Where to Put a Gun Safe in Your House? 2021 Beginner’s Guide

The best place to hide a gun is a gun safe. But when you only had a handgun of your own, you may not consider buying a gun safe which will cost you more than the gun. In such situations, where can you hide the gun safe to keep it away from the intruders? We will discuss some of the best places in your home where you can keep the gun safe.

Where To Put A Gun Safe

Where to Put a Gun Safe

1. Empty Food Box

Gun is a valuable item. No one will ever think that you will keep your gun in such an object like an empty box. You can keep the gun in an empty food box and hide it in somewhere where the box will not look like suspicious. This way no one will ever notice the gun. However, keep the gun unloaded as well as trigger locked to keep it safe and secure if the kid finds it out.

Empty Food Box

2. Under The Floor

If you have a wooden floor in your house, then it will be the best way to keep your gun secured. What you will need to do is open a hole in the floor and make space there to keep the gun box. Then fix the floor and no one will ever including the kid, as well as the burglar, will ever found the gun. Make sure that you have used the gun box; else the gun may get damaged. You can also check What is the Best Way to Store Guns without a Safe.

3. Under A Coach

Most probably you have a coach, don’t you? If so then you can use the coach to secure your gun. Most of the couch nowadays comes with fabric underneath them. What you will need to do is cut a small hole and creates a space just for your gun. You can even keep the gun without a box there. In such a place, you can also store your short gun, rifle apart from the handgun.

4. Electric Outlet

We didn’t mean the real electrical outlet of your house. You will need to create a fake electrical outlet. You can even purchase a fake electrical outlet online. When a burglary attacks break out, the intruders may search the electrical outlet. But as there will multiple such outlets in your house, it will be hard for them to find out the one with a gun.

5. Air Vent

Air vent can be another exciting way to hide your gun. As like as earlier, you can use a fake air vent if you want. Else, you can consider even the real one for using. The best advantage of putting the gun in air vent is children will never think that the gun is put in there. Moreover, the burglar does typically not consider air vents most of the time.

6. Book

Yes, you can also hide your gun in a book. Though this is an old trick, it is still working smoothly. All you need to do is take an old book and create a space in it. Make sure that, you have created enough space to accommodate the handgun properly. Use a hardback book rather than a paperback. Then put your gun and put the book in your bookshelf with the other book. No one will ever found it without you unless someone has access to the bookshelf.

7. Picture Frame

It is a classic idea like the book to keep the secured in a picture frame. The interesting thing is there are a lot of manufacturers are selling such a picture frame which can accommodate a handgun and it can also be hanged on the wall. If you are going to use this method, then purchase multiple picture frame like this, so it becomes hard to understand for the burglar to find out the real one.

8. Kitchen Cabinet

Your kitchen cabinet can be another interesting place to hide your gun. But the thing is you will need to make sure that the gun is away from the food and other kitchen supply. You can dedicate a kitchen shelf or cabinet for this purpose. The burglar will never search your kitchen for a gun.

Kitchen Cabinet

If you don’t have a gun safe in your home, then you can consider using one of these places to keep your gun safe and secured.

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