them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are gun safes fireproof?

There are some gun safes that are fireproof, but most of them aren’t fireproof. You should check the material of the safe and detect whether any fireproof material is present. A layer of concrete or carbon foam will indicate your gun safe being fireproof.

Does a gun safe need a dehumidifier?

You should definitely use a dehumidifier to protect your gun from potential damaging and rushing. If you don’t want to use a dehumidifier, you can also get a gun storage bag to keep it out of moisture.

What to look for in a gun safe?

A gun safe should have a strong security layer, waterproof and fireproof feature and most importantly, should have an impassable locking system.

Is gun safe necessary?

A gun safe is by far the best way to protect a gun from stealing, unauthorized uses or misuses. You can also keep your firearm far from your kids and pets to prevent any accident. Plus it saves the gun from potential damage and rust formation.

Do you need a gun safe in California?

All the purchased firearms in California require an obligated safety measurement to protect it from misuse or any accidental shots. It is either a gun safe or trigger lock, which must be approved by CA DOJ

There go our favorite gun storage tips and tricks. So now you know what is the best way to store guns without a safe. Choose your favorite method and keep your firearms safe and sound as it should be. Have a safe shooting!

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